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DIY Shower curtain art from Land of Zonkt

DIY Project: How to Make your own Shower Curtain Art

DIY art - shower curtain prokect from Land of Zonkt

Admittedly, when I first heard the term ‘shower curtain art’, I was not totally on board with the concept. Or more accurately, I wasn’t sure this DIY project could possibly look good.

But then I saw it executed and totally lost my mind. I’m pretty certain when you cast your peepers over the pictures in this post you’ll feel the same way.

The stunning pieces you see here (and the photos of them) come courtesy of the divine Kim Spiteri from Land of Zonkt. She is one clever cookie with a penchant for DIY and she’s always creating something at home that looks absolutely marvellous – and usually on a budget.

DIY Shower curtain art from Land of Zonkt

“I wanted to paint my own large canvas, but the dimensions I wanted didn’t exist and I just didn’t have the time to make a canvas and paint all day (as much as I’d love too!),” Kim tells me, when I ask her where the inspiration came from for this project.

“Along comes Pinterest,” she continues, “and I fell across a post about using a shower curtain to make a massive artwork. I didn’t even know you could get printed shower curtains… nice ones that is, that aren’t shiny and glossy, (you know those horrible things that stick to your leg in the shower)”.

Kim spent some time online searching for divine shower curtain designs, and once she secured one in an appealing colourway, she got her DIY on.

“After around two hours of work I had an amazing design hung on the wall with an immediate WOW factor and costing all of $130,” Kim explains.

And when guests come over, it “blows people away that it’s a shower curtain,” Kim says. “If they’re here they have to touch it”.

Click here to hit the Land of Zonkt website for the full tutorial.

>>> Would you consider making art like this? Drop me a comment below and share your thoughts!


Chris Carroll

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  1. Sorry can’t work out how to go back and correct typos – apologies

    I would pay kim that should have said and before that on the front cover of vogue

  2. I love it ….reminds me of an artwork in the nit r cover of vogue living some years back…..colours at the bottom and bubbles to the top…I’d try this for sure…or maybe lay Kim to do it even better

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