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Better Homes and Gardens - New Hosts

Better Homes and Gardens gains Two New Hosts and Loses Another

Better Homes and Gardens - New Hosts

Better Homes and Gardens host Johanna Griggs took to social media today to share the news that the popular Channel 7 show has two brand new hosts; 2014 House Rules contest Adam Dovile and Home and Away actress Demi Harman. The cast shakeup will see 13-year veteran Rob Palmer exit the show, while decorating goddess Tara Dennis will stay on.

“Adam comes on board as our full time DIY guy.. after winning House Rules in 2014 with his gorgeous girlfriend Lisa,” Johanna Griggs said on Instagram. “He is a chippie in his everyday life anyway, so this will just add another string to his bow. Demi will focus on craft which is no stretch given she has had her Demrock Designs business bubbling along for years as well as her acting”.

While Demi’s focus will be on crafting and DIY projects, Tara Dennis will put her skill set to good use on more interior design segments.

“This is truly a dream come true. I can’t wait to work with Joh again and the rest of the team. The show has such a loyal following and I’m very proud to be a part of it,” Adam said of his joining the team.

The reason for Rob Palmer’s departure remains a mystery, but Johanna Griggs had nothing but good things to say on social media about his next chapter.

It has been an honour to work alongside him and I hope he goes onto bigger and better things with his trademark unrivaled enthusiasm,” she said. “Big changes… But seriously exciting times ahead for all”.

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What do you think about this cast shakeup? Drop me a comment below and let’s chat 🙂

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  • Roberta


    Adam will be a natural! What fun.

    29 December, 2014
  • R.scroth


    I think Chanel 7 sucks I never again will watch home and garden don’t like Chanel seven much to much commercial . Feel so sorry for rob, the lowest the Chanel could do to a family man. The other one he won’t last long….

    22 May, 2015
    • Grace


      I agree. Grace.

      24 June, 2016
      • Robert


        I agree. How shabby and plain nasty. So over BH&G anyway: a very tired format with the same projects over and over. Running out of ideas.

        7 January, 2017
  • Dudley


    Wife and I stopped watching this since Rob Palmer was axed

    23 May, 2015
    • Elizabeth


      Really couldn’t believe it when Rob was sacked by bh&g. Why why. I have watched this since I can’t remember when and he has always been my favourite. I watch the living room now. I have got nothing against the new guy but every time I saw him I remember he replaced Rob. Your great big loss better homes and gardens crap

      20 November, 2015
  • Karen


    Loved rob palmer. Very low act. Do like adam wish it was under better circumstances

    27 May, 2015
  • Kerry


    I have watched BH&G since it first began and I loved Adam on house rules, he was always such a gentleman. Unfortunately he doesn’t have the right personality to be on tv, he’s very awkward. I made the switch to The Living Room on Chanel 10 even though I’m not a huge fan of Dr Chris. Even if they bought Rob back I would never watch BH&G again purely because of the insincere way his axing was handled.

    1 July, 2015
  • Jenny


    Rob Palmer was a great presenter on BHG. Adam is amateur and laughs too much and too fake. They made a stupid decision. I am ok if they got rid of Tara Dennis – there is only so much painted MDF I can take

    1 December, 2015
  • Grace


    23 June

    Rob Palmer you are the best ! BHG won’t be the same now that you’re gone. Adam seems nice but lacks that personality that Rob had on the show. Rob deserves some answers don’t you think. Good luck with your ratings!!

    24 June, 2016
  • Cairn Sutherland-Ross


    Like so many, miss Rob tremendously. Could you ever bring him back?

    5 June, 2017
  • Christa


    Completely agree I still miss Rob. Adam is OK but agree find his laugh a bit excessive.

    6 July, 2018
  • Yvonne


    Tara Dennis I’m frustrated that you make being a handywoman look so easy. You’ve inspired me for around 25 years when I first met you with Jo Sonja paints. I was cross with you all weekend while I vainly tried to restore clean sand and paint my outdoor Balinese furniture. Made of teak but suffering from rusty nails and dry rot. I’m way too old for this and emptied my bank account at Bunnings. I’ve now decided that life wasn’t mean for women!!!!

    8 April, 2019

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