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purple faux fur cushions and throw on light grey sofa and pink roses on coffee table

The Latest Homewares Colour Trends for Autumn and Winter

Colour trends for Autumn and Winter are headed in a rich and moody direction. You heard it here first! All of those bright, zesty hues you were rocking in decor across summer need to be popped away.

Lime greens, lemon yellows, chilli reds and turquoise blues are taking a back seat for at least six months.

Now, that’s not to say you should throw these items away. No no no. We’re simply retiring them for two seasons. Pop them in your homewares box (or cupboard, in my case!) and get them out again when September hits.

In the meantime, let me give you the lowdown on the latest colour trends for Autumn and Winter below. All the imagery here is styled by yours truly, in my own home, using phenomenal decorator items from my mates at Lorraine Lea.

blush and purple faux fur cushions on grey sofa tlc interiors

Embrace the Richness of Prune

It’s not just great in juice form but it’s going to make your interior look moody and sumptuous for months to come. What’s so great about prune is that it works with so many existing shades in your home.

Now, if you’ve been a smart cookie and followed my three-step rule to layering a room, you’ll already have a sofa, bed or armchair in subdued tones. Think soft grey, white, black, beige and any number of shades in that family.

Over these neutral pieces of furniture, you get to throw on layer two – the decor! And prune cushions and throws are a great place to start. I always say that the smaller decorative items in a home shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, and these ones don’t.

The faux fur Harper Cushion covers you see about in prune are only $29 each, while the prune throw is $99. They have luxury and affordability written all over them, don’t you think?

purple blue and pink cushions on kmart grey upholstered chair and faux fur rug

Pair it with Blush and Indigo

Other colour trends for Autumn and Winter include blush and indigo. Both of these tones play so well with prune, so you can throw all three shades together and create your own little three-way colour combo.

If you feel the look is getting to colourful or visually crazy, simply bring more black, grey or white into the scenario to ground the look. But honestly, half the fun is in the experimentation, so get in there and have a play!

Above I’ve thrown in Lorraine Lea’s faux cow hide rug, which is another fave of mine and perfect for adding warmth to your space when it’s a bit chilly!

Side note: the candle you see above is by one of my fave Aussie brands, Tanda. I’ve got a complete list of my top candle brands here if you need a new scent.

colour trends for autumn dark floral bedspread from lorraine lea

Don’t Forget Purple Play in the Bedroom

Of course, the cushions and throws are important on a sofa or armchair, but don’t neglect your bedroom. New-season bedding sets like Midnight Rose (above) are packed full of deep purple tones and tap into the huge romance trend that’s dominating interiors right now.

If you’re yet to get across the romance trend, this post has you covered.

The great thing about a bedding set like this is that it features a double-sided pattern, so you pretty much get two colour trends for the price of one. Flip it over when you tire of one side and you have a whole new look for your bedroom. Hello longevity!

PS: Notice how lush deep teal tones look against a black and purple foundation? I love it. That chunky teal Tretham throw is tassel perfection.

blue and yellow cushions on light grey sofa by tlc interiors and lorraine lea

Can we talk about Mustard?

Another big colour trend for Autumn and Winter is mustard. This deep hue evokes a sense of richness and is perfect in small doses across your home.

When I say small doses, I mean something like a cushion or throw. The gorgeous throw you see above is called Trentham and he’s only 69 bucks.

I like mustard against a soft grey backdrop, but you can easily work it into any neutral living room. If you want to up the colour a bit, add indigo to the equation to keep the look more vibrant. These two tones work so well with my cocky print from Urban Road.

What’s not working is the arm of my sofa where the cats have attempted to claw it to pieces!

yellow and purple towels stacked with marble soap dispenser from lorraine lea

Purple and Mustard = Power Couple

So you’ve seen how well purple plays with blush, indigo, deep teal and grey. But if you really want to create a colour match made in heaven, try pairing purple tones with mustard.

I’ve done this in my bathroom – which sports a simple black and white base palette – and it creates a punchy, invigorating moment, don’t you think?

The Cooper towels you see here are as soft as ever and come in 10 different colours.

If you need more colour inspo for Autumn, check out my video below.

What colour trends for Autumn and Winter are you rocking?

I’d love to know what accent tones you’re embracing for Autumn and winter. Drop a comment below and give me the lowdown on which hues you’ve fallen in love with.

Or, come join my private Facebook group and chat to other TLC decorative junkies there.

burgundy cushions on grey sofa faux fur cushions autumn decorating ideas


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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