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6 Easy Steps to Creating the Ultimate Home Office

The humble home office is a space filled with opportunity and creative freedom. The rise of freelancers, work-at-home parents and remote professionals has seen the room transform into a stimulating, stunning pocket of the modern home.

Inspiring interior design will always be well considered and carefully planned out – that’s a given! This doesn’t change for your workspace either. Every home office is different and should accommodate your unique role, work ethic and lifestyle. As a general rule, productive spaces tend to facilitate an abundance of natural light, high standards of organisation and a few design quirks to keep things interesting.

Here’s a list of the ultimate home office tips to follow for a space that will see you working your best every day of the week!

6 Easy Steps to Creating the Ultimate Home Office

Scandi Office from Norsu Interiors Scandinavian Style on TLC Interiors

Choose Your Space

Isolation is often viewed as a very bad thing, but in fact, it can be highly beneficial to your working life! It’s important that the design of your home office separates the space from social zones of the house – such as the living and dining. Noise, distraction and the feeling of ‘missing out’ on interaction are major roadblocks to concentration and happiness.

In addition to situating your room away physically from aspects of your personal life, it’s even more important to set yourself hours that are spent exclusively in that room for a very clear association. The best way to help this? Create a design that doesn’t look like your bedroom.

See The Light

Working in a dark, dank environment isn’t great for any professionals regardless if you’re in a city-centre cubicle or your spare room at home. Bad lighting will only serve to send you to sleep and make it difficult for you to stay motivated throughout the day.

A productive space should be designed to include windows to let in as much natural light as possible, as well as various ceiling lights and lamps. Never underestimate the power of a rustic pendant to welcome you to a room, or an industrial lamp to enhance your thinking. Switching cold, white globes in favour of yellow-hued alternatives is a neat trick for a happier state of mind – especially for those late nights and cloudy days.

Officina Office Supplies from Kahler

Organise Yourself

Filing trays, magazine holders, shelving and other clever storage solutions are perfect for quick thinking rooms. A well-organised space is a well-organised mind! Clearing those papers off your desk is only the first step, you’ll need to lift your decor standards as well.

A calendar is a great addition that doesn’t have to break the budget. If a small, flip-the-page style doesn’t work for you, then why not grab a retro whiteboard calendar instead? There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned tick-the-box feeling to keep you on track.

Inject Your Character

In a bid to emulate the clean, simple and Scandinavian-inspired palettes that modern magazines tend to feature we can cut out our own character. Quirks are what is most important for a truly productive space, they are what make a room yours; an environment that you’re in control of. So why not have both?

An inspirational quote on your back door, bold pops of colour in your stationery or a mood board above your computer are all easy design quirks to work into your design. Anything from a handmade, Parisian candle to a one-of-a-kind stapler goes!

Grid Mood Board Styling by H&G Designs on TLC Interiors

Create A Dynamic Space

This means not leaving your desk against the wall and calling it a day. If you’d like to really thrive then a dynamic, liveable space is undoubtedly the key. A cushy chair in the corner, reading nook by the door or Aztec rug beneath your feet will help to make the room less intimidating and much more comfortable.

Your home office should feel spacious without sacrificing half of your house! Innovative design trends see small spaces transform into large, high areas in an instant. The variety of your decor and design provides a great opportunity to mix up the space without overcrowding – limit your number of statement pieces and stick to them for best results!

Final tips

Throw out that unstable, boring-black swivel chair and invest in an alternative that is not only comfortable and supportive but looks great too. After all, you’ll be spending some time in there!

Experiment with what you like. Don’t expect to set up your space perfectly the first time – productivity ebbs and flows, and so will your personal design style.

If this is all a bit much to get your head around, consider enlisting the help of a friend, designer or custom home builder to do the hard yards for a space that mirrors your lifestyle and needs.

What’s working for you in your home office? Drop a comment below and share your office tips with the team and other readers!

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