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raja home rattan kids furniture bohemian kids bedroom with tropical wallpaper

The New Boho Furniture Brand Making Serious Waves

Let me just say… the bohemian kids furniture I’m showcasing in today’s post has me seriously clucky. Like, I-need-to-have-a-baby-immediately kinda clucky. Don’t get me wrong, seeing nieces and nephews often makes me want a child of my own, but seeing stunning nursery furniture really tips me over the edge. Surrogates please apply within.

The best part about the bohemian kids furniture brand I’m showcasing in today’s post is that they’re brand new. They only launched late last year. Oh, and the even better news is that you can win one of their products for your own home at the end of this article. So keep scrolling to the bottom of the post for all the competition deets.

Raja Homewares is the name of this beautiful local biz and they are kicking goals already. A gorgeous, fully-realised aesthetic that’s second to none: check. Beautiful photography and a website that looks nothing short of inspiring: check. And furniture that takes a nursery or kids bedroom truly next level: check!

So how did this biz come about? I took some time out with the lady behind the brand, Tanya Harrison, to get the scoop.

bohemian kids furniture rattan kids armchair and rattan shelf in tropical wallpaper bedroom

It’s a focus on fostering a connection between parent and product that’s given Raja Homewares such immediate kudos from fans. Put quite simply: customers are losing their minds over the collection. And it’s not hard to see why.

raja home bohemian kids furniture rattan childrens armchair

Giving up Finance to Embrace Furniture

Running a small business isn’t easy. Take it from me; you need some good anti-ageing night cream, a daily meditation routine, and a bottle of Shiraz within easy reach at all times. There’s simply so much to do when you’re operating your own brand, and Tanya takes on all the varied roles you’d expect her to in a start-up of this kind.

From sourcing, logistics, accounting, marketing, styling and the day-to-day admin of running to the post office and organising couriers, I wear a lot of hats,” Tanya tells me. “Luckily I have my mum helping me out a lot with packing and sending too!”

Running the business out of her family home in Sydney allows Tanya to jump between (and juggle) business life and being a mum to her young girls. It wasn’t long after she built her family home back in 2016 that the inspiration to start her bohemian kids furniture brand sprouted. She left behind a career in finance, which has been a total 180 shift from ‘dollars’ to ‘decor’.

I really enjoyed sourcing beautiful furniture, artwork and textiles and creating adventurous rooms for my girls, so I decided to make a business out of this passion,” Tanya explains. “I knew there would be other mothers out there like me looking for distinctive, high quality beautiful furniture to fill their children’s rooms and nurseries”.

bohemian kids furniture rattan kids bed and eye mirror on pink wall

It’s the versatility of these pieces that makes the collection such a winner. They’ll grow with your child as they age, and the added bonus is that they look great alongside adult furniture in other rooms.

bohemian kids furniture by raja home wicker baskets with pineapples

Rattan Goodness for Every Pocket of your Kids’ Space

And beautiful furniture it is, wouldn’t you agree? With an aesthetic that’s fun and adventurous but distinctly more sophisticated than some of the other products you see on the market, it’s a collection that appeals to both parent and child.

The connection the parent has to the room was of particular importance to Tanya when she was conceptualising the range.

We aim to provide a worldly wonderland of inspiration for our beautiful rattan products, to show how they can be a place of comfort, rest and fun for children as well as a place a mother can be proud of. I feel like this is so important when mums spend so much time in their baby’s nursery or playing in their children’s rooms”.

It’s this focus on fostering a connection between parent and product that’s given Raja Homewares such immediate kudos from customers. Put quite simply: customers are losing their minds over the collection. And it’s not hard to see why.

rattan rocking horse bohemian kids furniture raja homewares

The Pieces Aren’t Just for Kids Rooms Either

The Rocking Ram you see above is a clear fave of Tanya’s (how adorable is it!?).

“I think people adore how whimsical this little piece is,” Tanya says. “Our baby dolly bassinet has that vintage appeal and mums just love this one too”.

It’s the versatility of these bohemian furniture pieces that makes the collection such a winner in my eyes. They’ll grow with your child as they age, and the added bonus is that they look great alongside existing furniture in other rooms. So you can mix and match them in with what you have to take the bohemian aesthetic across your entire home.

With new product lines on the way, you can expect more stunning bohemian kids furniture, decor and toys in the near future from this talented lady. But if you just have to get your hands on some now, check out the Raja Homewares website, or enter the competition below to win a piece for your own home!

rattan eye mirror by raja home kids bohemian furniture

Win one of Raja Homewares’ Eye Rattan Mirrors!

Loving the look of the Eye mirror you see above? You can win one for your wall. Simply follow the prompts below to enter:

To enter to win, simply…


Comp is open to Aus residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm Sunday April 31

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  • Gaynor Robinson

    The products are so on point I love how clean and freah they make a room look ❤️

  • Peri Mooney

    Awesome article Chris! Love this brand – such beautiful quality product.

  • Tanya Harrison

    Thanks for this amazing write up Chris! We’re so thrilled you love our range at Raja Homewares! xxx

  • M Carr

    I love how Tanya demonstrates that achieving your dream and being a mum is possible. Inspirational!

  • Deb Smith

    I can’t decide ‘my style’ but have definitely now been drawn to Boho after seeing the Rsja homewares and the fabulous eye mirror would look stunning in my entry.

  • Deb Smith

    Have definitely decided I’m going boho after seeing the Raja homewares!

  • Kiera Arthanegara

    Absolutely love their designs, like you stated they will grow with you as your child ages! ❤️ Beautiful write up too

  • Kiera Arthanegara

    Absolutely love the designs, timeless, fresh, arhhhhhh kinda feeling furniture

  • Breanna

    My partner and I are half way through renovating our house opposite the beach in Tasmania and I am absolutely in love with ALL their pieces. It perfectly fits our style of wood/beach vibes. If I had it my way (bills ), my house would be decked out in Raja homewares!

  • Chelsea

    Raja homewares is a bohemian haven. I love that any piece of RH can create such a modern bohemian vibe. Bringing the COOL factor to any space!

  • Cat Lee

    Raja has an authentic feel about it. I love the style; clean, natural, timeless & chic bohemian. I also like that it works with ‘adult’ furniture; and could create a beautiful flow in a bohemian or even minimalist style home. Cx

  • Jade

    I love the neutral overall colour of the rattan. It allows so much scope for individualising the look of a room.

  • Sarah

    So unique and funky yet a stylish statement piece for every household. Love that this little business is from a mum who went for it. So inspiring! Loving this brand

    • Skye

      I just love the boho vibes of it all & I’ve been lusting over the eye mirror for so long, it would be so wonderful to own this beautiful piece xx

  • Tracy

    what beautiful style and story.

  • Sarah-Jane dunford

    Love how it seems bright, and timeless

  • Christa Smalley

    I love anything handmade which is perfectly imperfect. The texture and 70s boho vibe ticks all my boxes for good design. I would buy a day bed and pair with velvet cushions for the ultimate expression of my juxtaposed style.

  • Aprel

    I love the relaxed, welcoming, boho vibe Raja transmits. Every piece is unique and so so beautiful

  • Eliza

    The range at Raja makes me feel happy. It evokes such a feeling of peace and wonder. Am heading to Tanya’s install now!

  • Yvette Denning

    It’s all so divine. Whilst I adore the chairs, I can’t go paste the rose chandelier as it would bling up my boring bathroom beautifully!

  • cas

    I love this stylish rattan range which offers a dash of boho glam to any room and transports me to a roof top in Marrakesh or a beach house in Califormia. It makes me want to relax and the textures of handmade gives always gives a space soul.

  • jessica

    The daybed is divine and would look great by a big window !!

  • Shanelle Smith

    I’m in love with everything in this store. But the rocking ram is just sensational. I need to get one for the girls.

  • Hayley Atkinson

    Hello! I LOVE everything in your store!! Some favourites I’d love to have in my home are the Eden bed, collections bookshelf and memories tier shelf and the eye mirror (which i have been waiting on a restock to purchase the mirror!) 🙂 Xxx

  • Lexie McPhee

    All of the items are so beautiful and look incredibly well made – that reading lamp with the shell shaped shade is to die for. No exaggeration.

  • Simone Osborne

    The range is just stunning and Tanya is so accommodating and lovely! Makes for a beautiful shopping experience the whole way through actually! Something you don’t often find these days. Can NOT wait to use my sunshine bassinet! Xx

  • Alice Williams

    Followed !!! The eye mirror is actually my favourite I love it

  • Natalie Dias

    The elegance of the rattan pieces are so timeless. I can see these becoming a family heirloom that gets passed on from generation to generation, carrying with it many stories about it’s previous users/owners (especially the baby bassinet). The designs ensure any room is light and breezy without demanding a large chunk of space. Love!

  • Wildflower photography

    The eye mirror is super cute! My fav

  • Debra

    Love every thing in the collection especially the day beds.

  • May

    Love the colour, texture and design. A winning combination of these boho elements.

  • Neha

    Love love love the beaded chandelier. Would look perfect in an eclectic space

  • Bek

    All of the things

  • Dayna

    Simple, yet incredibly stylish and perfect to integrate into any home. Absolutely love!

  • Erica Majdandzic

    Raja Homewares’ use of rattan is phenomenal. The pieces look incredibly well-made, light and bright, and would surely bring warmth and texture to any space while conveying a feeling of a tropical paradise. I struggled to pick a favourite piece but I think the Eden Rattan Daybed would nudge out the competition – it’s positively lush

  • Hollian

    I love the beautiful rattan pieces. Especially the day bed ✨

  • Sisu Styling

    I love that Raja offers sustainable, earthy, timeless choices so that your children’s space can be a stylish, yet down to earth, organic space for growth. No tacky plastic junk here. Starting the appreciation for style, sustainability and longevity of design early is a massive win in my books. Love!!

  • Melissa luhrman

    How great there is a store where you can get away from mass produced plastic and laminate baby products. Love these products you can create your home and childrens rooms into a natural boho chilled space to hang out in with your babes.

  • Simone

    I’ve been on a hunt for classic boho pieces for myself (single woman who owns a 2 bed seaside apartment) and my friend/mumma to be who is renovating her home, and designing a upcoming baby space. Raja homewares has been the first collection where I have been saying “I want that, amanda needs that for the baby” especially the sunburst bassinet and that gorgeous eye mirror!

  • Kailah

    I absolutely love every piece ! I wish I could purchase the whole store ! My favourite items would have to be the bassinets. They would make a nursery look wonderful

  • Jemma

    I literally adore all of Raja Homeware’s pieces, such a raw yet ascetic style that creates such a welcoming good energy. So inspired to give my home some of this creative bohemian love.

  • Lauren

    Such beautiful rattan decor perfect to style my new baby nursery and local also. I love everything in this shop

  • Sally

    Your beautiful dream making rattan bed! Showcased against that magnificent wallpaper in your daughters room! It’s magesric, sweet, sustainable and the perfect imagination booster for any bedroom.

  • Jennifer

    Hi, please can you tell me where you got the wallpaper? It looks so good with your furniture.
    Many thanks,


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