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OZ Design Winter 2015 range - OZ Arthouse Sofa

Your First Look at OZ Design’s new Winter Furniture Range

OZ Global from OZ Design - Winter 2015

OZ Design has gotten cooler.

Not that it wasn’t cool already, of course. But something’s happened over the last year that’s taken it to the next level, don’t you think? I’ve been a fan of this brand’s work for years (they’ve been in operation for three decades), so I’ve certainly watched the OZ Design journey go from strength to strength – and over the past 12 months it’s really gone into overdrive.

If you had any doubt over OZ Design’s greatness, these new furniture releases for winter 2015 are sure to convince you. They’re still categorised into the four design families – Global, Arthouse, Coast and Abode – but the pieces from each are as fresh as ever.

Let’s take a closer look and the range and how you can rock each style at home…

This is a TLC Solution for OZ Design.

OZ Global - OZ Design's Winter Furniture for 2015

OZ Global Collection - OZ Design Winter 2015

OZ Global 

I’m in a Global moment myself right now, so this has to be my fave design story out of the lot. OZ Global (above) is all about embracing texture, so expect to see multi-toned timber and organic fibres – in furniture pieces that feel uniquely international. A graphic, tribal pattern is also at home in this look, so mix and match with gusto and you’ll nail this style.

The slim-line Enzo sofa you see above is a gorgeous starting point. It feels Scandi in shape, so mix it up by introducing a piece like the Archer coffee table, which blends Tasmanian blackwood with a white finish.

Style TipThe colour palette in a global look features a brown-black-white base with the occasional colour pop. Keep those accents fairly subtle and you won’t ruin the look. Play with pattern for maximum effect.

OZ Design Winter 2015 range - OZ Arthouse Sofa OZ Arthouse - Oz Design's Winter Furniture Range

OZ Arthouse

If you’re going to be adventurous with colour, the Arthouse style (above) is where you can rock it with pride. This look channels a nordic vibe yet the pieces also feel a little retro. Tapered legs and clean lines are present in the furniture, with bright accents giving the look a relaxed feel.

The Decker 3-seater sofa you see above (with its divine tapered legs and high back support) is a great statement piece to build a room around. The Savanna entertainment unit that sits behind it grounds the look really well.

Style Tip: To prevent the space becoming too colour crazy, let one colour dominate and introduce less intense complementary colours through accessories. Stick with three main colours (one main, two supporting) and you can’t go wrong.

OZ Coast - OZ Design Winter 2015 Oz Design Winter 2015 - Coast 1

OZ Coast

The Coast style (above) is a classic for us in Australia but what’s so good about this year’s edition is that it’s exploring new tones. Watercolour, a big trend for 2015, finds its way into this look, giving OZ Coast a rejuvenated, fresh feel.

Honestly, the Salotto 3-seater sofa you see above is pure magic and a perfect example of new life being breathed into a traditional aesthetic. I’m mad for it. Paired with the New Haven coffee table – in that gorgeous white wash – it’s just beyond, right?!

Style Tip: A coastal look is all about relaxation and comfort, so layer plenty of soft textures and look for round shapes in your accessories. They’ll soften any hard lines in the space.

OZ Design Winter 2015 - Oz Abode Range OZ Design Winter Furniture 2015 -Abode 2

OZ Abode

The OZ Abode look (above) is a relaxed yet sophisticated style story. It’s clean, classic and fuss-free in appearance but its use of jewel tones atop deep greys gives it a little luxury without too much grandeur.

A modular sofa like the Oliver above is always going to make a space feel homely. To jazz it up a little, lay down a patterned rug and bring into sturdy and strong furniture like the Toulon coffee table. This look is at its best when solid woods are present.

Style Tip: Keep a look like this from going too hard or masculine by introducing cushions that feature soft, feminine motifs. Plush armchairs and ottomans are also going to help here too.

>>> Which is your fave look from the four collections above? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


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8 Responses

  1. Stunning winter collection from Oz Design! The Oz Abode look is gorgeous but my absolute favourite would have to be the Oz Coast look…..and by the look of your pics above I am on the right track at home!

    1. Good to see Raeann. I’m a Global fan myself, perhaps with a little bit of Abode thrown in for good measure. It’s all very mix-and-matchable though, which I’m a fan of!

  2. Wow some absolutely stunning pieces of furniture there Chris
    I love the Savanna entertainment unit

    1. It’s so good isn’t it Karen? I feel like they’re taking Coastal in a new direction while still keeping it fairly classic. The sofa in that gorgeous violet hue. I am DYING! 🙂

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