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Amethist Cluster from Rock and Co Crystal Meanings

Crystal Meanings Explained: Top 5 Crystals and how they Can Heal

Whether you’re across crystal meanings or not, there’s something truly magical about a crystal if you ask me. I’ve got a few in my home, that sit on my desk in the office, and they look absolutely stunning. The glisten, the shine, the ability to work them into vignettes with ease; there’s just so much to love about them.

Like a tattoo, I’m convinced that once you get one, you end up getting a hunger to attain more. Or at least that’s true in my case!

If you are keen to find out more about crystal meanings and what some of the most popular ones are said to bring to your life, look no further than today’s post. I’ve asked the divine Rachel Crethar from Rock & Co to take us through her top five crystals and what they mean. Better still, Rachel’s been kind enough to offer a wellness pack containing six crystals that you have the chance to win further down in this post.

Rachel tells me that when it comes to why crystals are so special, they appeal to people on two levels.

“Crystals are not only beautiful to look at, they are a great way to bring a little magic into your life,” she says.

“When choosing a crystal, some people choose simply by what they are drawn to, whereas others start by asking themselves what area of their life they would like to see an improvement in,” Rachel explains. “Whether that’s love, creativity, money, mental clarity and so on”.

Below, Rachel explains some crystal meanings so you can find the right one for you!

Crystal Meanings: 5 Rocks Explained

Crystal Meanings Clear Quarts Crystal from Rock and Co

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is known as the ‘master healer’, and the most versatile crystal – making it the perfect stone for the start of any collection.

It is said that Clear Quartz absorbs, stores and regulates the energies around it, meaning it can not only clear any unwanted energy but help you manifest via positive energy .

Clear Quartz is also an ideal companion during meditation, study or times you require focus, as it’s beneficial for clarity and clearer thinking.

Amethist Cluster from Rock and Co Crystal Meanings


Amethyst is known as a natural stress reliever, encouraging inner strength and mental clarity. It stills the mind and emotions, and allows you to feel clearer, grounded and content.

Enhancing intuition, Amethyst can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and is known to increase creativity. 

Crystal meanings Citrine Cluster Crystal from Rock and Co


Due to its yellow-orange colour, and its ability to bring warmth and growth – Citrine is known as the stone of the sun.

It can give you a more positive outlook, whilst providing the energy to strengthen your willpower and determination.

Citrine can help you manifest your dreams by increasing your imagination and strengthening mental clarity.

Crystal Meanings Celestite Crystal blue crystal from Rock and Co


Celestite has a reputation for being a powerful healing stone, restoring inner balance and helping to resolve conflict with its soft and gentle energy.

It is said Celestite can encourage mental clarity during times of stress and promote an overall feeling of peace – instilling confidence that everything will turn out okay.

Crystal Meanings Rose Quarts Crystal from Rock and Co

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love. It attracts intimacy, closer bonds with family and friends – and overall increases relationship harmony and contentment.

Not only love with other people, Rose Quartz also plays an important role in increasing self-love, self-worth and personal fulfilment.

It’s said to have the ability to transform sorrow or negative emotions, such as anger and resentment, into love increasing forgiveness towards yourself and others.

6 Pack Crystal Set from Rock and Co on TLC Interiors


** Please note that this competition has now closed. The winner was Dimity **

To go in the draw to win TWO of the 6-piece packs you see above (one for you, one for a friend):

Drop a comment below naming which crystal appeals to you most and why.

Pack contains one of each Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Blue Aragonite, Amethyst, Green Fuchsite & White Howlite.

Competition open to Australian residents only. Competition closes 11.59pm Friday 1 July.


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36 Responses

  1. I’ve been following Rachel from Rock and Co on Instagram and I really like all her easy to read/understand crystal meanings. I have been looking at adding a wellness pack to my life so this comp is perfect! The citrine is resonating with me the most at the moment, have a dream project I’ve been procrastinating on and a piece of citrine placed on my desk would give me that little bit of a push that I need.

  2. Celestite with its dark inky blue colour and delicate sparkle! The juxtaposition of powerful and soft with confidence and peace is a winning combination. I would wire wrap that beautiful stone and adorn myself every day with it! It would become my embellished mantra.

  3. I’d love to gift mum Clear Quartz, she taught me patience. It would sit on her windowsill and remind her of the gratitude I have for her care.

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