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The Block Triple Threat - Darren and Dea Master Bedroom 1

The Block Triple Threat: The 6 Best Rooms of the Season

The Block Triple Threat - Bedroom Reveals

The Block is all but over, Creatives!

I say all but over because I don’t think The Block is truly ever over, not seeing as though Reno Rumble is on the way. And it’s only a matter of time before another season of the series hits our screens. Are we complaining though? Probably not.

With The Block auctions done and dusted, I thought it high time we take a walk down memory lane and name 6 of my fave rooms from the season. Starting at number 6 and working its way down to number 1, this list is a flashback of truly divine design proportions.

Let me know if you agree with this list of if there’s a room I’ve left out!

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The Block Triple Threat - Josh and Charlotte Bathroom 1 The Block Triple Threat - Josh and Charlotte Bathroom 2

6. Josh and Charlotte’s Bathroom

This pair were the undisputed subtle couple when it came to their design approach. Granted, some of their rooms I found a little too pared-back (like their master bedroom), but their considered approach worked wonders in this bathroom above. I loved the wall tiles, was smitten with the bath and couldn’t get enough of that gorgeous wood moment around the sink. Truly gorgeous.

The Block Triple Threat - Darren and Dea Powder Room The Block Triple Threat - Darren and Dea Powder Room 1

5. Darren and Dea’s Powder Room

Say what you want about this controversial couple, but they are very, very good at putting a room together. The use of those hexagonal tiles was a genius idea in this powder room, and the collection of photographs on that shelf – teamed with a feminine pop of flowers – was pure styling genius. I also adored the round mirror. This was a small space with huge wow factor, and I was really won over by how it perfectly balances masculine and feminine elements.

The Block Triple Threat - Josh and Charlotte Living Room 2 The Block Triple Threat - Charlotte and Josh Living Room 1

4. Josh and Charlotte’s Living Room

J&C got a little more daring the week they revealed their living room. It was again a rather pared-back affair but a lot of interest was brought in through a mix of textures and some very interesting shapes. This room was not absolute perfection (it did need a little softening), but the furniture choices were sublime and that marble-top coffee table is a true gift from the decor gods if you ask me! I’d be happy to sit on that couch and sip a red wine by that fire any night of the week!

The Block Triple Threat - Darren and Dea Terrace 1 The Block Triple Threat - Darren and Dea Terrace 2

3. Darren and Dea’s Terrace

The power couple that are D&D saved the best for last when they revealed their amazing terrace to the judges. As Shaynna said when she walked through the space, you really couldn’t fault it. The different zones in this area provided interest and versatility, while the faux grass was a sublime moment indeed. I also felt hot to trot for the exposed brick wall. It was all working wonders for me.

The Block Triple Threat - Darren and Dea Master Bedroom 1 The Block Triple Threat - Darren and Dea Master Bedroom 2

2. Darren and Dea’s Master Bedroom

I know, it’s Darren and Dea again – but they really were the strongest team in the competition. The master bedroom they pulled off above was a clear indication of this. The use of that blue grasscloth wallpaper was a smart move – and it worked so well with Dea’s bedding choices (and that gorgeous bed itself). This room looks just as good fully lit as it would at night with the candles burning. It’s a winner!

The Block Triple Threat - Bec and George Bedroom The BLock Triple Threat - Bec and George Bedroom 2

1. Bec and George’s Bedroom

Bec shed a few tears when her and George left the competition and I think I cried a few silent and internal ones myself. The bedroom above was truly the best of the season and was the epitome of textural perfection. The flooring was phenomenal, the mirrors were divine, that stone and gold plant pot was a marvel and the entire bedscape was nothing short of breathtaking. I want my room to look exactly like that around the clock please. This couple really know interior styling – and they know it well!

>>> Do you agree with this list of The Block’s best rooms? I’d love to get your take on which room you thought was the standout of the season in the comments below 🙂

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