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Magpie wallpaper for kids rooms from Porters Paints The Life Creative

New Wallpaper for Kids Rooms has just Landed at Porters Paints

If you’re keener than mustard to get your kids room looking as on-trend as the rest of your home, the new wallpaper for kids range from Porters Paints is going to revamp your little one’s room in the most whimsical way possible. I’m already clucky just looking at it!

Porters Paints cloud wallpaper for kids rooms The Life Creative

I swear, being inundated with imagery of nursery decor, press releases about homewares for little spaces, and stocking stunning kids wall art in the TLC Shop, is making me seriously eager to have a baby. Don’t tell my cats that, though; they would not handle anything coming into the house that might compete for my affection. I’d soon wind up in one of those ‘cats versus babies’ videos on YouTube lol.

For now, I shall live vicariously through the mums and dads reading this post, and revel in the magic that is the new wallpaper for kids range from Porter’s Paints. Let’s take a look at what makes it so divine.

Porters Paints new Offspring Wallpaper Range

Butterfly wallpaper for kids rooms from Porters Paints The Life Creative

Appropriately titled the Offspring Collection, it’s a lighthearted and playful range that aims to inspire and engage the imaginations of your little ones.

Split into four designs – Clouds, Butterflies, Magpies and Gecko – there’s a sense of joy and whimsy in every motif here. Here’s what Porters Paints has to say about each design:

Clouds: Take a journey amongst the clouds. Accessorise with fairy wings and super hero capes as this design will transport your space to dreamy heights.

Butterflies: Delicate butterflies will dance, twirl and flit across any room in this uplifting ethereal design.

Magpies: Welcome these Aussie icons into your world and they’ll offer mateship, perching joyfully on your walls.

Gecko: Oversized toes and leopard like spots make these tropical cuties instantly endearing. Playful and lively they will be right at home in your little explorer’s universe.I also love the fact that all four designs are completely unisex and feel timeless enough that your child won’t outgrow them in a year’s time.

Gecko wallpaper for kids rooms from Porters Paints The Life Creative Magpie wallpaper for kids rooms from Porters Paints The Life Creative

Another selling point, for me, is that I wouldn’t consider any of these designs particularly babyish, so you could easily apply the wallpaper in a play room or family room and not have it stand out as an odd style choice. I would totally rock the Magpie in my own home, actually. Maybe in a laundry or hallway. I think it’d look awesome.

The Offspring Collection of wallpaper for kids, from Porters Paints, is available from Monday April 11, both in-store and online.

Click here to find out more.

Are you a fan of these designs? I’d love to hear which one you’d rock at home and if you’d consider using one of them outside of your child’s bedroom. Drop a comment below and share your thoughts.


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