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the block 2018 living rooms and dining rooms hans and courtney

Inside The Block 2018 Living and Dining Rooms

The Block 2018 living rooms have just been revealed, along with their adjoining dining rooms. And gang… I’m a bit underwhelmed. In fact, I fear that with each weekly reveal I’m getting grumpier and grumpier. It’s not cute. My frown lines are deepening so much I need a trip to the dermy for a ‘freshen up’.

Am I the only one feeling a bit blah this week? I need a Centrum or some Horny Goat Weed to pep me up. The rooms just aren’t designed enough, that’s my main issue. We have a series of white shells with furniture plonked in them. And with so many of the spaces being rather large this time around, this was a week where the under-designing of a room stood out even more.

I don’t feel like concepts have been developed for these spaces. They don’t seem very well thought out. It’s as though decisions were being made on the fly, with no real commitment to a scheme or overarching idea. I guess with time constraints on a show like The Block, that’s probably exactly what happened. Perhaps the issue is with me, not the contestants.

I feel like this season is a slow realisation for me: I’m expecting too much from The Block. The issue is that past seasons have delivered some really jaw-dropping moments. And outside of Bianca and Carla’s bathroom this season, we don’t have a lot to gasp over.

Let’s delve further into each room below, because there are so many lessons to be learned. And remember to enter to win a $100 Block Shop voucher further down.

The Block 2018 Living Room and Dining Rooms

the block 2018 living and dining rooms hans and courtney brown leather sofa the block 2018 living and dining rooms hans and courtney leather sofa

Hans and Courtney’s Space was Absolutely Confusing

A big white room has never felt so barren! This space from Hans and Courtney needed to be successfully zoned. It also needed mood. It needed character. And it needed a few focal points. I usually say a room needs one focal point, but a space this massive needs at least two. It needed two big wow moments so when you walk in your eye is drawn to something.

But when you walk into this living and dining room… there’s nothing. Nowhere for your eye to go. We don’t have a massive wall of wallpaper or coloured paint. We don’t have a large pendant to draw your eye. And we don’t even have an epic piece of art to get lost in. We just have a really large white room with random pieces of furniture in it.

What’s worse:

The three zones have no sense of cohesion and flow. The tribal living room with the brown leather sofa bears no resemblance to the sitting zone in the middle of the space. There are literally no design elements that tie them together. They are two utterly different schemes.

I personally love the look and feel of the middle sitting room. The sofas are gorgeous, the nest of coffee tables is beautiful. And that blue Kate McKinnon rug is to-die-for. They should have taken the look and feel of this living room and rolled it out across all three zones.

The dining zone on the end also delivers nothing exciting. The pop-up bar does not make up for lack of styling. I’m a bit baffled by the praise. I also would have put the dining table and chairs in the middle of the space. There’s no need for two living spaces so close to one another. Changing the configuration would have helped things here.

Why are there also no cushions on the gorgeous grey sofas? The finishing touches here are very weak to say the least. And the white walls are killing me.

the block 2018 living rooms hayden and sara living room sofa the block 2018 hayden and sara living room

Hayden and Sara were a little Deja Vu

I love me a dusty pink, navy blue and white colour story. As an interior stylist it is absolutely my jam and I’ve rolled it out across client homes before. It’s a winner. It has all those soft and divine feminine touches to it, but it also feels a little masculine.

Add in the gold like Hayden and Sara have here, and you make the space feel a bit luxe and elegant. So from a colour and style perspective, I’m on board. I’m dishing some praise their way. It’s a very approachable design (and that’s also my jam – design you can understand!).

Here’s the bad news:

This room is very Julia and Sasha circa 2016. I hate to say it (I don’t really), but this is a little deja vu for me. It’s the black dining table with the blue velvet chairs and the pendant lights above it. They are also divine pieces, but we’ve seen this done far too many times. And although I believe Hayden and Sara had the best of intentions, it comes across as lazy design. Nothing innovative to see here. And trust me, we come to The Block for new design moments. We want to see new trends, something wacky that breeds debate and discussion.

Think Shannon and Simon when they did that amazing master bedroom feature wall. Years later it still sticks in my mind. As does the cloth wallpaper Darren and Dea used in their bedroom a few yeas back. Julia and Sasha’s living and dining room is another space I remember fondly, which is why this room screams ‘been there, done that’.

It too, just like Hans and Courtney’s, lacks mood and character. It’s a white shell with furniture in it. This has become a common theme this year and it’s super disappointing.

The thing is…

I love the fireplace. That moment in itself shows that Hayden and Sara have something in them. That moody grey could have been spread around the room. Give us some charm and texture and grit.

And lastly, I also absolutely cannot with the Luna Park wallpaper situation. I have no words.

the block 2018 norm and jess dining room the block 2018 norm and jess living room fire place

Norm and Jess Deserved Last Place this Week

Hey, I just call it as I see it. Don’t hate the player, hate the game! Truly though, Jess and Norm’s living and dining space was the worst version of random furniture plonked in a white room. Except they took the notion of ‘pared back’ to the extreme by avoiding rugs altogether. And if the room didn’t feel hard enough, they threw down a chunk of marble in the middle of the floor. And then suspended a fireplace above it.

It’s so unfortunate, gang.

I genuinely feel a bit let down. Because as I always say most weeks, the individual pieces here are lovely. They just didn’t get utilised properly. That dining table, for example, is a stunner. I love the black wood grain. The artwork is spectacular too. And the dining chairs, with their stitch detail around the edge is all sorts of designer joy and rapture. But really, let’s be honest, this room is quite unsuccessful.

There’s little to no styling here either. Crumpled cushions on a sofa, nothing on top of the coffee table, a few small pieces on the entertainment unit. This is an unfinished space. And I just feel altogether uncomfortable ripping into it so much. But I do feel a little enraged about the really obvious things (like rugs) being missed here. This season is also making me so tired of white sheer curtains.

Lastly, the scrotum pendant lights above the dining table have gotta go too. Old man scrotum droop is not an image you want in your mind while you’re eating dinner. Especially if meatballs are on the menu!

the block 2018 living rooms kerrie and spence the block 2018 kerrie and spence living room

Kerrie and Spence were Onto a Good Thing

I can fully appreciate the direction Kerrie and Spence were going in with their living and dining room. It’s nice when you can look at a room and understand it in seconds. Even if you don’t like the style, you understand the direction. That’s an important thing when it comes to designing a room. You want it to make sense. And in a week where so many of the spaces made no sense, this was a refreshing change.

My main letdown in this room…

They didn’t take the concept all the way to the finish line. They could have fully committed here and made this room an absolute show-stopper. You know what I’m about to say, don’t you? I’ve refrained from going on about it for most of this post but I can’t hold it in anymore, so here goes: Where is the wallpaper?

This room would have been a knockout if a darker cloth wallpaper was used. A black wall would have made the treatment on the white ceiling pop even more. But sadly, with a white wall, the coffered ceiling kinda fizzles. There’s nothing for it to contrast against. And so you just have this big sea of white with – you guessed it – furniture popped against it.

This room has a really rich, moody palette to it. And the furniture and decor Kerrie and Spence selected completely taps into that vibe. So why shy away from going all the way? They’re totally virgins on prom night right now. And the other unfortunate thing is that this room is another one with no focal point. Where does the eye go when you walk in? Nowhere. There’s no punch or sizzle. I need some punch and sizzle!

Lets discuss some of the gorg moments though

Because let’s face it, there were many. For example, love the rug. Totally keeps the living zone feeling moody and sophisticated. The grey armchairs are also successful. They have presence in the space and feel strong. And the brown leather sofas tap into the dapper feeling in the living zone, so they get my vote too. What doesn’t is the shutters. An odd choice in such a masculine, high-end style room.

the block 2018 bianca and carla living room dining room the block 2018 bianca and carla living room reveal

Bianca and Carla: I Thought I Knew You!

It pains me not to like a room from my front-runner faves. As I stated last week, I think B&C are hands-down the best duo in the competition this year. I also think, due to their cohesive design aesthetic across the entire home, they’ll clean up come auction day. And yes, this week I once again knew this room was theirs right away. That said, I wasn’t very keen on it.

It just feels a bit like I’ve walked into Freedom Furniture. And no gang, that is not me throwing shade at Freedom. I love me some Freedom. I shop at Freedom. But I also love me a room that feels layered and rich and interesting. Not like it all came from the same furniture catalogue. And this space feels a bit pedestrian for me (even a bit dated).

It’s not what I’ve come to expect from my girls

Maybe Bianca and Carla cursed themselves (and me) by being so bloody amazing the first few weeks of the show. My standard for them is probably higher than the other teams, which I know is a bit unfair.

The artwork I am here for. That’s clearly the wow moment of the week. And hey – at least this room has a focal point! I am also really fond of the buffet underneath it. It’s the most designer moment in the space and it certainly stands out and has presence. The pendant light I am also smitten with. These girls have an eye for interesting lighting and they’re not afraid to try new things. So kudos in that regard.

The sofas are a bit OK. Nothing to write home about. A modular would have been nice here. And could it be in a material that’s not leather? The tan leather sofa movement has had its day. And I am fast becoming tired of the marble coffee tables. There, I said it. Never thought I’d see the day I said I was getting over marble, but they’re just so overused in shows like this.

the block 2018 living rooms and dining rooms hans and courtney


Every Sunday night I’ll be giving you the chance to win a $100 voucher for The Block Shop. The winner will be announced in next week’s Block recap (right here on the blog), where you can then enter again to win. Repeat each week until the end of the season. How exciting!

LAST WEEK’S WINNER: Candace Jarrett


Simply pop a comment below telling me what you thought of The Block 2018 living and dining rooms. It’s that easy!

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Comments (39)

  • Nicole

    Overall a big snoozefest! I was really looking forward to seeing how jess and Norm’s fire place turned out but it felt like failure to launch. It didn’t wow me like I was expecting. Overall pretty disappointed, even by Carla and Bianca who I love. I LOVED courntey and hans’ dining table though.

  • I liked bits of all apartments but wasn’t totally in love with any as a whole. As usual your recount gave me a giggle

  • Jayce

    Ha! Meatballs on the menu! That paragraph was worthy of a read to my boyfriend- we laughed hard at ballsack lighting! So then I read BF the whole blog tonight because I knew he’d agree with so much of it (he loves the show, like me).

    CC says: Last years season was better.
    BF says: That’s what I said!

    CC says: There’s no wallpaper this season.
    BF : That’s so true!

    CC says: Courtney and Hans should have had the dining table in the middle of the room.
    I say: Thats what I said during Mondays show!
    BF says: Yes, you were so right.

    Thank you Chris Carrol. BF acknowledged I was right tonight. Sunday made.

  • esra

    Love Kerrie and spence’s ceiling! Wow

  • Teresa Michelangeli

    It was all a bit Meh ! Underwhelmed this week. Didn’t like Jess and Norms room, the proportions weren’t right. I agree that Hans and Courtney deserved the win.

  • Belinda

    I totally agree Chris! Seen it, seen it, seen it! Same-o colour patterns, fallback “lux” checklist- something velvet, something marble, something sheer, whoa they did herringbone on their … (insert flooring/tiles/table) and throw in a faux fur cushion/ottoman in there somewhere. Seriously, when Kmart or Target are doing replicas of everything it means it has had its day (and no offence to Kmart and Target, this the same argument why we love these stores). The only two things I found interesting, out of all of the rooms, were Bianca and Carla’s buffet and pendant light (but I’m still not totally sold yet on the big round central handles of their buffet/side tables yet. But at least it’s a different feature to discuss!).

  • Katja

    These rooms are so underwhelming that I literally have nothing to day. Just. Nothing. Bleh. Do over.

  • Katja

    These rooms are so underwhelming that I literally have nothing to say. Just. Nothing. Bleh. Do over.

  • Ella

    I think it’s tricky for the penthouses as the real focal point for their room will be the Terraces and the views and not what they can show this week inside. But why oh why would Hayden and Sara & Courtney and Hans leave their rooms so bland and blah baffles me.

  • I agree with you Chris, love H&C rug and C&B’s art work. Spence did am amazing job on that ceiling but agree overall – really missing clever use of wall paper in the rooms

  • Kerry Reay

    Given that Hans and Courtney had such a big space to paint, I thought WALLPAPER.IS.YOUR.FRIEND!! But..sadly no. I didn’t mind the 2 sitting areas close to each other but it was like it was for two different people. Are they aiming the property at people with multiple personalities perhaps..? Clever but a bit of a niche market, I think.

  • Sharon Moffitt

    I feel there was really no room that pulled at my heart strings. I could not imagine living in any of these rooms. However, Bianca and Carla for me, are the best of this lot. Kerrie and Spence build great spaces and come auction day if buyers look beyond the styling, the workmanship and quality may attract some .

  • I totally agree with everything you have said..!! Especially the lack of rug in Norm and Jess’s living room. The sad thing is that I feel like the judges have such high expectations for these un-qualified ‘designers’ and with such amazing spaces the create the rookies have no guidance … so of course they’re going to fail!! I feel sad that aside from the judging they are having to make it up as they go! I wonder how much behind the scene suggestions are going on, and if none I truely feel that they set the contestants up to fail ..!! This is not an easy job for anyone un-qualified, but I guess that’s the game ..!!

  • Rhonwyn

    Everything was just so white and blah. I do feel however the judges have caused this motion of blah ness and the contestants are to scared to take risks with fear of being slammed. I always think back to D&D though, who didn’t care about their feedback, and took risks and it paid of for them. Really not loving this season at all, and fastly loosing interest.

  • Bec

    The Master bedrooms were very underwhelming. White empty boxes, too much velvet!!!, no personality, no risks…. I miss the previous years…. 4 poster beds, textured and patterned wall papers, colour on the walls, timber features, layering, pattern….. fingers crossed it gets better from here!

  • Rose

    You’ve hit the nail on the head again Chris. I feel so deflated and incredibly frustrated that what is a beautiful building being churned up into trash styling. Spence is a craftsman in his field with fabulous ideas and Bianca & Carla are the most stylish, even though hit and miss but they do grasp the notion of picking a colour and following through. What really does anger me is that Norm & Jess are purchasing items off Gumtree for apartments that are top end. Also get over all the velvet – seriously. Disappointed each week knowing that a lot of them are just copying or getting advice from store persons. It’s a design competition, massive hard work and mentally challenging but why are people with no sense of style on this show?!!

  • Treacherous kitten

    *Sigh* I’m so sad because none of the rooms have personality. They all seem to be copying each other (emerald green dining chairs everywhere!) and playing it way too safe. Where is the originality?? I want to see the teams’ very own unique personality in the room but right now all I’m seeing is cliche pedestrian rooms with showroom furniture and styling that all look the same. I want to be able to walk into a room and be like ‘okay this is Hayden and Sarah ‘ or ‘this is norm and jess’ but I’m just seeing a blur of similarities in each room. The teams need to stop thinking about what they ‘should’ do or what the judges or buyers ‘want’. Instead they need to go with thier own style – something that they feel inspired by and then that inspiration will carry through and make an impact on judge and buyer alike.

  • Emma D

    I could never be a contestant on this show. I feel like the pressure to create “the best” space would stress me out too much. It took me a couple weeks to find the right table for my own dining area, I couldn’t imagine having to style a whole room (or 3) in one week.

  • Isabel

    Unfortunately I am getting to the point of saying…I am over it. There is just nothing about the Block that has me glued this year. Not the characters and definitely not the design. Last year I was parked, every night, in front of my TV with my snacks in a strange re-enactment of Gogglebox, but this year I just could not be bothered. It is BORING. All of it. The design most of all! Even Courtney was shocked when she was praised – because she knew it was terrible! Nope…This is me – I am out. Life is too short.

  • Mel Champion

    I was so excited to see what was going to be revealed and then……OMG so BORING!!!! What is going on this season…nearly every room is just meh!!! I liked moments…..the couch in Norm and Jess’s, the divine flower print from Flowers For Kate in Kerrie’s and Spencer’s room, loved the vastness of Courtenay’s ana Han’s room (but that was it) it looked so pedestrian. Sara and Hayden’s room just looked odd…she had a vision and then lost her nerve, so just plonked furniture in the room. The girls room didn’t gel for me..if you are going to go dark and moody follow it through. Don’t just do half the room like that and then throw a couches at the other end and call it a day. They need to step out of the box and stop being so SAFE!!! As for the scoring…just wow!!! I say this every week…but the highlight for me is reading your take on the reveals! You say exactly what we are thinking.

  • Natashia B

    I would have loved to have seen something like a huge bookcase wall full of books! Where’s the personality in these rooms? They all look display, and non-functional. I’m always confused why they design rooms that are for show, as opposed to how a person actually lives. That fireplace in N+J’s is beautiful, but in the worst spot. If it’s going to create an issue for the people living there, don’t include it! It will only turn people off cos they know they’ll have to spend money to fix it.

  • I actually liked Jess and Norm’s but agree that their fireplace was in a really odd place!

  • Di Hart

    I agree that there is no wow factor in these rooms. I was expecting much more from The Block after such a great season last year. It’s disappointing.

  • Kellie

    I thought Kerry and Spence should have been the winners. Their space was the most warm and welcoming out of the five. Courtney and Hans’ rooms were disjointed. And what’s with the big furry thing in the living room? I think someone’s granny lost their old faux fur coat and it was made into an ottoman.

  • Kate Palmer

    Honestly not overly excited by any of the rooms!! I remember watching past seasons and having that WOW moment where I rushed to look up something and add it to my ‘to-buy’ wishlist as fast as I could, this year it’s a bit meh! I’ve been missing the intense love and hate of the rooms and decorating choices. Bring on kitchen week and hopefully, there will be something I can really drool over.

  • Janelle

    “white shells with furniture plonked in them” totally agree!! summed up perfectly.

  • Melissa Jelinic

    I love Hans and Courtney’s blue rug. I want to just roll around on it. And I really like the artwork and buffet under it in Bianca and Carla’s room. Otherwise, most of it feels blah to me. Also, they all need a challenge where they’re not allowed to use white walls! Ban it! Force them to use a tint, any tint! Just not boring all white!

  • Mel

    I feel like all of the teams are working towards the “Block formula” timber floors, white walls, velvet, marble, tonnes of Globewest (which I’d love in my house tbh!) topped off with a bit of Freedom & a few random artworks. I get that it’s pretty much all they have to do to sell the places, but as a design show it’d be nice to see comething innovative or inspiring. My fave piece this week was Norm & Jess’ coffee table & buffet- not really my style but I love that it has a story and a genuine reason to be showcased… all that said, I will continue to watch & hope for some wow moments!

  • Gia Scott

    Nothing is spectacular or really “popping” for me this round. Lots of elements are gorgeous (the fireplaces, the emerald chairs, most of the artwork) but no room really drew me in. Lots of empty space or awkward spaces, plain walls, odd lights.
    I want to be wowed, and I still have hope!

  • Milan Fil

    There are bits and pieces I like, but the rooms all look a bit like a theatre set or a showroom – all a bit empty, oddly set out and soul-less. I probably like Bianca and Carla’s room the most as a whole, though even that is a bit too style over substance for me.

  • Ash A

    Sorry, totes have to disagree with you this week re Jess and Norm’s room. I think it is delish! Yes, the placement of the fireplace is very disappointing, because it does make the room not as functional had it been tucked up in the corner or further to the side. But you’ve got to make the best out of a bad situation right?
    I cannot get enough of their amazing furniture pieces. The coffee table and the entertainment unit are works of art. The simplicity let’s their beauty really sing! I think the minimalist feel of the room is very contemporary, totally now. It’s all about the raw materials they have used, timber, leather, marble, what more could a millionaire want? Haha! Adding too much to this room wouldn’t let those amazing windows and the view be the focal point.
    Sorry we don’t see eye to eye, but this room was the winner for me this week. It broke rules, broke away from the safe, boring, snore-fest “same-same” we’ve been seeing for weeks. Now let’s hope J+N fix that flop of a master room before auction.

  • May

    Hate the boxy white rooms but I love most of the art works, rugs and dining tables which were the only things to give the rooms style and pizazz.

  • Alicia

    Not going to lie…I was pretty underwhelmed with all of them. The spaces aren’t overly innovative and don’t have the warmth you would expect from a living and dining space. There were components of each that I loved individually but once put together with the other items it just didn’t work. I really want to see more! Like you said, where’s the wallpaper?? And no, the Luna Park wall does not count!

  • I really dont like the tan lounges, like the shapes, not the colour. I liked the girls room the most, but Kerrie’s and Spence’s ceiling won me over, so much work and it looked great. Shame they used a black ceiling fan. I think its really hard to believe the judges words, when the contestants need to tie the rooms together but they are still in a construction zone and hear them say it doesnt make sense, it’s not connected, seems the judges havent any vision for the works in progress. There also wasnt much storage in any of the rooms, I have a hidden winter blanket and pillow box, book cases, and massage chair in my lounge room. Surely in those massive spaces they could have had practical essences hidden. Still love the show, just sharing my thoughts.

  • Linda

    I like the flower arrangement on Bianca and Carla’s Dining room table…. That’s about it for this week.

  • Kerri

    I feel the living rooms were a lot like the rest of the apartments. Very unexciting. These are multi-million dollar apartments?? Where is the drama and pizazz (design wise) of previous seasons? Where is the colour, the artwork, the wallpaper?? All very bland and disappointing I’m afraid.

  • Jess

    It was SO boring! If it was’t for the beautiful glass and high ceilings in the penthouse apartments I’d be completely and utterly bored.
    I feel sorry for them, they have such a limited time they can’t actually do any really decent custom built in storage etc. I wish they’d take that into consideration with spaces this large and, at the very least, give them 2 weeks! There’s enough drama on the block to keep people hanging out for an extra week….especially if the rooms are worth waiting for…these were definitely not.

  • I’ve found this whole reveal to be quite unforgettable. They’re all nice, some with obvious highlights and some with some weirdly obvious glaring faults. But none that really stand out. On the plus side, there was no terrazzo!!


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