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globewest kennedy fringe sofa navy blue velvet sofa globewest

Trend Alert: Fringe Furniture and Decor is Back in Homes!

The one and only time I tried a fringe it failed miserably.

It was not long after I met my partner 11 years ago and he convinced me that an emo fringe would look great on me. He was wrong. So, so wrong! I was living in the inner west of Sydney at the time, so it looked very ‘Newtown’. But good Lord did I look horrendous.

That’s why now, every time you see a photo of me here or on social media, the hair is off the face. It takes a while to get there, but everyone eventually finds their ideal look. And I’m glad mine is fringe-free (nobody will ever see the photos from that era either!).

Fringe furniture and decor is a whoooole other story. This embellishment has made a major comeback of late and I want to show you how phenomenal it can look in a space. Loads of brands are rocking fringe cushions, lamps, pendants and wall hangings too. And what can I say – I’m crushing hard!

Let’s take a closer look at the fringe furniture and decor trend below and where you can shop it. Oh and before we go any further, you must check out the fringe furniture above from Globewest here.

Fringe Decor is Popping up Everywhere

fringe pendant light from anthropology fringe decor fringe pendant lights over dining table with blue velvet dining chairs

Let’s Start with Fringe Pendant Lights

People often think of fringe pendant lights and lamps as having a very retro look and feel. Which is true; it has a little of that vibe. But a lot of the latest releases are feeling far more modern.

Truth be told, I believe the fringe lamps (table or floor lamps) bring the biggest sense of nostalgia with them. But fringe pendant lights like the one in the image above feel more contemporary-luxe in style.

I’ve had a few clients have me work a modern-luxe look in their homes and a pendant like the round shape above would be ideal in a stairwell, living room or dining room as a feature. Don’t be afraid to do the same in your home if you want to create a statement. Just ensure the other elements in the room don’t compete with it. A fringe pendant will be the star of the show. The other design elements need to be supporting players.

Of course, the fringing doesn’t have to follow a circular formula around a cylindrical pendant. The image directly above is a stunning example of using fringing in an unexpected way with phenomenal results.

Shop the Look Above: Fringe Pendant from Panomo and Fringe Chandelier from Lucretia.

west elm nouveau tapestry fringe wall hanging in coral

Tip: Fringe decor and furniture usually takes homes in a luxe direction, or a coastal/boho one. So if you have either style playing out at your place, these homewares finds are yours for the taking!

fringe mirror diy tutorial macrame mirror in living room

Fringe Wall Hangings are also Majorly Lush

Fringe wall hangings are also on-trend right now. They’re a fabulous way to dress up a bare wall, and I love that they’re lightweight enough for renters to rock too.

The other great thing about a fringe wall hanging is that you can choose to shop for one or make one. The wall hanging in the first image above, for example, is a beautiful tapestry from West Elm (shop it here). I love the bold blush tones in this one. It makes it a great piece for a nursery, or hanging above a buffet in a dining room or entryway. Such a striking interplay of colour and texture – and it’s very in-line with the colours that are going to be big in homes this year.

If you’re a little crafty you might opt to make one yourself. The Brittany Makes blog has a full tutorial on how to make the hanging above, that you can check out here. What an awesome way to make something for your walls that you can tailor-make in your fave colours.

james said fringe furniture in jewel tones

Fringing Furniture Screams ‘Luxury’

I find the fringe decor trend either goes luxe, like above, or bohemian, which we’ll explore below. It can sometimes feel a little mid-Century, but that’s not really where I see it headed for the year ahead.

The velvet furniture trend has been a prominent one the last year or so, and fringe is an extension of that look and feel. The furniture above from James Said is such a good illustration of this trend in action. It feels so rich, luxe and luscious. It honestly doesn’t get more sophisticated than velvet furniture, in jewel tones, with fringing. Call a medic because my heart is racing like never before!

If you want to make a piece of fringe furniture work in your space, much the same rules apply as I mentioned with pendants earlier. You gotta let the fringe piece be the star of the show. Keep surrounding colours fairly subdued, but rock some gold or brass metallics alongside marble in pieces like coffee and side tables.

If you want some tips on making a luxe look like the one above work at your place, this post has you covered.

Shop the Look Above: Click here to explore all of the fringe pieces on offer from James Said.

amalfi savannah fringe floor rug round

Pictured Above: Loving the fringe trim on the Savannah Round Floor Rug.

Pictured Below: Obsessed with the Soft Fringe Basket from West Elm.

white boho fringe basket

Fringing can also head in a Bohemian Direction

Bohemian interiors have come a long way. The most popular interpretation of it lately has been that all-white, coastal look. I love that look and I reckon you probably do too. In this post I took you through some ways to make that look more interesting, and fringing is definitely one of them. There are fringe cushions in that post you’ll probably die over, so definitely check it out.

Be it fringe cushions, baskets, towels or rugs, all of them bring a wonderful sense of texture to a space. And trust me, if you’re executing a boho look with minimal colour, you’ll need texture to bring interest to the space and stop it feeling flat. In this texture-tips post I show you why and how texture makes a room feel complete, so look to it if you need more info.

Shop the Look Below: Turkish Towels from Miss April are some of my faves on the market right now. What a fab way to fringe up your bathroom while keeping the vibe super-chic!

miss april black and white turkish towel with fringing

Tip: In a boho space, feel free to rock more than one fringe moment. Because the colour is turned down, you can amp up the texture and not have it feel overwhelming.

fringe pendant lights for outdoor area balinese style pendant

Pictured Above: My Bali Living is an amazing Etsy stores that sells loads of fringe pendants, including the ones above.

Pictured Below: Crushing hard on the Llama throw here from Bed Bath N Table.

bed bath n table llama throw fringe throw

What Do you make of the Fringe Decor Trend?

Are you a fan of fringe furniture, or is it a little too much for you? Would you rock fringe cushions, lamps and pendants at your place?

I’d love to know what you make of this prominent decor trend and if it’s something you’d shop for.

Drop me a comment below and let me know what you think.

Happy decorating!

fringe mirror with blush tassels hanging in living room with white walls and grey sofa


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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