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Scott Cam from The Block Triple Threat

Your First Look at The Block Triple Threat

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I’ve just gotten word that the new season of The Block, titled The Block Triple Threat, is set to land on our screens early 2015. Here’s your first look at the new contestants – and which All Star teams will be showing their faces to provide some necessary drama (this is reality TV, after all).

Scott Cam and Shelley Craft will remain in the host seats for the new season, with returning judges Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer all back for more. Keith the Foreman will also return along with Foreboy Dan Reilly, who you might remember from the 2012 and 2013 seasons of The Block (he was on the show with partner Dani).

So let’s take a look at the contestants who are taking part in The Block Triple Threat!

The Block Triple Threat new contestants

New Contestants on The Block Triple Threat

Top Row:

  • Orange Team members Josh and Charlotte are a couple from Sydney. The media kit from The Block said Charlotte likes “walks on the beach” which is kind of concerning, as the last time I read that it was in a 1980’s episode of Perfect Match. Josh likes big nights out.
  • Purple Team are couple Tim and Anastasia who live in SA. Anastasia “thinks she and Tim are in some ways very similar, yet the complete opposite”. Hmm. I think it would be great if an Anastacia song is played any time this couple is shown. It would make for a great drinking game.
  • Blue Team is made up of Jess and Ayden from QLD. She’s a sales manager and he’s a cabinet maker. They met at a festival and Jess says that she’s surprised that she “fell in love with some sort of idiot”. Cue my eye rolling.

Bottom Row:

  • The Pink Team are VIC friends Brooke and Aimee, who share the same theme song, Survivor by Destiny’s Child (you can’t make this stuff up). Aimee says that the best moment in her life was when Brooke asked her to be her baby’s Godmother. I say Aimee needs to get out more.
  • Yellow Team are Ebony and Luke, who are a brother and sister team from WA. Word is that he’s chilled out and cruisy while she is loud and doesn’t around beat the bush. I see some drama coming from this team, Creatives!
  • The Red Team is made up of couple Jess and Mark from NSW. They’re engaged and live in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. They want two kids and two dogs and have recently completed some renos in their own home.

The Block Triple Threat returning Contestants

Returning Contestants on The Block Triple Threat

Darren and Dea from The Block Glasshouse, Matt and Kim from The Block Sky High and Bec and George – also from Sky High. The three All Star teams will battle it out for a spot on the show, which is where the Triple Threat title comes into play.

The 2015 season will be set in South Yarra, Melbourne, and the teams will have to do over a 1357 square metre apartment block.

Of the competition, Scott Cam says “Our Triple Threat All Stars have been here before. They know it’s a buyer’s market and what it takes to get to auction day. Our ‘newbies’ will need to go above and beyond to produce apartments that are glamorous, functional, and deliver a little unexpected magic that buyers in South Yarra expect”.

What do you think of the returning All Stars? Which favourites did you want to see return?

Want to know more about The Block? Read our ultimate guide to every season!


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