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dulux coral paint front door colour trends for interiors 2019

The Colours that will Dominate Homes in 2019

2019 home colour trends are landing, and they’re not for the faint hearted. They’re bright, bold, and a little risky. But fear not: white walls aren’t going away (the horror!). But at least we might be inspired to be a bit more daring with our colour choices. That’s my eternal dream, anyway.

Let me walk you through a few of the shades you’ll be seeing dominate interiors for 2019. And I should point out right off the bat that all the images in this post are courtesy of Dulux.

It’s out with the blush and in with the new, as homes prepare themselves for a whole stack of new tones. Let’s delve deeper and see if you fancy any…

2019 Home Colour Trends: Top Hues for the Year Ahead

coral feature wall pantone colour of the year 2019 home colour trends

The Coral Tones have Arrived on Time

Pantone announced their colour of the year recently, so expect to see a whole host of warm pink-meets-orange tones hitting homewares stores in the coming months.

Above you can see how even a small element like a front door can look stunning when splashed in coral paint. And how nice is it to see a period home rocking colour like this? I mean, you see loads of terrace homes with red, black or yellow front doors. But coral takes the look next level, so please try it ASAP and send me photos (are you following me on Instagram?)!

If you want to be even bolder, which I full encourage, why not try a coral feature wall? It would work well in a home with light timber floorboards or carpet. Tone down the intensity with some white moments against the wall (like a muted artwork), and place some lush green plants in the mix and you’re set: a coral fantasy becomes reality!

If you were a big fan of the blush and millennial pink movement in 2018 (weren’t we all?), you’re going to love the coral decor push even more. Expect cushions, throws and bedding to be released in this colour shortly.

sage green bedroom home colour trends 2019 dulux paint dulux deep teal interior design colour trends 2019

From Sage to Deep Teal: The Greens are Here

I feel it’s been a little while since green tones paraded themselves before our hungry eyes. And I’ve not enjoyed the break. If you’ve been yearning for greens to dominate again, the time is now. It’s happening. This is not a drill.

Sage green is going to be a huge one, and we’ve already seen homewares released in this colourway. Bedding, cushions, throws and decorative ornaments have been seen in sage green toward the end of 2018. But, you aint seen nothing yet. Except to see them ramped up even more. And I do hope it inspires you to grab a tin of paint and go crazy with it in a room of your home.

You might also want to check out mint decor. It’s so close to sage and I have a video here on how to make it work at home.

The imagery above shows not only how amazing sage green can look on a wall, but deep teal too. The sage is far lighter and airier in look and feel (can you feel the serenity?), while the deep teal is quite moody. It’s worth knowing that before you adopt either colour, because they will change the feel of your room once on the wall.

I actually prefer the deep teal. It taps into the romance trend that was big in 2018 but takes it in a new direction. Deep teal got the memo: we needed new vibes in our 2019 home colour trends and it has well and truly delivered.

If you want to rock deep teal, pair it with black, charcoal grey and deep blue tones. Add in some marble, a pop of gold and you have your dream luxe-looking interior.

home colour trends 2019 dulux lilac living roompurple kitchen wall with grey cabinetry dulux 2019 home colour trends

Mauve and Violet: Two Queens I’m ready to Worship

Those of you who’ve fully adopted soft greys the last few years would be wise to work some soothing mauve into your home. The grey undertones guarantee you’ll find it easy on the eye, but it comes with a bonus sense of tranquility. There’s also something so unexpected about this tone which I love. We don’t use enough of it in Australia, but now is the time.

The gutsier ones amongst you might wish to go in a darker direction and opt for a deep violet wall. Why not? It certainly feels rich. The kitchen above is a divine example of this at play. Imagine if those walls were white? It would be such a snoozefest.

If you want to keep the look quite refined and sophisticated, pair purple walls with charcoal and white tones, and throw in some mustard for balance.

Love the look but not ready to commit? I hear you. But don’t worry: smaller decorative pieces, along with artworks, will be released in purple tones as the year goes on. So you can jump on the trend without even picking up a paint tin.

And here’s the even better news: I have a video here that showcases how to use rich purple tones at home (with bonus mustard and teal tips too). Enjoy!

2019 home colour trends deep blue wall with black shelving from dulux

Bold Blues will Always Have my Heart

Of all the 2019 home colour trends I’m showcasing here, I gotta admit that bold blues are my fave. After all, they tap into the Glamptons trend which is going to be big in interiors in 2019. And who doesn’t love blue? It’s so easy to work with and feels instantly calming no matter what shade you see it in.

Pairing a bold blue wall with black and gold tones gives the room absolute luxe vibes. But if you can’t live with the idea of every wall in the room painted blue, why not opt for a section of wall instead? There are loads of ideas here for painting smaller parts of the wall and I reckon you should give them a go.

The one thing I will say is that I don’t believe homewares stores are going to release a lot of deep blue homewares. You’ll see it in bedding for sure, but not necessarily in accessories. That’s why you need to use the deep blue as your backdrop (like in paint) and then bring in black, white and gold to play against it.

I love the styling above, which showcases how well blue can work in a period home. Hello black mantle with marble vein detail! I’m absolutely living for it, aren’t you?

dulux terracotta feature wall home colour trends 2019 dulux yellow brick feature wall home colour trends 2019

Muddy Warm Tones are 2019’s Biggest Surprise

Who thought we’d arrive at a time where muddy warm tones like mustard, terracotta, ocre and auburn were celebrated? But here we are, fully embracing these colours like never before.

It’s certainly surprised me; an avid fan of cooler colours. But I’m nestled in the warm and muddy embrace of these colours and I don’t want the experience to end. They all feel so wonderfully earthy and organic, which is a direction I’m seeing more homes go in of late.

The bedrooms above are wonderful examples of using warm tones to create a laidback, cosy setting. And though the rooms feel effortless and easy, there’s also a sense of detail and design in there. Think quality linens on the bed, unique artworks that aren’t run-of-the-mill, and smaller trinkets with meaning. It all feels quite fresh and modern but in a very different way than we’re used to.

If you want to get more muddy and muted interior inspo, there are loads of ideas here.

If you find the muddy paint colours above a bit much to take on walls, you’ll definitely get your fix of similar tones in decor in 2019. I imagine every store known to man is going to adopt this look and feel. Many already have; we’ve just not been ready to embrace it all.

home colour trends for 2019 dulux yellow painted walls

Which 2019 Home Colour Trends are you Digging?

We got the coral, we got the sage green and teal. We also have the purples and blue, and let’s not forget the muddy warm tones. So many options to choose from for the year ahead.

The question is, which of the 2019 home colour trends are you looking to get a hold of? I’d love to know in the comments below. And shout out if you have any questions on how to make these work.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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11 Responses

  1. I love the purple in the kitchen. Did you do mauve on the other walls. What are the paint brand and colours. We cannot make up our mind and have been stuck waiting for me to decide what I want. I think you have just answered our dilemma. Thanks in advance

  2. I LOVE the color of that front door! What is the name of the color? It’s got a metallic sheen to it.

  3. Hi Chris, OMG loving your blog! Thank you!
    I feel like some of these colours and images have a retro vibe? Why do you think we are seeing hints of the 70’s?
    I am just interested in this trend?
    Kind regards

    1. Aw thanks Leasa! I think styles and trends are always going to be coming back and fading away again before coming back. We see it in fashion, industrial design, architecture and interiors. Why does it happen? Lots of reasons, but designers in all industries are always looking for inspiration, and past design is a great place to look.

  4. Oh the muddy tones are surprising.
    Yet again, with all the river chat and lack of flow… Maybe the muddy tones are trickling downstream!
    I love mauve & it’s always been up there on my list. Just warms my heart and with all the charcoals and grey I’ve been hoarding (I mean, professionally stocktaking haha!), I’m sure to create a beautiful new revamped mauve look in my home.
    Also love blues, so super stoked to hear this Chris!!! Yay!

    Very happy for my purple, teal and coral lovers out there as well. Will be lots of happy hosts and customers this year.
    Thanks for the heads up.

    Much love.
    TLC (you do realise these are my initials!! xx)

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