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the block 2017 ronnie and georgia guest bedroom floral artwork

Get the Look: The Block 2017 Ronnie and Georgia Guest Bedroom

On The Block 2017, the Ronnie and Georgia guest bedroom reveal took my breath away.

It’s one of a few spaces I’m going to be showing you how to replicate on the blog over the coming weeks. If you missed out on seeing how to copy Josh and Elyse’s guest bedroom from the series, click here. It’s a real stunner.

But this post is all about showing you how to steal Ronnie and Georgia’s guest bedroom look. So let’s dive into the style tips and then take a peek at the shoppable mood board!

the block 2017 ronnie and georgia guest bedroom pink white and grey bedroom ideas

Getting that bright and airy feel

As you can see, Ronnie and Georgia’s guest bedroom has such a sense of airiness. It feels bright and roomy, with a lightness to it.

Now, the crisp white paint goes a long way to give it that open vibe. And of course, the light coming in the window helps too. But if you take a closer look you’ll realise that there’s more than just colour at play here. It’s also about the furniture choices.

The pieces in this room have a lightness to them. The side tables, the armchair, the black chair at the desk; they all have thin legs and a minimal profile. All of these choices prevent the room from feeling heavy and weighed down.

Even the finer details are minimal; the door handles, the curtain rod and the pendant light above the bed. None of them are overbearing or dominant. So when you’re replicating Ronnie and Georgia’s guest bedroom look at home, ensure you have this sense of airiness in the space too. It really is the key to pulling off the vibe.

Adding oodles of softness

Now that you have the colour palette of the room worked out, and you’ve got the furniture profiles sorted, it’s time to add all of those finishing touches.

In this space, the bed is the hero; there’s no doubt about it. So you gotta approach styling the bed with softness in mind. I actually have a whole post on unique bed styling ideas you can check out here.

But when it comes to styling your bed the Ronnie and Georgia way, keep the following in mind:

  • Start with white sheets and quilting (a neutral base allows for longevity)
  • Always choose the quilt in a size larger than your bed (so it drapes further)
  • Place a waffle blanket or knit across the width of the bed in a soft grey
  • Punctuate this moment with a darker faux fur throw
  • Try alternative pillow arrangements and add in cushions in pink and grey
  • Avoid pattern here but include loads of texture. Keep the colour palette white, pink & grey

Bonus Tip:

Every room needs a focal point. Notice though, that Ronnie and Georgia didn’t put a piece of art above the bed. A lot of people would think this is a miss or a mistake, but it’s not.

The headboard in this space is the focal point. To put a piece of art above it would make that wall too visually chaotic. Instead, they placed an artwork across from the bed.

Consider doing this in your own room so that you only have one dominant visual moment as you walk in.

the block 2017 ronnie and georgia guest bedroom desk area

Ronnie and Georgia’s Mood Board

So now you have some pointers on how to put together Ronnie and Georgia’s guest bedroom. That’s the reading done and dusted. Next up, the funnest part: shopping!

It’s important to note that not all of the products you’ll see in the mood board below are replicas of what featured in the room reveals in 2017. That’s because some of the stock is no longer available through the suppliers. Where this is the case, I’ve found equally amazing substitutes for you, so never fear!

the block 2017 ronnie and georgia guest bedroom suppliers

Shop the Mood Board

Brass Pendant LightGrey Upholstered HeadboardFloral Artwork – Pink Lounge Chair

Black Metal Dining ChairSilver Knitted Throw Black Cushion

Pink Fur CushionWhite Quilt Cover SetMarble & Brass Side Table

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Chris Carroll

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