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Shannon and Simon at The Block 2014 Auction

2014 was The Block’s Best Season Ever (and here’s Proof!)

The Block 2014 was by far the show’s best season ever. And we’re talking Glasshouse, not fans vs. faves. With a new season on the horizon (read more on that here), it’s the perfect time to look back on why last year was so amazing. So let’s do this!

9 reasons The Block 2014 was the best season ever

The BLock 2014 Glasshouse Contestants

9. Best contestants to date

A good batch of contestants – not only in terms of personality but skillset, too – makes for amazing TV, and this season nailed it. With the exception of Chris and Jenna (sorry guys), every team was pretty amazing in terms of designer style. A lot of them have gone on to work in the design world, actually, so that’s a pretty good sign.

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The Block 2014 - Exposed Brick Wall in Living Room - Michael and Carlene

8. Michael and Carlene’s Exposed Brick moment

Was there ever a greater living room on The Block than this one? It was a mind-blowing moment and it’s just as slammin’ now as it was then. The ladder and the shelving only make the scene 10 times more amazing. Michael and Carlene won best room that week and with very good reason.

The Block 2014 - Shaynna Blaze reacts to Shannon and Simon's Terrace

7. Shaynna Blaze dropping truth Bombs

When Shaynna Blaze declared that she hated parts of Shannon and Simon’s terrace design, the nation fell in love with her a little bit more. From here on in, it was all guns blazing every week from Shaynna and we couldn’t be happier. Granted, Darren and Dea weren’t so happy, but we were.

Shannon and Simon at The Block 2014 Auction

6. Shannon and Simon

No explanation required.

The BLock 2014 - Darren and Dea Terrace - Blue Cushions Max and Karstan Terrace Design - The Block 2014

5. Phenomenal Terraces

Continuing the ‘best rooms ever’ theme of the season, both Darren + Dea and Max + Karstan delivered terrace makeovers that will go down in history. The former team won that week, but M&K’s space was by far my favourite. The pots, the wood panelling, the teal colour story and that vertical wall. I want to stop, drop and roll around that terrace for hours on end.

Darren and Dea at The Block 2014 Auction

4. The amazingness that is Dea Jolly

Love her or hate her, Dea (and Darren) were possibly the most amazing thing to happen to The Block 2014 – and beyond! A divisive team always means a ratings win, and people took comfort in D&D’s auction disappointment. Personally, I think she has amazing taste and a great eye for design. Sure, she might not take criticism well, but who cares – she’s talented.

Shannon and Simon Master Bedroom - Wood Wall Panelling - The Block 2014

3. Shannon and Simon’s panelled bedroom

Unveiled in The Block 2014’s first week, Shannon and Simon’s bedroom had everyone talking and cemented them as ones to watch in the competition. The paneling above the bed was a moment of pure genius and still gives me serious heart palpitations a year on. That cactus was also incredibly on-trend and the pops of yellow are to-die-for.

The Block 2014 Art Quote in Shannon and Simon's Living Room

2. Best quote art ever

One of the big moments to stick in my mind was the artwork that adorned the walls of Shannon and Simon’s budget living room makeover. While I wasn’t entirely taken by the entire wall, the quote art was a true revelation. Quote art can go terribly wrong very easily but this one rocks in every way, shape and form.

Neale Whitaker riding a mechanical bull on The BLock 20141. Neil Whitaker on a Mechanical Bull

I have no idea when or why this event occurred in 2014 (can anyone help here?), but I found this image of Neil Whitaker on a mechanical bull in The Block archives and it is an amazing moment in time for so many reasons.

>>> What was your fave Block season? And are you looking forward to another one?


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