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home republic copenhagen chair from adairs

12 Outta-this-World Occasional Chairs, from Dirt Cheap to Designer

Occasional chairs are essential for your home, even if you don’t use them often. That’s why they’re called ‘occasional’, really; they’re not necessarily intended to be sat on every day.

In my own home, I never sit on my occasional chair, but it does balance out my living room – sitting across from my sofa – and the cats sleep on it all the time. So I suppose the kitties give occasional chairs the tick of approval. Especially because they love to claw the fabric. But that’s another story altogether.

Occasional chairs are also a great addition to your bedroom. If you’re lucky enough to have a larger bedroom, they’re great across from the bed, in a nook, with a side table or lamp beside them. Again, you’d probably not sit on it daily, but it’s a nice place to curl up and read a book. Or to throw your clothes on when you can’t be bothered hanging them up. Don’t pretend you don’t do that.

The occasional chair above is from Adairs. Isn’t it a beauty? Click here to see more of it.
Below I’ve popped the remaining 12 in a slideshow for you, ranging in price from lowest to highest.

12 Outta-this-World Occasional Chairs

villstad easy chair in blue from ikea occasional chair for man cave

1. Villstad Easy Armchair, $249 from IKEA 

jazz armchair mustard occasional chair from fantastic furniture

2. Jazz Armchair, $349 from Fantastic Furniture 

maya armchair in light grey from zanui

3. Maya Armchair, $349 from Zanui 

congo armchair coastal inspired occasional chair from cranmore home

4. Congo Armchair, $499 from Cranmore Home

kennedy occasional chair in blue from cranmore home

5. Kennedy Armchair, $830 from Cranmore Home

lucas swivel base occasional chair from west elm

6. Lucas Swivel Base Chair, $959 from West Elm

modern wing armchair in brooklyn black from freedrom

7. Modern Wing Armchair, $999 from Freedom

gus gt rocking chair in mustard yellow from globe west

8. Gus GT Rocking Chair, $1710 from Globewest

gus carmichael armchair in charcoal grey from globewest

9. Gus Carmichael Loft Sofa Chair, $1850 from Globewest

bloomingville elegant lounge chair in blue velvet from clickon furniture

10. Elegant Lounge Chair, $2320 from Clickon Furniture 

mei chair from satara occasional chair

11. Mei Chair and Stool, $2750 from Satara 

bice grey armchair from rogerseller occasional chairs in grey

12. Lema Bice Armchair from Roger Seller, price not listed 

How to Choose the Right Occasional Chair

When looking at occasional chairs and trying to determine which one is right for you, it’s all about two things; function and form.

Firstly, ask yourself how you want to use the chair. Is it something you will sit on every day? Or is it more of a showpiece you’ll drape a throw over, a cushion on, and scream “don’t sit there!” when guests come over? Figuring this out will let you know if you can veer toward something that’s not as comfortable (but looks amazing) or if you need plenty of plush cushioning for daily use.

Next, consider the form (or how you want the piece to look/feel). Does it need to feel luxurious, sophisticated, chilled out and relaxed, cosy. The list goes on. But it’s a good idea to think about this element so when you see occasional chairs on your travels, you know which ones are right for you.

When you go into any shopping adventure (and yes, it’s always an adventure) with form and function in mind, you’ll always make a more sensible and style-appropriate choice.

I hope the collection of occasional chairs I’ve showcased above tick the boxes for you. They range in price from dirt cheap to designer, so there is something for all budgets. If you can afford it, splurge on the armchair of your dreams. Especially if it’s a statement piece people won’t sit on, you’ll probably have it for years. Unless you’re like me, who wants to replace everything every six weeks. It’s the true mark of a decorating addict.

Have you purchased occasional chairs recently? I’d love to hear which brand it was from in the comments below!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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