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globewest Tully Bookcase and Coffee Table interior design trends 2019

The 2020 Interior Design Trends Set to Transform your Home

I know we’re not even at the end of 2019 yet, but time flies. 2020 interior design trends are already landing and many of them are taking your fave themes in a new direction.

So today I thought… why not get in early and talk you though some of the looks that are going to dominate homes in the next 18 months? It can’t hurt to get ahead of the game, and Lord knows I get rather excited about an interior trend. I know you’re in the same boat; that’s why you’re here!

So this is going to be a bite-size look at what’s trending in the way of fab furniture and decor as 2020 approaches. And it’s all from my mates at Globewest. They’re one of my major go-to suppliers when sourcing pieces for clients, and boy are their products nothing short of spectacular. The most exciting part is that throughout 2020 they’ll be dropping 28 brand new ranges, so stay tuned and I’ll tell you all about them as they land.

It’d be awesome if you could post a comment at the end of this article to let me know if any of these new looks is setting your heart aflutter. Oh, and as I’m sure you already know, all images here are via Globewest.

Which of the Six are you Loving?

globewest black and white pattern sofa with navy blue velvet armchair and marble side table

Trend 1: Modern Mediterranean

Sculptural forms, playful pattern and vibrant colour are the name of the game in this trend. It’s definitely the most striking of the six looks when it comes to hue. If you’re not afraid to rock daring design at your place, Modern Mediterranean is your bestie.

This look is full of joy, there’s no denying it. The great thing about this approach is that walls and flooring are still kept fairly subdued, but you can go to town with colour when it comes to sofas, armchairs and artworks.

The materials in this trend are also pretty gorgeous too. Think terrazzo, twisted cord, rattan, and travertine. Velvet is also included in this look, which keeps it feeling rather luxurious but also quite playful. I’m crushing hard.

globewest 2020 interior design trends timber dining table with black timber dining chairs and sideboard with mesh front

Trend 2: New Country

We love the serenity and warmth of country life, but it’s nice to take a classic vibe and bring it into the now. That’s what this look is all about; we’re celebrating natural beauty but giving it a modern twist.

In this trend, warm timber, blackened finishes, and shades of grey are present. There’s a lot of that refined heritage style about but it feels more a blend of Japanese and Scandi styles, as opposed to going toward an Aussie outback vibe. A clean look, but with character. It’s quite different to the 2019 Australiana trend, which features a lot more colour and a very bushland vibe.

Textures like tweed, leather and natural wood grain are celebrated in this trend, which is all about blending the lines between indoors and out. And of course, celebrating nature. How divine are those black dining chairs?

globewest round timber dining table with white upholstered dining chairs polished concrete floors

Trend 3: Fluid Minimalism

Now, I’ve shared on the blog before what I really think about the minimalist movement, but this trend might have me rethinking my position.

Fluid Minimalism is a look that’s packed with tranquility, fluid lines, and a pared-back approach to decorating the space. Each piece is careful curated and it feels interesting without being overbearing.

Natural materials play with bold forms in this trend, and the colour palette is restrained. Matte black, light timbers, and a medley of whites intermingle to create rooms that feel warm and inviting. It’s soothing but exciting at the same time, and I can’t help but feel drawn to it. This look could easily feel cold and sterile, but the addition of those gorgeous sheer curtains and soft dining chairs creates a great sense of balance.

grey living room with white window trim terrace style home globewest 2020 interior design trends

Trend 4: Decadent Sanctuary

Glamour: it’s a hard vibe to turn down, right? There’s a lot of it in the Decadent Sanctuary trend, and I’m sure it’s one that’ll resonate with you if you normally love a look that feels high-end.

Rounded forms and a mix of finishes are what make this vibe feel so luxurious. Textures like mirrored glass, darker woods and brass-tipped legs ooze style and sophistication. And let’s not forget a necessary dose of velvet and jacquard fabrics. We love a velvet armchair, right? Here’s my list of the best places to get velvet armchairs from.

This look is rich and bold, with colours like creams, olives, toffee and antique brass dominating. The fluid furniture shapes bring a sense of femininity to a space, while the darker colour palette on walls and floors brings depth.

2020 interior design trends globewest rope dining chair woven chair

Trend 5: Island Retreat

In need of some rejuvenate? Looking for a vibe that’ll bring a sense of renewal and relaxation? The Island Retreat trend has you covered.

Pared back, unobtrusive beauty and organic textures sit side by side in this look, and it creates a wonderful feeling of serenity. Think of this as your new approach to classic coastal decorating. It has all the same base, but less colour and obvious seaside motifs.

Exuding natural textures and bold forms, profiles are grounded with sculptural elements and brutalist shaping. Natures colours of ecru, sand and natural oak evoke a sense of calm and wellbeing in the home. And it’s a look that’ll go indoors or out. Who doesn’t love to blur the lines between the interior and exterior?

globewest bohemian interior design trends green velvet armchair and boho sideboard

Trend 6: Earthy Eclectic

Calling all boho lovers, this has your name written all over it. I’ve posted before about how bohemian interiors are going darker, so this is a very welcome addition to the list of 2020 interior design trends.

This look is an exotic fusion of unexpected textures and earthy tones. Firstly, we have desert shades of terracotta and mustard playing together to create a bohemian space filled with warmth.

Geometric form and pattern are then mixed to delight the senses and imbue a feeling of tribal travels. Showcasing your fave mementoes has always been my secret to a well-rounded home, so click here if you need some ideas on how to best display keepsakes.

Layering these warm colours alongside natural rattan and textures of rich velvet inspires earthy individuality and a sense of surprise. I mean, you don’t normally expect velvet to be showcased in a bohemian home, but there it is above looking sensational.

2020 interior design trends globewest sofa and pink velvet pouffe

Which 2020 Interior Design Trends are your Fave Here?

I’d love to know which of the six 2020 interior design trends are your faves. I’ve got my eye on Fluid Minimalism, but I could also give Modern Mediterranean a crack as well. Drop me a comment below and share your top pick.

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  • Holly

    I think they are overly complicated and would be extremely difficult for people to style their own homes without real professional assistance.

  • Karen Stevens

    Not a fan of any of these styles, if you’re any where near your 40-50’s these styles feel like they are a revisit to my childhood, timber slats, rattan, bold and colourful patterns. I suppose it’s like clothing styles at the moment, if it looks old and vintage it’s cool.


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