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The Blocktagon Dean and Shay Living Room Redo

The Blocktagon Room Re-do Reveals: Some Teams Nailed it

It was a huge week on The Block this week, as The Blocktagon terraces were unveiled and the teams got a chance to re-do one of their most dire rooms.

It was such a massive reveal that I’ve had to split it all out into two posts. This post will show you before and after shots of the re-do rooms.

The Blocktagon Dean and Shay Living Room


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Let’s get into the rooms the teams did over and find out where you can buy the looks from!

Dean and Shay’s Living Room Re-Do

Blocktagon Living Room Reveals Dean and Shay Living Room The Blocktagon Dean and Shay Living Room Redo

I was absolutely blown away by Shay and Dean’s living room re-do. I loved the space beforehand and was gutted that they didn’t finish, but I think this second room was well and truly worth the wait.

Absolutely obsessed with the leather sofas against that gorgeous turquoise wall. The navy armchairs pop against it too, and I think they have just the right amount of accessories and soft furnishings in this space.

The shelving near the window was a good move and looks right at home, while the pendant lights in the corner were also standout for me.

Good art choices too, don’t you think? I’m particularly fond of the Wild Horse Print, and the mason jars on the coffee table that remained from last time are also a bit special.

King and Caro’s Living Room Re-do

Blocktagon Living Room Reveal Kingi and Caro Living Room The Blocktagon Kingi and Caro Living Room Redo

It pains me to say this (OK, so it doesn’t really), but I don’t like either the before or after shots of this space.

Now that I see the brown leather sofas in there, the room feels so dark and dreary (and the curtains feel heavier). I wouldn’t say this is am improvement and I could almost go so far as to say that the yellow looked better (I know!).

I think a cream or white sofa would have lifted this room and looked amazing on that grey rug. The room feels quite heavy and depressing as it stands at the moment.

There are some saving graces (love the choice of armchair and accessories like the concrete skull were a genius move because it taps into the industrial vibe), but it’s all about colour in this room and I think that’s my main issue with it; it’s all too dark.

What do you think?

Luke and Ebony’s Master Bedroom Re-do

Blocktagon Master Bedroom Reveals Luke and Ebony Pink Wall Bedroom The Blocktagon Luke and Ebony Bedroom Redo

I didn’t think I would be moved to do a happy dance by seeing photos from The Block, but I’m almost ready to get up and start twerking thanks to Luke and Ebony’s master bedroom makeover.

I absolutely loathed that Mulbury wall, so seeing the back of it has completely transformed this room and I’m delighted to no end.

The shade of blue they’ve selected is so perfect for the walls, and it really does pull the entire space together. It now feels cohesive and resolved. I love the pendants they have above the bedside and they’ve also got some killer accessories going on in there too. The mirror was also quite simplistic yet beautiful, and I think the throws on the bed make so much more sense now.

And who says carpet is dead?! I love the grey colour in that flooring!

Whitney and Andy’s Master Bedroom Re-do

The Blocktagon Master Bedroom Reveals Andrew and Whitney The Blocktagon Whitney and Andy Bedroom Redo

This was the first room I saw from Whitney and Andy that made me gasped with absolute joy. I don’t think anyone else was on the same page as I was at the time, but I thought the whole thing was a revelation; a gift from the decor gods, if you will.

They made a few improvements in here – mostly to finishes – and I still adore it. The bed is, of course, the star of the show, but there are a number of smaller elements that make this space absolutely stellar. For me, it’s the wooden stool and the cracked log lamp; both finish off the space and make it feel resolved.

Suzi and Vonny’s Dining Room Re-do

The Blocktagon Dining Room Reveals Suzi and Vonny Dining Room 2 The Blocktagon Suzi and Vonny Dining Room Redo

If you ask me, there were some other rooms in Suzi and Vonny’s apartment that needed a reo-do before this one (that study!), but the small changes they’ve made in here have created a space that makes more sense given that you walk right into the dining room from the lift.

I actually had no issue with the wall colour, but they went ahead and changed it anyway. I think it all feels a bit too beige now, but they definitely get points for changing the configuration of the dining table and the pendant above it (sidenote: I want and need that pendant in my life).

They’ve kept a lot of the other elements in the space that were there before. I think the giant gold bowl in the centre of the table is cute and I can’t get enough of the lamp on the glass side table.

>>> What was your fave re-do room this week? Drop a comment below and let me know!

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