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Lighting in Micheael and Carlene's Laundry

The Block’s Luxury & Lacklustre Laundry Reveals

What’s a Sunday night without a few good laughs from The Block Glasshouse judges? This week’s reveal was all about the laundry, staircase and powder room – with the entire world unanimous on which one was downright wrong. Let’s take a stylist’s-look at why they did and didn’t work.

The Block Glasshouse Laundry - MIchael and Carlene Lighting in Micheael and Carlene's Laundry The Block Glasshouse - Michael and Carlene's Staircase

As The Block’s self-appointed fourth judge (couch-bound and unpaid!), I had to agree with Neale, Shaynna and Darren this week. Michael and Carlene’s laundry and powder room was a space that felt grand and luxurious – with just enough surprising, designer elements that it felt interesting without being overwhelming.

As a space that’s not necessarily going to be used daily (as opposed to a main bathroom, for example), a space like this can take a reflective surface. They were smart not to go too overboard with shimmer and shine though. They nailed the balance in this area and it looks considered and complete as a result (love that brass inlay, don’t you?). 

Michael and Carlene’s staircase was also particularly dreamy. It’s definitely one that comes to life at night when it’s lit like in the image above. I’m not entirely sure I like the plant choices (feels a bit like a corporate office space), but I’ll let it slide just this once.

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Chris and Jenna's Laundry - The Block The Block Glasshouse -Chris and Jenna's laundry Darren Palmer - The Block

Darren’s reaction above sums up Chris and Jenna’s laundry and powder room perfectly, but if we were after further clarification, Shaynna’s “this is awful”, and Neal’s “everything feels wrong”, certainly confirmed that this space was a dud. 

Competing tiles were an issue here, as were the pull-out drawers that looked budget and out of place. My biggest issue, however, was the height of that basin area – flanked with two tall drawer units. Few things were working in this space and I’m struggling to find some good things to say about it (the succulent was nice…?).

What’s your take on this week’s The Black Glasshouse reveals? I’d love to hear your thoughts below. Which team are you picking to win?

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All images in this post courtesy of jump-in.com.au


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Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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2 Responses

  1. Although I like Michael & Carlene’s staircase Chris, I wasn’t a fan of the colour or the plants….. I think dark blue & black mixed with parlor palms would definitely date, same with the metallic touches in the powder/laundry (although I did like the brass insert too 🙂 ). And considering the judges picked Karstan & Max’s finishes, they should have also shown that in their scoring of the others (especially when they didn’t fault the boys at all). I agree that Chris & Jenna’s room wasn’t very good & their scoring fair, but the D’s should really have only gotten 2’s & 3’s considering just how much they didn’t get done. Michael & Carlene were due a win, but I liked the boys’ work more.

    As for an overall winner….. space & light will usually win out (with me anyway…. I absolutely HAVE to see outside) so maybe the boys.

    1. Hey Sue, I have to agree that the boys always knock it outta the park. I am tipping them to win too, because what they do always wows me and it seems like a fresh take every time! Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

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