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House Rules 2016 Week one Reveal Fil and Joe's outdoor area

House Rules 2016: Inside Fil and Joe’s Week One Reveal

I was a bit worried going into week one of the House Rules 2016 reveals. Would the teams this year be any good? Would the products they had to work with be quality, resulting in rooms that looked amazing? Let’s examine this week’s winning space and decide if this season got off to a good start.

House Rules 2016 week one reveal Fil and joe TLC Interiors

House Rules 2016: Fil and Joe’s Reveal

As with all the best homecomings on a reno show, week one was an emotional experience for home owner’s Fil and Joe. They asked the teams to give their abode a makeover that’d keep their kids living at home for as long as possible. Most of the parents I know are eager to create a space that’ll encourage their kids to move out, but each to their own, right?

“It’s completely different; it’s unbelievable,” Fil said, as she saw results that took their 1950s weatherboard home into a whole new era. “It’s beautiful; this is better than I ever thought we could have”.

The judges even declared that Fil and Joe’s makeover was the best first renovation in the show’s history, and I have to agree that a lot of this transformation was brilliant.

Queensland country brothers, Luke and Cody, struggled to navigate their way through the rules this week and certainly had their fair share of challenges, but they surprised everyone and came out on top with a worthy win.

Their zone – which included 18-year-old Jayden’s bedroom, adjoining deck and master ensuite – received praise from the judges. They scored 26 points out of a possible 30, with Judge Joe Snell commenting that he’s “never seen anything this damn good for a first reno”.

House Rules 2016 Week one Reveal Fil and Joe's outdoor areaHouse Rules 2016 Fil and Joe masculine bedroom TLC Interiors House Rules 2016 Fil and Joe Bedroom Jaydens Room TLC Interiors House Rules 2016 Fil and Joe bathroom makeover TLC Interiors

My thoughts on the Rooms

I actually think that Luke and Cody did a solid job. Jayden’s bedroom was dark and masculine, which is ideal for an 18 year old guy. A dark palette like this one, punctuated with pops of white and yellow, creates a really nice sense of balance and harmony.

Although the desk styling was too minimal and the bed needed to be made and dressed properly, the bedroom itself was a success. A few issues in terms of finish (there was some dodgy paintwork in places) but overall it was an impressive start from the boys.

The bathroom was the standout moment for me this week. The art deco references were obvious but not too cliched, like Luke and Ebony’s bedroom last year on The Block.

I loved the mirror, loved the vanity, thought the floor tiles were a wonderful focal point in the room, and the black tiled wall was a sleek and sophisticated choice. It reins supreme over a lot of the bathrooms I’ve seen recently on Reno Rumble (sorry Reno Rumble!).

House Rules 2016 week one leaderboard

The Week one Leaderboard

With the first renovation completed, the teams will now head to South Australia to transform Brooke and Michelle’s trackside bungalow. All in all, a good start to the series!

See more on the House Rules website here.

What are your thoughts on the first reveal for House Rules 2016? Do you think Luke and Cody deserved the win? Drop a comment below and let me know what your take was!



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  1. Yes, the boys did a great job, sticking to the brief, a bit of bling and practical as well. I would love to know which supplier the kitchen / dining table came from?

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