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Girls Bedroom Ideas

Timeless Girls Bedroom Ideas that’ll Last you a Lifetime

Oh, kids bedrooms; you always manage to make my heart skip a beat. I won’t use the term ‘clucky’, but I will say that seeing wonderfully styled shots of nurseries does make me want to have a baby ASAP and deck out my own little one’s space.

In this post, I wanted to devote some time to talking about girls’ bedroom ideas. Specifically, how to approach putting together a little girl’s space and what to keep in mind so that it doesn’t get too cliched. It’s also important, I think, that you only devote a hunk of cash to making it rock once – and then update it as your child grows in really affordable ways.

So let’s take a look at some amazing girls’ rooms and I’ll give you some tips on nailing each space.

Timeless Girls Bedroom Ideas that’ll Last you a Lifetime

Girls Bedroom Ideas - Nursery

Let’s start with the Nursery…

Above is possibly the cutest nursery that ever did live. It’s a Norsu Interiors number and I adore it. The good news is that a nursery really is a space where you get to explore your style preferences, so enjoy the process of decorating it while you have the chance!

First off, think about colours that feel calm and inviting. Soft pinks and greys are a divine combination, and when paired with whites and a few black moments, it creates a room that feels grounded and sophisticated.

A nursery really is about creating a space where your little girl can sleep, so I honestly recommend avoiding hot pink at all costs. In fact, I would steer clear of bright colours altogether and keep tones muted.

If you ensure that the shell of the space is timeless (so no crazy paint patterns on walls) your child can grow with it and you can replace smaller items as time goes on. Above, the cot is the only thing you’d need to replace when she grows out of it.

I’d put most of your money into flooring and a chair for you to sit in. Your baby will be on the floor a lot, so think about plush, low-allergy carpets and rugs. The armchair should be a piece that you can move into a different room when it’s no longer needed in the nursery.

Girls Room Ideas - Toddler Bedrooms

The Toddler to Tween Years

There will come a time where your child, in their infinite wisdom, starts getting an opinion on things she likes – and her room can quickly divert down an all-stops highway to Monster High madness (I have nieces – I know how this works!).

The challenge then becomes how to work in their tastes while still having a space that looks stylish for you (considering you probably clean it most of the time).

The best way to do this is to ask your child what they like and then find a stylish way to represent it in the space, without it being too literal. If your girl wants to be a princess, display a tutu on the wall like in the shot above, as opposed to pouring money into a full-blown theme with wall decals and crowns.

See how butterflies have been stylishly introduced to the room above? There are subtle ways to bring in these fantasy moments – and they’ll make both of you happy if you keep them subdued.

Imagination is strong at this age, so it’s wise to create moments of whimsy; fairly lights, garlands, creative art displays, boxes for trinkets and sheer window treatments are all cute ways to make the space feel like a fairy tale minus the moat.

Girls Bedroom Ideas

That Fun Teen Stage

If you’ve kept the shell of her room subtle, you honestly shouldn’t need to replace much more than her bed every few years, and perhaps a bedside table. The teen years are about bringing a bit more sophistication to the space and ditching all of that fairytale goodness that she loved as a child.

A french ornate setting is a really cute aesthetic for a teenage girls room and mixes pinks with metallic moments beautifully. It’s also a great opportunity – if she’s into it – to bring in some salvaged and second-hand finds and repurpose them so her room feels unique and one-of-a-kind. The shot above is such a nice mesh of youthful and adult, with just the right amount of embellishments to make it feel individual.

The space also includes a few things from her childhood; string lighting, pom poms and other whimsical moments. It’s a great time to bring candles into the space, too!

How have you gone about putting your girl’s space together?
I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Images 2 and 3 come courtesy of H&M.


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