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jewel tone interiors purple sofa and deep teal wall

September Trend Forecast: Rich Jewel Tones are in this Spring

I have had a long love for airy, white interiors with minimal styling and just a touch of colour. Recently though, I have found myself equally excited by spaces that are rich and moody with deep jewel tones and textures.

While the Scandi trend is still very much around us, the next time you think about painting a wall or choosing a fabric for your sofa, I challenge you to consider something more bold!

jewel tone interiors purple velvet drapes with orange chair

Jewel Tones: Trend Background

Colour is always a very personal topic and a great way for us to express our personalities. The same applies in our homes. 

Each of us are drawn to particular colours that make us feel a certain way, while some colours have been long been associated with particular elements of society. For example, red is often associated with passion and love, while yellow is said to be positive and uplifting.

Jewel tones like lush greens, navy, deep reds and purples have always been associated with high society and prestige. We see these colours in intricate carpets and wallpapers of decades before and in glamorous hotels, but they’re not limited to the rich and famous anymore.

I’m seeing so many affordable furniture pieces and homewares incorporating bold colours in to their designs making it easier than ever to try it at home.

The jewel tone trend is all about expression. Let yourself naturally drift to colours you love, while taking into account things like the colour of your flooring or exisiting furniture pieces. Or go all out and choose a colour you’d never thought of! There’s loads of colour inspiration out there to get you started.

Jewel Tones: How to use the Trend

jewel tone interiors deep emerald green wall and purple carpet jewel tone interiors pink carpet with mustard yellow sofa

Embrace it

Paint everything. This is a big statement to make in a room but one I am all for. People will tell you that it will make your room feel smaller, but when a whole room is the same colour the lines blur between floor and wall meaning boundaries are less obvious and the items of furniture and art you choose to display are the focus within the room.

When deciding to paint a room one colour, especially a dark grey or black (like these rooms), you can really experiment with interesting colour combinations for accessories, art and soft furnishings because they have a beautiful backdrop that won’t take the attention.

Make sure you consider your lighting as part of your design also, as that’s the ultimate way to create the ambience that makes a room comfortable and warm.

deep teal velvet sofa with tufting jewel tone interiors


In my opinion, the bedroom is the easiest space in your home to experiment with rich jewel tones and textures. The reason for this is that the result can leave you feeling like you’re sleeping in a sophisticated retreat.

Our bedrooms are supposed to be kept dark for practical reasons, but richer colours can give you a feeling of romance and luxury. We spend hours each day in our beds, so why not create a space that you look forward to visiting every day, just like you do when you’re at your favourite hotel.

There are so many elements in a bedroom that can add to the look. Bedding is the easiest way to make the transition; trade your white sheets out for some great silk or linen in a navy or olive, or keep them as a contrast to a patterned wallpaper or carpet that you love. I love to design bedrooms because you can add rugs, throws, cushions and art without it becoming overwhelming. It all adds to the cosy experience.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match with these colours as they work best when used together. While you’re keeping in mind colour, also notice which textures you’re drawn to Velvet, linen and leather are some of my favourites for a touch of glamour.

jewel tone interiors emerald green armchair and deep teal sofa with charcoal grey feature wall


If you’re just not sold on painting or adding a wall covering to your room, or you find yourself renting, then consider introducing some soft furnishings in rich colours and textures to your existing neutral palette.

Cushions are such a simple way to freshen up a sofa or armchair. As we’re coming in to spring, we can still think about light throws for the living room and bedroom for added texture.

Look at the patterns and the way they feel when you touch them as you’ll want to pick items that are comfortable. In this case where colour is used lightly, it’s best to stick to a few colours and work within the tones of those to maintain a clean and fresh look.

Consider art as a way to introduce these colours also. A bold print can create the perfect focal point in a neutral room.

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Jewel Tones: Shop the Look

deep jewel tone decor and homewares

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Do you love rich jewel tones and are you using them at home? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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