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Shaynna Blaze for Taubmans

Shaynna Blaze’s 10 Commandments of Colour

Style guru Shaynna Blaze is on a mission to give Australians the courage to use colour in their homes. As the country’s most-loved interior designer (and my personal fave), she’s determined to debunk common colour myths, have you embrace hue at home and boldly go where no paint colour has gone before.

Shaynna Blaze 10 Commandments of Colour

In today’s post, she’s not only sharing her 10 Commandments of Colour, but introducing us to the Taubmans Paint Your Own Room Tool, which is going to digitally re-colour your space before you give it a literal going over yourself.

“It surprises me how many homeowners resort to painting with white when Taubmans has a catalogue of over five and a half thousand paint shades available,” Shaynna says. “Despite Australia’s vibrant culture, it seems people are lacking the confidence to use different colour choices in their homes”.

The Paint Your Own Room tool is helping to change all that, by allowing you to hit the Taubmans website and virtually test out paint colours on your walls by uploading an image of the room you want to overhaul. It’s a simple three-step process that’ll allow you to see how your room could look before you paint it.

Taubmans paint your own room tool

Click here to hit the Taubmans website and use the Paint Your Own Room tool.

And if you’re after some help to break through your devotion to white and other neutrals, Shaynna’s come up with her 10 Commandments of Colour, that should have you embracing dynamic tones in no time!

“By breaking down the paint selection process into simple steps, my 10 Commandments of Colour help people to tackle their fear of colour head-on,” Shaynna tells me. “And feel empowered to choose the perfect colour for their home”.

Shaynna’s 10 Commandments of Colour

1. The 60/30/10 Rule
Divide your room into 60% of a dominant colour, 30% of a secondary colour and 10% of an accent colour.

2. Embrace Emotion
Understand the emotional connection that you or your family have to certain hues.

3. Complementary Colours
For a visually striking room, choose complementary colours that are directly opposite from one another on the colour wheel, such as red and green, or blue and orange.

4. Analogous Colours
For a casual feel, choose analogous colours. Analogous colours are situated next to each other on the colour wheel such as blue and violet, or yellow and green

5. Bright Colours
Embrace bright colours to create the illusion of space. To get this look right, it’s important to mirror the colour of your walls in your flooring. This makes the room feel like one, big open space.

Shaynna Blaze's 10 Commandments of Colour

6. Colour Combinations
The rule to remember is that cool colours appear to recede whereas warm colours seem to come towards you. So to make a space seem bigger, use a cool colour on the walls, but to make a large room seem cosier, use warm colours.

7. Add Black
The use bright colours in your home, without creating a childish feeling interior, add a few elements of black around the room to lend a sophisticated edge.

8. Warm Up, Cool Down
Warm up or cool down your home with colour. Reds, oranges and yellows traditionally create a feeling of warmth. Use cooler colour schemes like greens, blues to create a fresher, cleaner colour palette.

9. Neutral Palette
A neutral palette can still be impactful. The key to creating interest is to remember that neutrals don’t have to be just beige, tan or white. Consider warm golds, rich camel browns to put a fun twist on everyday neutrals.

10. Colour Memories
Use colours from your past as inspiration. The most impactful choices can be colours from childhood that remind you of fond memories.

Did you find these commandments useful? I’m going to test out the receding cool colour tip and see if I can make my living space feel a bit bigger.


This is a TLC solution for Taubmans.
Click Here to visit their website.


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