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globewest terrazzo side table and terrazzo coffee table with velvet burgundy sofa

The Terrazzo Edit: Our Top Furniture & Decor Picks from $15

Looking for an alternative to marble? Terrazzo home decor is where it’s at right now, and I have the best pieces to show you in today’s post. Have your credit card at the ready!

It took me a long time to get on board the terrazzo train, I won’t lie. My long-running obsession with marble deemed terrazzo an unnecessary inclusion in the design landscape. But then I saw some terrazzo floor tiles on The Block, and a really small section of my knee got weak. Though I dare not admit it.

Then, terrazzo side tables made their presence known on a few of the supplier websites I source furniture from. My heart fluttered a little. And then I noticed terrazzo plant pots on my Instagram feed and the obsession hit me like a tonne of bricks. It’s now in absolute overdrive and I can’t get enough of this glorious material.

So I thought, why not show you some stunning terrazzo home decor finds from my fave brands? There are so many stores selling the stuff at the moment and I reckon now is the time to jump on the trend. From side tables to wallpaper, lamp bases to soap dispensers, there really isn’t a pocket of your home you can’t pop some terrazzo in.

Ready to Swoon over some Terrazzo Home Decor?

globewest Willow Curve Buffet and terrazzo vase and terrazzo bowl

Globewest is Leading the Terrazzo Charge

You all know Globewest, right? They’re one of my fave suppliers for fabulous furniture for my design clients. But a few years back they expanded their home decor offering, and now they sell all sorts of gorgeous goodies like rugs, cushions, vases, vessels – you name it – in addition to their growing furniture range.

They also happen to sell some stunning terrazzo home decor and furniture. In fact, the two images above, via Globewest, showcase Terrazzo marvellously. In the hero image of this post are their sublime Paloma coffee table and Paloma side table. Nestled together like that, they just make my heart race.

You can see the drama terrazzo furniture can bring to a space, right? The bold shapes, muted colours and tactile details in the living room above are just beyond. I also want that plush sofa in my life. The indulgent red tone of that fabric is bang on-trend for what’s happening with warm hues in homes right now.

Directly above you’ll notice some beautiful terrazzo home decor in the way of trays, bowls and vessels. They’re all from Globewest too. I’ll pop this link here to the Terrazzo section of their website so you can see everything they have on offer. It’s rather extensive and I’m sure you’ll find something to swoon over.

Below I’ve prepared a mood board which has an array of other terrazzo home decor finds from across the country. Enjoy!

terrazzo decor mood board tlc interiors terrazzo bathroom tiles

Shop the Terrazzo Home Decor Mood Board

So many delicious terrazzo home decor finds await your purchase. I’ve dropped all the links below to the products that feature in the mood board above. Go wild and inject a little terrazzo into your space.

Top Section: Terrazzo Wallpaper | Table Lamp | Round Tray | Wrapping Paper | Cheese Board | Planter | Soap Dispenser

Bottom Section: Candle | Side Table Black Legs | Bowl | Tray | Floor/Wall Tile | Pink Side Table | Floor Rug

Below you’ll also notice the adorable terrazzo planters from local brand Capra Designs. These pots are just a few in their very wide range of terrazzo home decor. They also stock coasters, trays and so much more. Jump over to their website and take a look when you have a moment. It’s a really refined collection of designer homewares.

capra designs terrazzo plant pots in terracotta and dark green

Are you Embracing Terrazzo Home Decor too?

OK gang, what’s the verdict? Are you on board the terrazzo home decor train too? Like I said above, it took me a while to embrace it, but now that I have I’m not looking back. I just need to find a client who’ll let my pop a divine terrazzo coffee or side table in their living room. Cross your fingers for me that someone allows me to do it.

Drop me a comment below and let me know if you’re crushing hard for Terrazzo too!

Happy decorating.


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Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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8 Responses

  1. If you travelled to Brisbane, I would be that client who let you go wild with Terrazzo. I have problems going overboard with it and not knowing when to stop! I still remember the Terrazzo entry foyer that we had in one of our houses when I was quite young and it just seemed so grand – and so the love was borne…

  2. I’m with you about it being a slow burn. I associated terrazzo with shopping centre floors for a long time. Then I fell for a pink terrazzo tray, which broke the terrazzo drought in our house, and I’ve gradually worked up to larger items (terrazzo-topped coffee table going in next month – yay!). Still feel it’s one of those finishes that’s best used in moderation, and tastefully selected to avoid the ‘public bathroom floor’ look. Love the visual texture it brings when done well.

  3. Hi Chris, like you I wasnt a fan, Im Italian and grew up with bathrooms everywhere in terrazzo, the poor mans tiles and marble, but with so many elegant accessories , Im starting to like some of the decor items and coffee table tops especially the 2 featured in your main photo above – am loving those cute planter pots too – thanks for sharing

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