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Kristy Withers from Incy Interiors the life creative interview

Style Ideas for Boys Rooms with Incy Interiors’ Kristy Withers

Putting together a kids space is no walk in the park.

I imagine when you’re pregnant or already have a little one running about, it becomes ten times more difficult to focus and pull the room together. This is why I’ve brought in the big guns to give you some boys room ideas and advice – and the big guns of kids rooms don’t get bigger and better than the divine Kristy Withers from Incy Interiors.

Below, Kristy shares some fave style ideas for boys rooms, along with some of her most-loved products for lads’ spaces – so you can get on with creating a room that looks lovely and serves its purpose (getting them to sleep so that you can get some shut eye too!).

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Style Ideas for Boys Room with Kristy Withers

Boys Room Ideas - Incy Interiors

Statement pieces

Often a nursery can be as little as the sleep that you first get when having a baby, so effective use of space is key. Select one statement piece to frame the room, and add delicate touches along the way. The Baxter Cot is a handsome statement piece that has captured the principles of simplicity, minimalism and functionality and, at the same time, delightfully radiate warmth and modern-day charm. 

Change table cover-500x500


2015 is about decorating and decluttering! Introduce dramatic difference with bed sheets. For cots, have a little yellow mellow with the Bambella Designs fitted change table mat cover (left) that transforms the change table from functional to fabulous! Either explore the traditional blue or get edgy with a few different prints. 

Statement Scandi

Add a dramatic, handsome statement to your little boys room with the new teeny by Incy Interiors. Teeny cots (RRP $799) and Teeny change tables (RRP $399) have captured the principles of simplicity, minimalism and functionality and, at the same time, delightfully radiate warmth and modern- day charm. I love the clean lines and understated strength of this collection.


Boys Room Ideas from Incy Interiors

Layered Love

Whether it be a mixture of colours, textures or both, layers adds dimension and means that you can enjoy creative flexibility without having to commit to a colour story. We love Dreamers Inc. collection of fun animal motifs – that can be mixed and matched to add a punch of personality that won’t get sleepy!

Blue and Green don’t need to be seen!

Style ideas for boys rooms don’t have to involve a placid colour palette.

Enjoy a little metallic magic using bronze, silver and gold applications against bright white! The classic subtlety of metallic has a warm tone and will complement the balance of the home. The Kip Cots are fun – they have a bit of spunk and will definitely be remembered!  

Incy Interiors and Megan Morton Bed Range

Furniture Growth Spurt

Select pieces that can grow when baby grows. The teeny by Incy Interiors Change table is perfect for this. Three shelves sit underneath the change table surface, whilst rounded contours can be removed and converted into a charming bookcase. Now, that’s a nice growing pain to have!

What are some of the style ideas for boys rooms that you’ve implemented at home? Drop a comment below and share – other readers would love to hear what’s worked for you! 🙂


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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