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black metal bed frame from bensons for beds in pink bedroom

Where to get the Best in Black Metal Bed Frames

I’ve been coveting a particular style of black metal bed frame for quite some time now. The worst part, though: I can’t secure one for my own home. Cue the sad music!

So, I thought I might live vicariously through you. I’ll show you some inspiration around these sorts of beds, you buy one, and then show me photos. Everyone wins, right?

The very unfortunate reason I can’t get one of these gorgeous bed frames for my own master bedroom is because my partner is tall. I know right: fancy having to give up on your dream bed because of a long-term relationship!

You see, because my partner is tall, his ideal bed has no end on it. He needs a bed that won’t require him to sleep in the foetal position due to his long legs. Kinda selfish of him don’t you think lol?

So we’re probably set to get an ensemble bed shortly with a gorgeous headboard (currently considering brown leather – I’m equally obsessed!). But in the meantime I want to dream about a life with a black metal bed frame. So let’s look at a few and down below I’ll link you to the best places to buy them locally.

Style Ideas for the Black Metal Bed Frame

black metal bed frame in bedroom with brown timber wall panels and black diamond rug

A Sense of Masculinity at Play

I used to own one of those sublime gold bed frames from Incy Interiors. You know the Eden bed? It had a major peak about five years ago and I jumped on that trend like white on rice. But, truth be told, the bed was too feminine for my interior.

That’s the important lesson I learnt that year: you really gotta mood board your rooms and not impulse purchase pieces of furniture because you love the look of them. It’s taken me a long time to get to that place, but I’m finally here.

The black metal bed frame, though, would be right at home at my place because it brings a masculine vibe to a room. And that’s really where it’s best to take this bed stylistically.

The image above, which I found via Temple & Webster, blew my mind. I adore the moody nature of this room. It’s a bit bohemian, a little industrial, but still clean and contemporary. It ticks all the boxes.

Below is another beautiful shot featuring a black metal bed frame. And again it feels masculine. This look is far cleaner in its design aesthetic and has a little mid-Century influence to it. I love it as well. The art on the walls makes it feel younger, which just goes to show how ageless the black metal bed frame is.

Maybe I need to consider one for my guest bedroom and ditch the current sofa bed?

amazon black metal bed frame in masculine bedroom vertical oak wall panels

“Be it in a teen boys room or an adult master, the black metal bed frame is ageless in appearance but certainly brings a level of masculinity to a space.”

vintage black metal bed frame in teenage boys room with blue wallpaper and striped rug

Where to Buy a Black Metal Bed Frame

The good news is that there are a few places locally you can get bed frames like this. And the prices aren’t too bad. Because the materials involved are fairly minimal, the costs are kept down.

What I will say, is that for a sophisticated look it’s best to steer clear of the ultra-shiny finishes. For an adult space anyway. The beds above and below (sadly, they’re from overseas brands) show the beds with a bit of age and wear to them, and it makes the rooms feel a lot more interesting. The ultra-shiny black metal bed frames are fine for kids spaces (and are actually super affordable), but not for your master bedroom. Just something to keep in mind.

Here are a few beds in this style of frame from local retailers. All prices are correct at time of publish:

  • Willow Queen Bed from Fantastic Furniture, $199 – click to shop
  • Rawson & Co Bed Frame from Temple & Webster, $299 – click to shop
  • Manor Queen Bed in Black from Early Settler, $499 – click to shop
  • Charleston Bed Frame from Snooze, $549 – click to shop
  • Benedict Metal Queen Bed from Provincial Home Living, $679 – click to shop

aged black metal bed frame in white bedroom with timber floorboard and vintage styling

Keep in Mind before Purchase

The height of the bed end is an important factor to keep in mind. Not only will it become an issue for tall people because of their legs hitting the end, but a TV in the room could cause issues too. I have a TV in my bedroom, for example, and I find that high bed ends prevent me from seeing the TV properly. So function is something to think about here.

The other thing to bear in mind is that a bed like this is more dominant in a space because of the high headboard and high end. So in quite a small room it’s not your ideal bed frame. Lastly, if you sit up in bed and read, think about the comfort level of leaning against hard metal. Outside of those three considerations, you’re good to go!

Drop me a comment below if there’s another retailer that stocks a black metal bed frame that you love. And let me know if you currently have one and if you’re loving or loathing it.

Happy decorating!

Image one via Benson for Beds, two via Temple & Webster, three via Amazon, four via Metal Beds for Less, five via Sleep Design.co.uk

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He's also spent time on TV, on Channel 10's Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7's Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

  • Monika Bownik


    Chris, have you considered ordering a customised bed for you two? Because even without the bed end your partner still needs a bed that is at least 20 cm longer than him. And as far as I know, you can easily order metal one that would fit to your partner. Greetings 🙂

    12 June, 2019
  • Monika Bownik


    PS Kind of obvious comment, but quite nice metal frame beds one can find at IKEA. And those for kids have regulated length 🙂

    12 June, 2019
  • Glenn Kennedy


    Hello Chris,
    If you contact us at http://www.Empirebeds.net we will be able to help you! We can customise beds any of our Cast Beds to any length and also have a “no foot option” that is perfect for your situation. Our beds are made in Australia and we ship Australia wide.

    30 October, 2019
  • KB


    You should check out Empire Beds, Scout House beds, and the St Germain from Snooze. All much nicer and higher quality than the entry level beds listed.

    1 June, 2020

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