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IKEA Storage Solution

5 Storage Solutions from the new IKEA Catalogue

If it’s one thing that drives me batty, it’s seeing an open shelf full of random stuff. I also have an OCD-type hatred for cords showing, but that’s another story altogether! For me, stylish storage solutions are a gift from the decor gods. Having spotted five such ideas in the recent IKEA catalogue, I thought it best I showcase some for you, so you too can score some ideas to get your own place organised.

IKEA Storage - bedroom

Above: The BRIMNES headboard with storage compartment is my kinda solution. If you have the space to do it, why not pull your bed out from the wall and pop in some clever shelving? It’s a great way to hide your must-have clutter, keeps it within easy reach but allows your space to feel clean and clear. While we’re on the topic, consider utilising the space under your bed, too, by bringing in storage boxes and bags to hold object you don’t need day-to-day.

Below: I love this PS shelf, tray and knob combination. Firstly, the image below is making me crave a brick wall something shocking (love that look) – and I just can’t get enough of how sleek this storage solution is. It won’t take up a heap of space but allows you to display your everyday items. Definitely one to place beside the bed if you ask me (high enough that the cats can’t get to it in my case).

IKEA Storage

Below: I love furniture that’s multi-purpose. While I can’t assure you that the ottoman below has a liftable lid, there are solutions like this on the market and they make for a really lovely storage idea. Tuck one under a table and you have something that’s both functional and beautiful. Pull them out when guests come over and they won’t even realise your old stack of homewares mags lay inside (this is nothing to be ashamed of, mind you!).

IKEA Storage Solution

IKEA storage - bathroom

Above and Below: Storage in the bathroom is always essential, but so often the products on the market don’t fit our space. I’m loving the shelves above that fit around exposed piping and the trolleys below are great for tucking away when you’re not using your barrage of beauty products. I also love all of the hooks on the walls; a smart move for anyone with a small bathroom that just doesn’t have space to put large units on the floor. On a sidenote, I am head over heels for the dark floor tiles. 

IKEA storage trolleys

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