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black and white turkish bath towels by miss april towel on side of bath in black and white bathroom

The Towel Range Bringing Chic Vibes to your Bathroom

It’s gotta be said: not enough focus is put on bath towels from a styling perspective. We spend so much time fussing over tile and lighting and vanity choices for the bathroom. But then when it comes to dressing the space, we throw some cheap tatty towels on the rails.

Well, cheap tatt no more, decorating junkies! Because today I’m showing you a gorg new range of Turkish bath towels that are going to bring serious chic vibes to your ensuite, powder room, bathroom and kitchen. This is a delightful collection of towelling that’ll suit a variety of spaces. And I even took some time out to talk to the local creative behind the brand who sells them.

Britt Hurrell is the lovely lady behind Miss April, an Aussie biz that aims to bring a touch of elegance to coastal, contemporary, and Hamptons homes. The range of towel products is pretty varied, as you’ll see on the Miss April website. But as you’ll see in this post, I’ve focussed solely on my fave pieces from the collection: the divine black and white pom pom Turkish bath towels.

The good news: you can scroll down to win a set of four towels for your own bathroom. Christmas has come early!

miss april black and white turkish towel with fringing

Towels that are Anything but Boring!

Britt became obsessed with Turkish towels about two years ago after receiving one as a gift for Christmas. It got put in her beach bag and was used on heavy rotation through the summer. It was that towel – and Britt’s love of interiors – that birthed the Miss April brand. And Britt was clever enough to think beyond just towels for the beach. The approach for the collection was more design and home focused, and the results are truly divine.

“I wanted to create a towel with a difference, not just another Turkish towel that anyone can buy off eBay or Amazon, but something vibrant and beautiful that stands out,” Britt tells me.

It’s a move that’s paid off, because let’s face it: bath towels can be incredibly boring. Not to mention low-quality. If it’s one thing I’ve regretted over the years when decorating my own abode, it’s buying cheap bath towels that feel anything but luxurious. Sometimes you just have to invest in quality. And quality these are.

Yes, they’re $65 each. But Britt explains that they really are second-to-none.

“Once you have touched a Turkish bath towel that has been washed a few times, you will see why people go crazy for them,” she says. “They are the ultimate soft, yet super absorbent, yet fast drying, yet utterly gorgeous towel! I think the tassels really make these towels a showstopper too, they just make it that little bit ‘extra’!”.

black and white turkish towel on steel towel rail in white bathroom

Quality and a Sense of Sophistication: It’s a Win-Win!

The quality aspect is worth focussing on, because the thing that makes these towels so valuable is the cotton. It’s a premium cotton that has extra long, strong fibres. It’s this unique material that results in the towel becoming softer, fluffier, and more absorbent with every wash. So you get a longer life out of the towel, which is good for the budget. And just like me, the towels get better with age 😉

Britt tells me that Miss April is a one-woman operation. That in itself is a tough gig. Managing the day-to-day operation of an online business is no walk in the park, and Britt has to wear many hats. From logistics to the website to social media, she runs the show solo but loves being her own boss.

Started in New Zealand a few years back, she moved herself and the Miss April biz to Cowra in the central-west of NSW shortly after.

“It’s a funny place to sell beach towels from I know, being four hours from the coast! However, thats the beauty of online businesses, it honestly doesn’t matter where in the world you are!”.

This is a wonderful brand with minimalism and timeless design in mind. I hope you’ll support Miss April by following them on Instagram here. And the added incentive for you is that you can enter the competition below to win a set of four pom pom bath towels. It’s the pom poms that Britt has noticed making the most waves with customers, so expect that element of the design to expand in the year ahead.

I couldn’t be more excited to see what comes of this lovely lady and her divine Turkish bath towels! So get all over the competition and watch this brand continue to go places.

black and white turkish bath towels by miss april towel on side of bath in black and white bathroom

Win a Set of Four Turkish Bath Towels

To enter to win a set of four black and white Turkish Bath Towels from Miss April:


Comp is open to Aus residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm Monday April 1.

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  • Gemma Seears

    I have only just stumbled across the insta page of Miss April this morning after she liked my page…..and I’m so glad she did!! As I am a COWRA girl as well and so excited to support a likeminded local business in our town!! We are currently building a new home in Cowra and these towels would be absolutely perfect in our new bathroom and en-suite!! Fingers crossed xx @builderseearsy_and_me

  • Sandra

    Wow! Love her story, ‘one woman band’ and that she can back the quality of her product – beautiful! (Also, I am desperate for towels that wash well, which these clearly do!)

  • Sarah-Jand Dunford

    Love love love these bathtowels! We are months overdue moving into our new home, living in a shed for 3 years which we just knocked down now in a new shed that doesn’t have living facilities my husband suggested I shower in the farm paddock while he holds up the garden hose. I can’t wait to be out of third world conditions and have beautiful things like these towels.

  • Sarah-Jand Dunford

    Love love love these bathtowels! We are months overdue moving into our new home, living in a shed for 3 years which we just knocked down now in a new shed that doesn’t have living facilities my husband suggested I shower in the farm paddock while he holds up the garden hose. I can’t wait to be out of third world conditions and have beautiful things like these towels.

  • Allison

    Wonderful! Well done Miss April. I’ve never experienced Turkish towels but they sound lovely. Congratulations and best wishes to you for success.

  • Lisa

    We are moving into our dream home soon- we’ve been building it for 3 years ( ‍♀️) and I absolutely NEED these towels in my life (and bathroom!) They are such a beautiful contrast and unlike any other bath towel I’ve seen before. Love supporting local and small business- will be buying these towels no matter what!

  • Karen

    Love …. starting to collect new decor, Manchester and ideas for our new build in Dunsborough WA. Bathrooms are going to need some coastal elegance and these will be perfect ! Yum

  • Gayle Vos

    Miss April established this brand alone and has now made Australia home, so we can claim her as our own.

  • Sarah

    Wow I love that these are designed by a ‘one woman band’ the quality looks amazing, Turkish towels are a new idea to me but sounds amazing would feel like a holiday at home having these towels.

  • Faye Dealy

    These towels will look amazing in my yet to be finished contemporary Hampton style town house. Even if I don’t win I will look out for these on instagram as soon as I have finished writing this. Good luck with your business Miss April.

  • Tracy

    perfect to get dry in the tropics!

  • CindyC

    Love the Story Behind Miss April,
    Lovely quality product with minimal styles and classy design to suits my home decor,
    An inspiring story of a small Australian Business which make me feel much more connected to the Brand.

  • Rachel Carter

    Love the whole story behind miss april !! Would LOVE to experience these beautiful towels in my home

  • carolyn stobie

    They look so luxurious, something I would never think to treat myself with.

  • Julie White

    These generous, cosy luxe towels are right on trend with the decorated tassels and texturious feel. They look amazing! Giving any bathing room style, a hygge and eclectic edge.

  • Julie White

    These beautiful luxe towels are right on trend, boarded with generous tassels and a texturised feel that brings a sense of hygge and eclectic feel to any pamper room. They look amazing!

  • Jodi

    With a house full of swimmers and surfers – we need towels that are lightweight and quickly to dry, but I want towels that look hot! These ones fit the bill alround!

  • Dee-anne

    Simply adore the Pom Pom towels!!!
    Unique, individual styling at it’s finest.
    Well done Britt ☀️

  • Clare Murphy

    theses towels are fantastic and very unique and will look brilliant with the surroundings of our bathroom.

  • Patricia

    Congratulations Miss April,
    Not only a towel that is durable but adds a touch of style and elegance which is a must for every household.
    Will definitely be sharing your page.
    Thanks TLC for the opportunity. X

  • Penny White

    WOW a one woman band ~ this chick actually ‘gets it’; timeless beauty plus a quality product = understated elegance for any home ~ Miss April gets my vote ✔️

  • Wendy Keir

    I love this brand as it’s not only high quality but also such unique colour ways which add a visual texture to your bathroom.

    These are the statement piece to any bathroom whether it is new or old, a Miss April towels puts the luxe in every bathroom.

    I have wanted these towels for a long time so would love to win them.

    I am sure once you have used them you will never go back to other towels again.

  • kristyne love

    Luv Luv Luv the Site and the towels, especially the pom poms so unique.

  • Yvette Denning

    I like the way their choices and range are well thought out. Consider a child towel – they point out size, coziness and colour. Love your bath towel, let’s add a handtowel. Classic too thin? Let’s soften it up with a pom pom range. Nice share Thank you.

  • Penny

    I love the quirky twist on the monochrome pattern on these towels, but also respect that they are from an New Zealand/Australian woman backing her own dreams. You go girlfriend!

  • Wendi Crewes

    Stylish and on trend to make a statement in a bathroom

  • Marie White

    Wow thanks for showing me Miss April’s Turkish towels Chris! I have been looking for something a little more than what is on offer for our updated bathroom – texture is high in the list and these are def ticking that box! The concept of them getting softer makes them even better than just gorgeous. Now, how to tell Nanna I don’t really want anymore monogrammed bath sheets (bless her )

  • Jewel Metcalfe

    My beige (I know Yuk) bath towels are on their last legs. I’ve been looking for something swoon worthy and I believe I’ve just found them. Love the black and white colour, it would be perfect for both my bathrooms. It’s true too that Turkish cotton gets softer with time. It’s an amazing product

  • Amy

    I love the unmistakable quality

  • cas smalley

    Love these towels which boast natural textures and are big on style. I would replace my utiltarian plain towels in a heartbeat with any of these styles and it is a bonus to support local and small.

  • Lyn Alcorn

    I love to see a woman pursue her dreams of having a business that creates products that are not only absolutely stunning but very functional and unique. Well done Britt!

  • Tamee Brancati

    Congratulations to the Miss April brand and Britt. I love your dedication and passion in creating products that are not only look beautiful but are of the highest quality. And towels that get even better the more you wash, my hands are up! No excuse for poor quality, crispy towels coming off the clothesline anymore. Would love these towels not only to use in my personal home but for styling one of our new builds! @varroviewhomes Good luck everyone.

  • Anne Sharman

    I love the description that these towels become softer, fluffier, and more absorbent with every wash. The complete opposite to most regular towels!!!

  • Shellbelle

    My on trend niece swears by the softness and quality of Turkish cotton towels. It would be a real treat to gift her these for her birthday.

  • Meredyth

    I love that a woman from New Zealand is in the Central West of NSW, Australia, selling towels that originate from Turkey – what a wonderful world we live in!

  • Janelle Mead

    I love that she is killing it as a #bossbabe and has found her white space in the market with such a simple yet beautiful product.

  • May

    Luxurious towels make me feel pampered.

  • Miss April Towels

    Thanks to all you lovely people for your comments!! Good luck to you all!


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