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Hobbe Rocking chair tufted grey rocking chair nursery furniture on the life creative

The Rocking Chair your Nursery (and Sore Back) has been Crying out for

I imagine that finding the perfect rocking chair to nurse your little one in would be a difficult task. I also imagine that as with most mother’s, the baby is put first and you forget about your own comfort, during what’s going to be some very long nights in the nursery.

But as I always hear the experts say… a happy mum means a happy child. Which is why I thought it wise I show you some of the most stylish chairs I’ve found for the nursery, courtesy of local brand Hobbe. I reckon these are so divine you’ll probably end up using them years after the nursing is over and your kids are grown up!

Hobbe Rocking Chair in White Nursery Furniture on TLC Interiors

Rocking Chairs for your Nursery from Hobbe

Samantha Hobbelen started her business just over two years ago. Her first-born, Hugo, was only two weeks old, and the Sydney mum couldn’t find a rocking chair she liked. Against her better judgement, she purchased a cheap rocking chair online.

It was soon after we brought Hugo home from hospital that I realised just how uncomfortable it was and that I couldn’t even get in or out of it easily with our new baby. I was so frustrated and uncomfortable,” Samantha tells me.

It was that discomfort that sparked the idea for Hobbe, which stocks not only awesome rocking chairs for nurseries but other armchairs, ottomans and throw rugs, too.

It was the bone Positano rocking chair (above) that first made its way into Samantha’s home during the early days of the business, and it still remaind her favourite to date, despite five other chairs in the Hobbe collection.

We just loved the feel and look of it when our first shipment arrived and still love it to this day,” she explains. “We have recently brought out a new colour combination of cement grey upholstery with natural timber and it is proving to be very popular”.

Hobbe tufted grey rocking chair nursery furniture the life creative

The Midwife Approval

What I’m most impressed by when it comes to the Hobbe brand and its range, is that a lot of time has been put into ensuring these were legitimately suitable for nursing mothers; not just a chair that looked nice (though they are phenomenal on the style front).

When I designed our first collection, I had a midwife consult on the functionality of a feeding chair and what was important to allow a new mum to get in the right feeding position,” Samantha tells me. “Those elements are imperative”.

With stain resistant fabric and padded arms that allow for getting in and out of the chair with ease, these chairs also come with an added bonus; high-density foam to support the lower back pain that may be experienced after childbirth.

It’s this quality-meets-comfort formula that’s seen the Hobbe range purchased by some very important people, Samantha explains.

“The one that stands out is providing not one but two rocking chairs and ottomans to the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. That was definitely a stand out moment and such an honour”.

If you’re keen to purchase something from the Hobbe range, TLC readers can enjoy 10% off by using the code TLC10 at checkout. Click here to jump to their website for more.

What are some of your nursery must-haves? Share them in the comments below with other readers so they too can nab them for their own homes.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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