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the block 2018 master bedrooms hans and courtney upholstered pink headboard

Let’s Go Inside The Block 2018 Master Bedrooms Reveal

It’s time to discuss The Block 2018 master bedroom reveals. Isn’t this just the best part of your week? I love nothing more than seeing all of the photos hit my inbox as I wonder which teams came out on top.

The other thing I wondered when I heard it was master bed week was ‘how will they make these grander than the guest rooms?’. And upon seeing the images I’ve gotta confess that many of the teams fell short. Simply having a larger space doesn’t make a master room a master room. There are many elements that make for a sense of grandeur, and size is only one of them.

I think it’s best we crack out the fine-tooth comb and go through each of the rooms. And don’t forget to scroll to the end of this post to enter to WIN a $100 Block Shop voucher.

Inside The Block 2018 Master Bedrooms Reveal

the block 2018 master bedrooms hans and courtney master bedroom with pink upholstered bed the block 2018 master bedrooms hans and courtney velvet armchairs

Hans and Courtney went a Step too Far

Like Ray Liota’s plastic surgery, Hans and Courtney’s master bedroom went a step too far. I mean, it didn’t go the full Jocelyn Wildenstein, but they could have been far more conservative with the overall scheme in the space.

I do enjoy a white, pink and charcoal colour palette. It’s quite a dreamy, romantic combination. But the pink tones need to be the accent, not the main attraction in the room. For example, that divine upholstered headboard is a star in its own right. But in a space with an equally rich and punchy set of occasional chairs, both lose their impact.

To add insult to injury, the bedscape then featured blush, burgundy and mustard cushions. It was a visual feast I wasn’t quite ready to consume. The remedy here is to take out some of the pink (I’d have made the bed a soft grey or chalky blue) and give the walls some wallpaper. I know, I say this every week. But honestly… 

Where is the wallpaper?

The wall that the head of the bed sits against would have benefited greatly from a wallpaper in a subtle pattern. Because if you take a look at the room again, it’s absolutely void of pattern. And that’s another reason it feels overwhelming and yet kinda flat at the same time. Too much colour, not enough pattern. There’s no journey for the eye to go on. No detail. No interest. Just big, bold splotches of colour that don’t really do anything positive for the space.

It’s a shame, because I do see potential here. The round mirror is gorgeous, the pendants are lovely. Those bedsides are luscious but feel a bit small for the room. In fact, I like every piece of furniture and decor in this space. They just haven’t been used thoughtfully.

the block 2018 master bedrooms bianca and carla feature wall the block 2018 master bedrooms bianca and carla bedroom art

Prediction: Bianca and Carla will Clean up at Auction

I need to say this about Bianca and Carla: they’ll likely rake in the most cash this season and they deserve every penny. These girls have a very distinct and recognisable aesthetic and it’s consistent across the entire home. I knew the moment I saw the images of their master bedroom that it was their master bedroom. This is how you win The Block, dear contestants. You go in with a clear direction and you have the guts to follow through with it.

What I also find so impressive is that they’re bold enough to try big moments in a room. They did it in the master bathroom (which is also going to help them clean up come auction day), and they did it again here. The feature wall behind the bed in this master bedroom made me very happy. While every other team plonked furniture against a blank white canvas, Bianca and Carla delivered something quite unique.

The colour palette here is moody and masculine, but still varied enough to not overwhelm. The flooring is a design moment in itself and I will be rolling around on it when I walk through the space. The bedding is beautiful, the headboard is divine, the side tables are absolute perfection and I love the wacky, unexpected and yet chic-as-hell light that extends right over the bed.

Their aesthetic is probably quite divisive (you either love it or hate it), but these girls are delivering the only magazine-worthy design moments of the season. This master bedroom is inspirational for so many reasons and in my humble opinion it deserved the win!

the block 2018 master bedrooms norm and jess master bed with gold pendants the block 2018 master bedrooms norm and jess master bed

Jess and Norm Tied with Bianca and Carla?

Riddle me this dear reader: why did Jess and Norm tie with Bianca and Carla this week? Did I miss something these photos don’t capture? Did Bianca and Carla fail in an area that Jess and Norm shone in? I mean not to insult Jess and Norm personally, of course, but their master bedroom design has nothing on B&C’s space.

This is an example of what I was saying above: teams just plonking a bed on top of a blank canvas and calling it a day. That doesn’t make for a master bedroom. It’s an all-white space with a bed in it. I don’t see a lot of design here and I don’t think it feels grand or impressive. In case you weren’t picking up on the vibes I’m throwing out here, let me clarify: this was the worst room of the week for me.

This is The Block 2018 master bedrooms. The moment to pull out the big guns. And I feel this bedroom just doesn’t cut it. The palette feels rather juvenile (teenage boys room) and those pendant lights, while I am gushing over them because they’re absolutely amazing, don’t work in this space. They feel quite crammed in on such a small wall.

There’s also no rug under the bed, there’s no mood in the space, the quilt cover feels rather sad, and the scale of the headboard looks odd. The list really goes on and on. This is the first time I’ve said this since the House Rules reveals, but I think I need a Bex and a good lie down. Am I wrong?

the block 2018 master bedrooms kerrie and spence master bed the block 2018 master bedroom reveals kerrie and spence sheer curtains

Kerrie and Spence felt a bit Norm and Jess to me

I hate sounding so neggo during a Block recap but you come here for the honesty and so I must dish it out. This master bedroom from Kerrie and Spence features all of the same issues as Norm and Jess’ room did. I’m a bit baffled by the scoring, but perhaps it has a lot to do with the robes? That’s all I can put it down to because the room itself is quite bland.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: a bed plonked against a blank canvas does not make for a master bedroom. Where is the mood and the colour on the walls? Where is the wallpaper?

Seriously, why has no team used wallpaper? No team. We’ve done two lots of bedrooms and no wallpaper. Most teams also seem afraid of any paint colour that’s not white. As I’ve said in weeks gone by, we viewers look to The Block for wow moments, for inspiration. Lead us into new design territory, teams! Bianca and Carla are the only ones close to showcasing anything new and interesting.

In terms of the positives, I can actually enjoy the bed in this room. It’s lovely. The shutters are also a nice choice in this room. And I do like the artwork. But it’s just not going far enough. This feels like a new-build home you’ve just moved into and you ran out of money to finish it off.

The sheers are also too dark for this room. Not sure what happened there. And lastly, those pendants feel quite interesting but the way they’ve placed them over the bed makes them look like shower heads.

the block 2018 master bedrooms hayden and sara bedroom with blue feature wall the block 2018 master bedrooms hayden and sarah master bed with blue headboard

Hayden and Sara Deserved the Praise

I found myself getting sucked into the drama of The Block this week thanks to seeing snippets of it on Gogglebox. I swear I said I’d never watch a show about people watching shows, and yet there I am every week glued to Gogglebox!

But drama aside (to remain completely design-focussed and unbias), I have to say that Hayden and Sara delivered a wonderful master bedroom this week. The colour palette was lovely, the styling was top notch, there was a wonderful sense of mood and ambience in the space, and get this: THEY PAINTED A WALL BLUE! It’s not quite wallpaper, but it’s the next best thing. Praise the Lord.

I really like the headboard. It gives the space the sense of grandeur a master bedroom needs. The bedsides are equally impressive and I do enjoy the lamps as well. I mean, I would have preferred pendants to elevate the zone more, but we can’t have everything. The styling on the bedside table was lovely, the bedding was styled quite well, and the artwork on the wall was also a stunner.

I would have changed the colour of the bench seat at the end of the bed because it all feels a bit too blue. And installed pendants. But apart from that, this room is a winner. I still think Bianca and Carla are the true winners here, but Hayden and Sara came in a very close second for me!

the block 2018 master bedrooms hans and courtney upholstered pink headboard


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Simply pop a comment below telling me what you thought of The Block 2018 master bedrooms. It’s that easy!

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Comments (45)

  • Rachel B

    I was left feeling a bit flat from room reveals tonight, no room seemed to have a real WOW factor. I loved the way the bed head popped in Hayden and Sara’s room. The wonder for me was Bianca and Carla, I thought it had s great feel and complimented the ensuite.

  • Fiona W

    Hayden and Sara deserved the win this week. I see what Bianca and Carla are trying to do but when you said their style would really divide opinions – you’re right. I hate it, but can see why others would love it.
    Rest of the room – boring as dogs balls. I still feel like we have got in a time machine and gone back in time to 4 years ago. Yawn.

  • Kerri

    Arrrrgghhhhh so plain and boring this week! Such a let down. I did like Haydn and Sara’s room but agree it needed pendants. Bianca and Carla’s needed some colour to break up the grey (for me anyway!).

  • Bridget

    Kerrie and Spence’s room reminded me of a hotel. Can’t stand that comforter – big no from me! Loved the size of Hans and Courtney’s space so disappointed it didn’t wow me. Loved the linens on Jess and Norm’s bed. The other two rooms were my favourite two as well but still had elements I didn’t like. All in all I didn’t love any of the rooms – I wanted more

  • Meg

    Girls should of won this week. Their finished apartment is going to have flow & consistency. Something that I feel the other contestants are already lacking.

  • Brooke

    Initially I didn’t love Bianca and Carla’s but I just walked into my room and I have grey sheets and a grey quilt cover on my bed at the moment. Lol
    None of them blew me away to be honest. I agree with you though, Bianca and Carla’s apartment is my favourite so far.

  • Isabel

    I so looked forward to this week, but was really disappointed. What is with the white walls! I agree with the hospital comment! So clinical and boring. Chris, I have to say that I absolutely hate Bianca and Carla’s room. Maybe it’s the girl in me, but it makes me decidedly uncomfortable. I agree that the right team won this week and I was soooo relieved for them! Thanks for your entertaining commentary! Chat next week!

  • Tracy

    Absolutely agree with your reviews. Love Bianca and Carla’s rooms, their architectural style flow all the way through the main bathroom, ensuite and now to the master bedroom. For me personally it would be perfect if they had softer colours on the bed to make the room less masculine and more cosy!

  • Sorry guys but “meh” is how I’m feeling about master bedroom reveals this week……just meh

  • Rosalie

    Bianca and Carla are by far my favs!! Although, give me Hans and Courtney’s bed and Jess and norms door any day. Also, is it wrong of me to kind of dig the artwork in Hans and Courtney’s room?

  • Carly

    Maybe they’ve been scared off wallpaper after House Rules

  • esra


  • I hadn’t thought of wallpaper but even I was wondering “Why don’t they use something on the wall with texture? Or a mirror? I definitely think Bianca and Carla are going to win, and they deserve it. They have an interesting style and even though I would’ve changed a couple of things about their room tonight I still loved it!

  • Ash Alarca

    I completely agree that none of the teams except Bianca and Carla are taking risks. The bedrooms all seem awefully pedestrian and not cutting edge in any design elements at all. I loved B&C’s room purely because it was different to the rest, and it is consistent with their overall apartment. I also agree with you about Jess and Norm’s bed colour and styling. When Darren was going on about how much he loved it I thought my TV was broken!

    I would love to see The Block venture out of Melbourne so teams can experiment away from this ‘high end luxe’ design brief they are all too scared to vary from.

  • Debra

    Absolutely agree that Bianca &Carla are on the money. They’re the only couple showing some design inspiration that is unique – everyone else, as you say, is too safe – boring

  • Katja Germano

    Honestly, you expect dull rooms for the first few rooms, but by now we should be getting more wow factor moments, no?

    Have these contestants been given a secret design brief to PLAY IT SAFE? To create blank canvases? Because if that is the case, I love that the girls are ignoring it…

    And Chris, you are very good to be able to separate the drama from the style, but I am not as good a person. Hayden and Sarah were okay. A blue wall does not a winning room make. Especially after one on one time with Shayna.

    I love the direction of the girl’s room. They are the only apartment with a cohesive style and with a buyer in mind. And I don’t think their wall was too masculine at all. Perhaps a more pale grey may have worked? But at least they are giving us a bit of excitement in a sea of otherwise white rooms and poorly picked artwork.

  • Natashia B

    I didn’t love any of the rooms this week. I did really like B+C’s vibe, but I really don’t like their use of black sheer curtains – they look cheap. Beautiful soft white curtains would look amazing, and soften the room a bit. I do feel like most of the headboards were really low though (except S+H)? Is that just me? They needed artwork about them. The pelmet on N+J’s bed is appalling!

  • Jenna B

    Honestly what is with the height of the bed heads in most of these rooms?? They really need to be higher. Sad there were no ‘WOW’ moments this week, expectations were high being master bedroom week. Bring back the flowers from the girls bathroom last week, they have been my biggest wow moment so far 🙂

  • Shannon D

    Yes! My first thought on Jess and Norm was teenagers room too! Obsessing over their pendants though. Complete heart eyes when i saw those.

  • Tammy

    I thought Norm and jess bedroom pendant lights were not suited for a master bedroom. I personally wouldn’t be able to sleep in that bed from the fear one of those lights would fall and poke my eyes out
    But, I’m still waiting for the ‘wow’ and ‘I need to buy that’ moments in the block this season.

  • Candace

    So after reading the beginning of this blog and hearing a bit in the media today of “how the master bedrooms fell short”, I saw the picture of Bianca and Carla’s room (which I didn’t know was theirs untill scrolling down further) and thought’ “Oh wow, I love that, it must be an ad picture…”. Nope, it was an actual room on this weeks reveals apparently, lol. How did it not win! I mean, as you say, they were the only ones that made it feel like a Master room with that wow factor wall, the mood set by the colour, the timber and linen choices for texture, the curtains are sexy, love the light (not my thing but very cool) and um, those floors! My first thought was to roll around on them too Chris. But, given it’s not the Block without drama, hearing that the couple that, “almost walked out” had won, I rolled my eyes sideways and even though their room was “nice” I felt it needed a little something else if that navy wall, was a little “safe” and completely lacked in character compared to Bianca and Carla’s. Thanks for another enjoyable read Chris. (P.S. How good is Gogglebox!)

  • Doz

    Underwhelming!..Most look like nice teenager rooms, not penthouse masters. Sara & Hayden deserved the win (loved the bed head, although the seat was not quite right)…but Hans & Courtney could easily have won it, had they turned up “the lux”. It needed larger & more comfortable furniture (styling & rug) in their seating area. Something across the foot of the bed, like storage ottomans & maybe even a TV that automatically inclines out of the foot of the bed. It needed that added luxury that most people desire. Their room received the most “wows”, purely due to the size of it.

  • I am often wondering is this a reno show or a styling competition? Poor finishes, unfinished paint etc should be judged much more harshly than cushions that don’t quite hit it home.
    Kerrie and Spence deliver quality reno and boring styling, which is probably going to make more money, than pretty styling and bubbling paint.

    The girls are have a style and it works, I loved the moody bedroom.

    I wish they would get rid of Scotty and Keith though, both those numb nuts get on my nerves. Actually can we sack all the hosts and inject some life back in?

  • Frances

    I thought Hayden and Sara deserved the win. So much to love, bedhead, colour palette, WIR’s. Whereas I felt the girls master would polarise ( Neale’s word) viewers. It was just too dark and masculine for me and I hated the poorly finished feature wall. However, I think these girls will win as they conceive consistently glamourous, minimalistic rooms. However, In terms of personality and fair play, I want norm and Jess to win as they are hilarious and are great Aussie characters.

  • helenK

    It fell flat this week, so looking forward to seeing inspiration, innovation and the wow factor but it all looked too safe. Do they need a master class from tlcinteriors?

  • Melissa Jelinic

    Most of those rooms just didn’t feel like master rooms. Even though Bianca and Carla’s room is a little too dark for my personal style, it is still stunning and I totally agree, they just overall have that complete and well designed feel! That wall is just so impressive, just the feel of a pattern just makes a massive difference. I know why you bang on about wallpaper now haha.
    I am in love with Hayden and Sara’s room though. Dark blue with white and grey and I’m won over! I adore the bench seat as a piece on its own, but I agree, too much blue. What colour bench seat would you have put? Would a grey that’s darker than the grey of the carpet look nice?

  • Riana

    I loved the art work in hans and Courtney’s room I would love to have that art work in my bedroom, it’s all about personal taste. All the masters seemed a bit white and plain for me but I guess that gives the new owners room to place personal touches and own style.

  • I actually liked Jess and Norm’s way of styling the bed with all the cushions and layering 🙂

    The grey bedroom was way too grey for me!

  • May

    I too thought that Carla and bianca had the best room this week. I am lusting after that quirky long-arm lamp. Divine.

  • Noodle

    very disappointing effort this week, so blerg! This is a gorgeous old building and to not pay homage to it with some real luxe is a sin! Not much to crow about at all teams

  • Nic

    Not much going on with any of the rooms this week for me.. Hayden and Sarah would have had my vote but still doesn’t have the vavoom you would expect from The Block. I would have loved to see some textured wallpaper and some cutting edge furniture with some punch. Those aircon vents should not be a feature in any room. Looking forward to kitchen week and hoping they all blow us away with their vision in the room considered the heart of the home.

  • Michele

    Yes with all the beautiful wallpaper out there now why wouldn’t one of the couples use it, didn’t really like any of the rooms this week

  • Janine

    I was so excited for master bedroom week and watched thinking “blah”. Rooms were uninspiring, boring even and I really was disappointed, that for bedrooms that should have us rushing out to purchase that cushion, linen set or wallpaper to reproduce in our own homes, made me question, do these teams actually know anything about design and style and what a “master” bedroom evokes.

  • fiona raw

    They were all different, I think Bianca and Carla did the mcst with different textures and surfaces, though none had the wow factor for me.

  • CindyC

    Love bianca and carla master bedroom. I think it is different from the rest. Very contemporary and flow with the rest of their house design. Maybe a bit of colour on the bed linen and voila! it will be a perfect room to relax and snooze.

  • Sonya Cerny

    I really liked Hans and Courtney’s master bedroom. The warm colours and soft pink bedhead were beautiful. I wasn’t keen on the round mirror as it didn’t fit well in the narrow space and the ceiling fan didn’t seem to match either. It wouldn’t take much to make the room even more incredible!

  • Brooke

    I thought all the bedrooms were a bit Naff… I didn’t see one with a Wow factor. I feel there is just no personality this series.. They all need to start taking risks and show some guts.

  • Penelope White

    Oh Chris you know how I love to debate these kinds of things. I’m with you though. I’m just absolutely gobsmacked by the very lack of design elements & features! I mean, where’s those unique ideas and out of the box additions, like the boys Andy & Ben in 2016 when they cleverly added that triangular window that reflected light from bedroom to ensuite. Genius!
    I mean define ‘luxury’ (which might I add, these apartments should very well be..!)
    A ceiling to floor full glass window to take in that amazing view? An amazing rug?
    How about adding a luxury ‘steam shower room’ fully equipped with gorgeous tiles, the latest fittings, a tiled seat area and gorgeous minimalist digital control panel. Similar to the one on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ that Spencer hops into. (Season 3 Ep20 if you want to take a peak).
    Even wallpaper is lacking severely. I mean we’ve come a long way from Dea & Daz’s ‘Seagrass’ wallpaper. BUT if I had to choose a room it would be Carla & Bianca’s room. I’m into dark & moody right now.
    C’mon PEOPLES now get it together. Get those creative juices flowing. Think outside ‘the block’!!!

  • C Thompson

    I just think they went all out this year. The bedrooms are just to dream about. I would certainly recommend anyone and everyone to buy what is on offer.

  • Jessie Chibber

    I felt that the rooms were all fairly white and plain, with a few pictures on the walls. I think they needed to really lift the rooms and give them some wow factor. They’re nice rooms, but none really stood out this week,

  • Andie Harrie

    The Block 2018 master bedrooms were a mixed bag for me
    Some bland some quite lovely
    hard to decorate to suit the markets need
    but I like some colour and texture I do concede
    perhaps when the whole house is done
    the bedroom will be in context to the whole reveal to everyone

  • They were all defn very safe rooms – they tried to showcase luxury and serenity but it came across in dribs and drabs – not much WOW factor. I did love Sara & Hayden’s the most. The use of Navy made if feel cocoonish in an elegant way…the detail on the bedhead and plush velvet teamed with soft white curtains…it felt very grown Up! I didn’t mind the soft artwork either – the judgest thought it wasn’t luxe enough but I thought it was pleasant!

  • Katrina Greenaway

    It was interesting seeing the different styles created.

  • Jo Woodall

    I just loved the velvet pieces. There is just something about those pops of velvet that won me over. Other than that they were pretty average, but .. in saying that i would happily accept them as my bedroom.

  • Julieanne

    Chris I absolutely loved Bianca and Carla’s Master Bedroom it was sophisticated and sexy. The colour palette whilst masculine it also included elements that created a sultry feminine feel…which is perfect for their prospective buyers… Personally I felt that they deserved the win as opposed to Sara and Hayden… Sara and Hayden’s room was ‘nice’ I would have preferred to see a beautiful textured wallpaper as opposed to a ‘blue’ wall… and felt that the colour palette was nothing new… too much of the same… Courtney and Hans had some good ideas I felt that they lost their way in the execution… their room with its size could have benefited from a bold textual wallpaper married with softer furnishings. I did not like Norm and Jess’s choice of pendants they were too big for the space and the colour palette was ‘blah’… it really lacked sophistication and was not all luxurious. Finally Kerrie and Spence delivered a room that lacked feeling … I did not get the sense that they thought about how they want buyers to ‘feel’ when they enter the bedroom… The workmanship was flawless however in my experience buyers want to ‘feel’ something when they walk into a house… The only team in my view that achieved this was Bianca and Carla.


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