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The Block - Tim and Anastasia Dining Room

The Block Triple Threat: Living and Dining Room Reveals

We’re only half way through The Block Triple Threat? Sheesh. What more is there to do besides the external spaces?

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Anyway, this week was a really odd one in terms of judging and I found the critiques really contradictory, with judges saying one room was too matchy but then praising others that were, in fact, super matchy-matchy. There was also a whole debate about some of the teams messing with the architect’s original plans, which I’ll discuss below too, because I really don’t see this as being a huge deal (do not hunt me down and kill me, architects – hear me out ;))

Anyway, let’s take a look at the rooms and share our thoughts. Drop me a comment below once you give it a read and let me know what you think.

The Block Triple Threat - Josh and Charlotte Dining Room The Block Triple Threat - Josh and Charlotte Living Room

Josh and Charlotte

I have to say straight off the bat that a warm floor, warm table and warm chairs makes the dining room – you guess it – too warm! They needed to introduce some cool tones in this space. I would have had the chairs a different colour. It was all too much of the one tone. I think white leather chairs would have looked nice here. They mentioned nothing of the one colour used throughout this room but went hell for leather on Tim and Anastasia for their pink room?!

Josh and Charlotte’s living room was better in terms of colour balance and I liked the play of textures; leather, marble, timber etc. It was an improvement on the dining space, but it really did lack personality. There were also way too many clean lines. Some round shapes were required here and definitely some wow-factor art. Just look at the shot above. Bring in some flowers or something!

The Block - Tim and Anastasia Dining Room The Block Triple Threat - Tim and Anastasia Living Room

Tim and Anastasia

I liked their dining room at first sight. It feels incredibly formal though. The pendants are a nice moment and I did like the flowers, but they are the only bits of interest and softness. It is a really hard and sharp space. It reminds me of their bathrooms with those really sharp timber shelves you’d cut yourself on. They need to work on softening spaces, because it was void of spirit for sure. PS: I love Shaynna’s comment on the styling; “That’s just plonk plonk”. It sure was!

OK, I have to take issue with this “it looks like a show home” critique in the living room. It is a show home! You’re trying to sell it to a buyer. I have no problems with this space. I think texturally it’s quite lovely and it has loads of layers. I don’t see the issue. Yes I would take one of the artworks away, but really, calm down peeps! This is a lovely and inviting space that would help sell the home.

The Block Triple Threat - Jess and Ayden Dining Room The Block Triple Threat - Ayden and Jess Living Room

Ayden and Jess

I’ve been on these guys’ backs the last few weeks because I don’t think they know how to successfully put elements together in a room. The dining space was a definite improvement but it WAS matchy-matchy! Look at all those timber bibs and bobs. It’s a bit decorating 101, but the judges loved it. I thought it was nice, but nothing to write home about. The dog print was cute, I’ll give them that!

They proved my point in the living room; they’re not good at putting elements together and this space had way too much going on. The rug – ick – it has to go ASAP! That would be the first thing I’d do to improve this space. The pendant was a bit odd; not the design of it (love it actually) but the size of it where they placed it was a bit oddball. The room felt very small tucked away where it was. I just.. I can’t cope with it.

The Block Triple Threat - Darren and Dea Dining Room The Block Triple Threat Darren and Dea Living Room

Darren and Dea

Architects don’t always get it right, I just need to put that out there. Often a decorator, designer or stylist is thinking of how people live in a space more than an architect does – just saying. They’re very different skill sets. I’m not at all opposed to changing the layout from the original plans if you get in the space and feel like mood and function could be improved. That’s not taking anything away from what architects do, but somethings all of the chefs making the meal are thinking about different aspects.

That said, the dining room itself was nice, although the rug was way too dwarfed for the table and chairs. Tsk Tsk – they should know better.

The living room was divine. Simplicity done well is a great way to describe it. It was really subtle but still felt a bit lived-in. A buyer would snap it up.

>>> What are your thoughts this week, guys? I’d love to know what you think in the comments below 🙂

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Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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3 Responses

  1. The reason the architect located the kitchen in between the dining & living, was due to the bathroom being above, and the ceiling height issue. When they asked to move it, it is a ‘yes, but at your own peril’. You have to check these things before you go hammer and tong.

    Josh & Charlotte have a bathroom above their living and dining, Tim & Anastasia also worked out their bulkhead issue (apart from the silly box).

    Put simply, its hard to admit your wrong, and Dea & Darren just can’t do it. Their plumber could have put the floor waste to the side of the bathroom, so the waste didn’t come down in the middle of the dining. They have to redo the bathroom floor anyhow because it is illegal, so it is no real drama.

    Its all drama, ratings, and soft furnishings. You shouldn’t be judged if your not doing it correctly.

  2. Hi Chris. I actually think it is time to let Shayna move on and do her thing else where . She has gone past her use by date and whenever she is confronted with any talented contestant she is threatened and raises the anti. Regardless of the ceiling with the D’s their living dining was still the best and I would be totally miffed as well if I was told by an architect it was ok to change rooms without being warned of the ceiling height. I guess it all makes for ratings. All the other rooms were flat and boring . Where were the large lamps, nice plants and personal touches?
    Looking forward to the D’s proving them all wrong.

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