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The BLock Cellar, Laundry and Powder Room Reveals

The Block Triple Threat: Powder Room, Laundry & Cellar Reveals

What a crazy week it was on The Block Triple Threat this week as the teams went troppo trying to pull together three rooms on a tight schedule (because stress and sleep deprivation are ideal circumstances under which to be renovating lol?).

Some teams soared – producing stunning spaces, with others sinking in what were rooms that felt a bit tired and dates. Let’s take a look at my recap of the rooms as the fourth judge (unpaid, from my couch and Channel 9 know nothing of it).

The Block Josh and Charlotte Powder Room The BLock Josh and Charlotte Laundry The Block Josh and Charlotte Wine Cellar

Josh and Charlotte

I dug the powder room. This is a teeny space and yet it didn’t feel terribly closed in like Ayden and Jess’ did when they went wild with those geometric tiles. The fixtures were sleep and simple. It was a less is more approach and it totally worked. Although I gotta give it to my girl Shaynna again this week – she is the queen of practicality and that tap was too long for the basin.

The laundry was a bit simple and I found the white wall was a bit boring. I would have liked a little more interest here. Sure it’s a laundry but if it’s that big – and made for spending time in – you want to feel fab in there while you’re pumping your tunes.

The cellar I wasn’t too keen on. The bottle storage was minimal and odd.

The Block Tim and Anastasia Powder Room The Block Tim and Ansastasia Laundry The Block Tim and Anastasia Wine Cellar

Tim and Anastasia

These guys love to do dark and moody (if last week’s winning room is anything to go by) and it looks like they’re pretty good at it. I’m with Neale in terms of the continuity from the guest bedroom to this powder room. It is luxe and lovely – except for that pendant. Ick. I don’t know who supplies this, so don’t be throwing shade on me whoever you are, but it looked plastic and too cheap for the space. The white basic provided a little too much contrast against the black in the room, but overall this is a thumbs up.

The laminate benchtop and tap-ware in this laundry were both totally sexy. But… the rest is a bit blah. I’d need to style the hell outta the room to give it some personality.

I did enjoy their cellar. It was what I think of when I hear the words ‘wine cellar’. A classic space where I could happily sit and sip!

The Block Jess and Ayden Powder Room The BLock Jess and Ayden Laundry The Block Jess and Ayden Wine Cellar

Ayden and Jess

I think it’s time to farewell these guys. They just don’t have a concept of space and proportion. They seemed so fearful after their bathroom tiles got dissed last time that they created one huge bland space in the powder room. Nothing happened in here. I really hate the floating cupboard that the sink was sitting on.

The laundry tiles. Hello 2004. This room felt so dated and a lot of it had to do with the style of tiles used. These were in a bathroom I lived in seven or more years ago and they felt too glitzy and a bit cheap then. The space also felt cramped to me. Perhaps they should have had a smaller garage?

Oh gosh. The dark corner table in the cellar. No. Darren is right. This screams “It’s 10am, I’m a bit bored, shall I polish off a Shiraz on my own?”.

The Block Darren and Dea Powder Room The Block Darren and Dea Laundry The Block Darren and Dea Cellar

Darren and Dea

The powder room is soooo good. Let me in there to live right now. I will sleep on the toilet if need be. What a gorgeous, polished and resolved room. Everything is perfect.

The love I had for the powder room started to fade away when I laid eyes on the laundry. It just feels a bit boring to me. The colours were really bland and blah. I wouldn’t want to spend much time in here. The lighting felt really yellow and artificial. There was no ooze of luxury for me guys, sorry!

OK now THIS is better than what I think of when I hear the words ‘wine cellar’. What a magical moment from D&D. It was dark and moody, romantic, sophisticated and all class. That barrel with the cheese and crackers on top – what styling! I need a vino and hunk of bree right now. A deserving win.

>>> What are your thoughts on the rooms this week? Who do you think should have won? Sound off below in the comments and let’s chat! 🙂

All photos in this post come courtesy of 9jumpin.

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4 Responses

  1. I just can’t believe the location of the powder room…. OMG it’s off the kitchen, living, dining area a big no no in my book… #whatwheretheythinking

  2. I definitely agree with the judges choice last night omg D & D done an amazing job on the wine cellar
    it may have cost a lot but worth every cent .I thought Jess and Ayden done a terrible job
    I loved Tim and Anastasia’s powder room I thought it was gorgeous

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