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The Block Triple Threat: Week 2 Lounge and Dining Reveals

The team behind The Block Triple Threat still haven’t called me to come on and be the show’s fourth judge. But that’s OK. I’m still casting my stylist’s eye across this week’s lounge and dining room reveals to give you the lowdown on what I thought of each space.

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I’ve come to realise that I would probably be considered the mean judge on the show – because I’ve found the rooms leaving a lot to be desired so far. But I’m going to mix some nice comments with ‘room for improvement’ comments, so let’s get stuck into taking a look at each of the spaces!

Oh – and do drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts too. I’ll be the show’s fourth judge and you can be the fifth!

The BLock Triple Threat - Living Room Reveal - Tim and Anastasia

Tim and Anastasia

Now, the colour palette of this lounge/dining space was lovely – I cannot fault that. The individual furniture choices themselves were also pretty divine. I mean, I’m all over a mix of vintage and contemporary design like a rash. But seriously, these guys lack a basic understanding of proportion.

The size of the sofa was way too small for the space and felt really dwarfed beside the larger wingback armchair. The room also needed a large coffee table to anchor the space. I’m glad Neale and Shaynna picked up on that.

The Block Triple Threat - Living Room Reveal - Jess and Aiden

Aiden and Jess

Hmm, I am not feeling this. I wanted to. You know I love colour, but there was a bit too much happening here. They really took the space in a juvenile direction. And they had a ceramic pineapple (you know how I feel about those).

Looking back at Aiden and Jess’ bedroom last week against this lounge and dining space really does bring home their inability to mesh colour successfully. Neale said that they didn’t labour the point when it came to colour, but, actually – they did.

The dining table was overwhelming in the space too.

The Block Triple Threat - Living Room Reveal - Aimee and Brooke

Aimee and Brooke

The vibe was nice, don’t get me wrong. Industrial rustic is my cuppa tea but there was some really heavy furniture in the space and there was no sense of flow. It felt like the TV was staring down at you. After the bedroom they served up last week, I thought these girls were out of their depth – and they were again this time around. It was right to send them home.

The Block Triple Threat - Living Room Reveal - Luke and EbonyThe Block Triple Threat - Living Room Reveal - Luke and Ebony

Luke and Ebony

Well, this room does tick all of the design boxes. But did anyone else feel like this was lifted straight from the Spring/Summer Freedom catalogue? Now don’t get me wrong – you know I adore Freedom, but replicating catalogue styling doesn’t make a room successful. Or am I being too harsh?

This space felt a little show home-ish to me. Do you agree? Shaynna send they’re not following trends. But the entire space felt like a trend to me. One that would date in about 30 days.

The Block Triple Threat - Living Room Reveal - Josh and Charlotte

Josh and Charlotte

First, I’ll say nice things about this space because I do understand that in comparison to the rest of them, it was a standout. The exposed wall was lovely, I do like the colour palette and some of the furniture choices were sublime (loved the dining table and it was smart to make the dining chairs multi-functional).

But here’s the bad part: not enough warmth. I said this about their bedroom last week and this week they did it again in the lounge/dining space. I don’t understand. They need to bring more texture and warmth into their spaces moving forward.

>>> What’s your take on this week’s rooms? Did you agree with the judges on who won and who was sent home?

All images come courtesy of 9jumpin.com.au

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Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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6 Responses

  1. I think the couples are limited with what they think they can style their rooms with.. every year its the same furniture… same colours and same comments from the judges. I’d love to see some new judges on the next series, its getting very same same. If I hear Shayna go on about storage one more time I think I’ll lose it. The only couple that came in and did something truly different was Dale and Sophie, and the judges completely slammed their first room. I think it’s more about pandering for the judges then offering something different.

  2. Have to say, I’m struggling with all of these rooms looking like they bought everything at the same shop. One was the Matt Blatt shop, one was Dare, one Freedom and so on. Seems like there needs to be a bit less product placement and a bit more freedom (scuse the pun) to choose where they shop.

    Hope you get the judging job soon Chris 😉

  3. Oh dear oh dear, perhaps I am completely out of touch but I found it difficult to find anything that I liked about all of these rooms. Sure there was some nice pieces but the looks – all not good.The pink wall truly awful. The block folk need you in a hurry Chris!

  4. I wanted more colour in the winning scheme and maybe some timber on walls?
    Still waiting to be asked by show for comment. Have cool hair, glasses and can rock Ben Sherman shirts for the over 50s guys but…my wife/partner Luisa hated Ebony “granny flat” colour, and Aimee over scale and Aiden room was very Freedom! Bring back rocking Mark Tuckey furniture!!!

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