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Where Designers Shop for Large Floor Rugs

Finding it hard to locate large floor rugs from your fave retailer? I hear you. So many of the rugs in these stores don’t go beyond a standard size. So lemme point you in the right direction.

Sourcing floor rugs for my clients is one of my fave activities. Nothing gets me more excited than rolling out a large, thick, plush rug – especially if there’s a pattern involved. And the smell of a new rug; good Lord. It’s enough to send me into a fit of ecstasy. Don’t judge!

If you’re hankering for that same feeling, you might find yourself a little disappointed with what’s on offer in stores near you. Because let’s face it: so many of the options on offer aren’t big enough to fit under a dining table, bed or sofa. So today I thought I’d lift the lid on where I shop for rugs for clients, specifically large floor rugs that make an impact.

Now, full disclosure: a few of the suppliers I’m unveiling below may not sell directly to the public. But don’t let that stop you from reading on, because their products are often stocked in stores you know and love. Stockist info is available on their website.

And hey, you can always score large floor rugs for your home from trade-only suppliers if you choose to work with me to design your home. Yes, I’m blatantly advertising my services here and I’m not even sorry about it. A guy’s gotta make money and keep the cats fed 😉

the rug collection poppy field large floor rugs

1. The Rug Collection

The Rug Collection has been around for 10 years and they’re my go-to for large floor rugs with pattern. They have exceptional variety, of course, but I’m most smitten with the patterned pieces because they evoke such a sense of sophistication. They also collaborate with awesome Aussie designers you know and love. Think Shaynna Blaze, Jamie Durie and Katie McKinnon, to name a few.

I specified a custom Katie McKinnon rug for a client recently, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. That’s another important thing to keep in mind when it comes to this Aussie biz; they do custom orders. I did a large 3.5 x 3.5 metre square rug for my client and changed up a few of the colours so it matched their interior perfectly. You’ll be able to do the same if you need to.

The Rug Collection does sell to the public and has a variety of furniture pieces worth checking out too.

where to buy large floor rugs in australia bayliss rugs

2. Bayliss Rugs

Bayliss Rugs is my go-to here in Melbourne for large floor rugs that feel high end. Every interior design job is different and every room calls for a different type of rug. So when I get a client with a space that feels quite elevated and classic in style, I turn to Bayliss.

This Aussie biz has been around since 1938, which is probably why their rugs always feel like they have a story to them. A rich tapestry, if you will. I’m telling you; nothing says luxe like the pieces from Bayliss Rugs. For the interior designers reading this, the price points are also phenomenal. You can get really divine pieces (even the large floor rugs) and a very reasonable price. And the team are beyond lovely.

Now, it should be noted that Bayliss Rugs don’t sell direct to the public, but they do stock to places like King Living, Clickon Furniture and Choices Flooring. Click here to find a stockist near you.

I should also note that Bayliss do custom rugs too, if you have a particular size you need that’s outside the standard offering.

large floor rugs by armadillo and co with a tribal pattern

3. Armadillo & Co

Every now and then you get a client whose style veers in a coastal or boho or Scandi direction. When that happens, I put the petal to the metal and hit up Armadillo & Co. I don’t even look elsewhere because I know these guys will have oodles of options my clients will pee their pants over.

All of the rugs on offer here are designed in Australia and handmade by artisans in India. Armadillo & Co have a focus on using Fair Trade practices with natural and sustainable fibres too.

The style of rug you’ll find here is definitely a more subdued one, but that’s not to say that pattern doesn’t come into play. There’s a quiet confidence about these pieces as well that I rather enjoy, and they do have that wonderful handmade feel about them. Added bonus: they have large floor rugs that go up to sizes like 3 x 4 metres.

The good news: you can shop Armadillo & Co yourself on their website here.

cafe lighting and living floor rug large floor rugs australia

4. Cafe Lighting & Living

Cafe Lighting & Living is a recent discovery of mine and boy am I upset that I’ve arrived so late to the party. And as the name of the brand suggests, there’s more than just large floor rugs on offer here.

The brand is known for stocking and supplying a mix of luxe and Hamptons-style furniture and homewares. And of course, they have some truly amazing floor rugs in the mix too, in an array of colours and patterns.

They’re the suppliers of this amazing rug that you all keep asking me about in the Metricon Bayville display, and if you want to see what else they have on offer, click here to scope out the range. I should let you know that the rug in the Bayville display is no longer in stock. I know; I’m crying over it too!

Sadly for non-designers, Cafe Lighting & Living don’t sell direct to the public. But they do supply to loads of retailers, a list of which you can see here.

regency style dining room by greg natale in black and blue pattern

5. Designer Rugs

I first discovered Designer Rugs many moons ago when I was studying at ISCD. As part of the curriculum, you had to design a rug for the brand. It was a pretty cool idea, actually, because the winner each year got their rug put into production. Unfortunately, fate had other plans for me because I didn’t even make it as a finalist. But I hold no grudges. This brand is phenomenal.

With locations across the country and with over 25 years experience, this is definitely one worth checking out. Though it should be said, this is probably the highest price-point brand of the lot, though absolutely worth it if you have the budget (or your client does).

I toured the Designer Rugs showroom a little while ago when I was in Sydney (take a look here) and there were all sorts of large floor rugs in mind-blowing colourways and styles. This is the sorta range you really need to get up-close-and personal with, so I totally advise you go take a look in-person.

grey icelandic sheepskin fur throw hides of excellence

6. Hides of Excellence

Last but not least is my fave place to pick up hide rugs: Hides of Excellence. You’re not going to find jumbo rugs here. I mean, the hide is only as large as the animal is, but there are still some large floor rug options worthy of your consideration. Especially if you’ve been dying to get your hands on some fur options for your home.

I specified a hide rug for one of my clients in South Yarra last year. It was an awesome (and cosy) bachelor pad that we took in a moodier direction using black cloth wallpaper. The hide I sourced from Hides of Excellence was the icing on the cake. I should let you know that there are loads of other fur products on the website too. Click here to check them out.

I also did a roundup of the best places to get faux fur homewares from. So if you’re keen to see more of that, click here.

large floor rugs from the rug lady and house of harvee

7. The Rug Lady

You know me; I love to support Aussie small businesses. And luckily, there’s one you need to check out if you’re looking for large floor rugs that won’t break the bank.

Since its launch in 2015, The Rug Lady has been getting tonnes of attention online and has gained thousands of followers. It’s become one of the leading online rug distributors in Australia, and with good reason; the products are amazing. Just get a load of the one above that’s wide enough to sit under a bed!

I can’t wait for my next interior design project so I can source some large floor rugs from this superstar brand. The website has loads of great reviews and it’s super simple to purchase product without leaving your house. What more could you want?

where designers shop for rugs large floor rug with pattern from the rug collection

Where have you Shopped for Large Floor Rugs?

Alright gang, over to you! I’d love to know where the large floor rugs in your house have come from. I’ve shared all of my suppliers with you, so I’d love for you to do the same.

Is there a retail store near you (or online) that stocks phenomenal rugs? Drop me a comment below and share the secret with me. I know that other TLC readers will appreciate it greatly.

Thanks a lot, and happy decorating!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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