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House Rules Adelaide Reveal - Guest Bedroom Ideas

House Rules 2015: Inside the Adelaide Whole House Reveal

House Rules Reveal - Adelaide - Living Room

House Rules 2015 has only been on for two weeks and I’ve gotta admit that I’m pretty inspired so far. The work that some of the teams are producing – for people who aren’t qualified in design or trades – is rather impressive.

This week the Adelaide whole house reveal went down and this post will show you the styled shots of each space. Admittedly, not every room was amazing, but overall I think there were some wonderful elements at play.

Above, Bronik and Corrine worked on the living room. Their furniture choices were pretty divine; loved the coffee table and the sofas were a smart choice. That’s possibly where the love stops for me. Some of the decoration felt a little dated and I wasn’t a fan of the distracting wallpaper around the TV.

Creating a recess for the TV and the cabinet beneath felt a little odd to me, while the pendant lights were far too close to the ceiling. Love the floor, though it needed a rug.

House Rules Reveal - Adeliade - Yellow Kitchen

There was a lot of debate throughout the week over the yellow kitchen, and just how literal you should take the House Rule of wanting a ‘sunny’ space. I think Cassie and Matt were right to be gutsy and go full throttle with colour here. I like the yellow under the bench and I don’t mind it on the cabinets either (although the door handles look very ordinary).

That said, the splashback was a step too far. And we all know that chevron is over, right? Overall though, it does feel light and bright and clean, so I think their score of 7 was justified. The end styling needed a bit of work though; some fruit or some flowers would have been nice.

House Rules Reveal - Adelaide - Master Bedroom

The master bedroom was tackled by Karina and Brian this week, and from a colour and texture perspective I think they nailed it. It feels fresh, warm and inviting – everything you want a master bedroom to be. I have issues with those prince and princess pillows, but that’s a personal dislike more than a styling no-no.

The side tables are lovely but don’t feel particularly ‘master bedroom’ to me. I’d feel more comfortable putting these in a guest bedroom. I also think their side table styling needs some work. I have a post on this very topic – and the pendant lights needed to hang lower.

House Rules Reveal Adelaide - Guest Bedroom

Ben and Danielle are wowing me something shocking this week with their guest bedroom. It probably comes as no surprise (as I’m obsessed with colour and quirk in the home), but this room is my fave of the lot. It’s gutsy, it’s vibrant and so many of the elements are working together wonderfully.

I think the artwork above the bed was a very brave choice, and I love that it’s flanked with the mirrors. It does have a very cool hotel suite vibe to it. That said, this room feels a little tight on space, so I’d have chosen bedside tables that weren’t as heavy. Maybe a simple side table with three legs and no drawers.

Again, the pendants needed to hang lower. An amazing room though.

House Rules Reveal - Adeliade - Man Cave

The guest bedroom might be my fave this week, but Steve and Tiana’s efforts in the man cave are a very close second. What I love most about it is that they’ve avoided cliches. Sure, there is a nod to some sporting moments, but they veered away from doing an expected man cave with dark walls and floors, antlers and leather furniture.

This is a really comfortable space that you’d want to have people over in or knick back and relax in on your own. Admittedly it is a bit bare and I think it needs a few more layers for it to feel resolved (rugs, large art, an armchair), but I think it’s a really nice space!

>>> Below is the leaderboard for this week. Drop me a comment below and let me know which room you were losing your mind over 🙂

House Rules 2015 - Week 2 Leaderboard


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  1. There seems to be a heavy obsession with pendants (and hanging them too high)! I liked the wallpaper in the living room but agree it needed a nice rug. I would have thought that the master bedroom pillows should have said king & queen if anything :p

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