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the block 2018 guest bedrooms hayden and sara bedroom

The Block 2018 Guest Bedroom Reveals

Who knew that the song Killing Me Softly, which I first heard when the Fugees covered it back in ’96, would become the soundtrack to The Block 2018 guest bedroom reveal?

In fact, it’s kinda become the soundtrack to the entire season.

I’ve come to realise that I wasn’t fully prepared for what The Block 2018 had in store for me. I went into this relationship with too much naivety. I was expecting to wet my pants, froth at the mouth, and enter into a state of ecstasy at least four times throughout the series. And it pains me to report that none of those things have happened so far.

Apart from Bianca and Carla’s bathroom at the start of the season, I’ve not had one “call a medic” moment this year. And this is some sad, sad news for us viewers, don’t you think?

Now, I’m not saying that every room has been bad. I think kitchen week, for example, probably produced some of the better spaces. Jess and Norm’s kitchen, as you well know, was a stunner. But outside of that things have been pretty blah. And they are blah for one major reason…

The teams refuse to put colour on their walls.

It was evident this week more than ever, as we were given five rooms that were pretty much exactly the same. White walls, grey carpet, upholstered headboard, repeat. There was barely any point of difference in each room, apart from artwork. Let’s take a look at The Block 2018 guest bedroom reveal below. But I do warn you, they’re pretty much all identical spaces.

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the block 2018 guest bedrooms hayden and sara

Hayden and Sara: White Walls, Grey Carpet, Upholstered Headboard

First cab off the rank is Hayden and Sara, who provided a room that is lovely, of course, but boring and predictable for a show like The Block. It looks far too similar to other rooms this series, and almost identical to the other rooms delivered this week.

The gold handles on the cabinetry were a nice moment, so I will call that out as something to appreciate. The couple have been going for a gold-navy-pink palette across the entire home, so I will give them points for consistency. At least the approach to colour is cohesive here. You’d walk through the home and all the rooms would make sense side-by-side.

Outside of that, there’s not a whole lot more to compliment. The bedside tables, which I do adore, are the same ones used in another room weeks ago by Hans and Courtney. So there was zero element of surprise and delight there. I don’t mind the lamps, actually, but had they been placed against a coloured wall they would have popped more.

I find this room quite cold and uninviting. It has very strong “we’ve just moved in” vibes.

These are the kinds of rooms clients show me in their homes, telling me the space doesn’t feel finished, doesn’t feel cosy. I understand this is essentially a home staging competition, so we don’t want to be too daring with design. But for all of the teams to deliver rooms that look the same raises real issues for me in terms of what their knowledge of decorating is. Narrow, to say the least.

Or have they been warned against doing anything bold?

the block 2018 hans and courtney guest bedroom with blue headboard

Hans and Courtney: White Walls, Grey Carpet, Upholstered Headboard

The second room to deliver white walls, grey carpet and an upholstered headboard was that of Hans and Courtney. And it raises a serious question for me, that maybe you have the answer to (because I certainly don’t): Why were all the apartments carpeted exactly the same?

Was this something the contestants got no say in at the beginning of the series? If so, they need to amend that approach next year, because it’s resulted in a real lack of design diversity between apartments.

Let me know in the comments below if you can. I’d love to find out if the white walls and grey carpet in every apartment was a decision the contestants had no say in.

This room has some nice moments as well, but they are really quite expected. I mean, I love the pot plant stand. I love the headboard. The bedside tables and lamps are cute. But that doesn’t mean the room isn’t boring. Because it is.

There is no life here. No charm. No warmth. It too is cold and clinical. And I really hope next season brings wallpaper back into the fold. Because these white walls just suck. There’s no other way to say it.

I have nothing more to say about this room. Sorry about it.

the block 2018 kerrie and spence guest bedroom

Kerrie and Spence: White Walls, Grey Carpet, Upholstered Headboard

You guessed it: Kerrie and Spence also delivered a guest bedroom with white walls, grey carpet and an upholstered headboard. This is going to be the fastest Block recap I’ve ever written. There’s literally nothing new to say as we move our way through these spaces.

What I will say though, is that those artworks above the bed are so random and inappropriate for a guest bedroom. They are straight out of a kid’s room and I have no idea why Kerrie and Spence felt the need to include them here. The larger artwork on the adjacent wall is stunning though. I do love it. But it’s not enough to save yet another boring, cold and sterile room.

Bedside tables are the standout piece for me in this space. I’m smitten with those. But apart from that, this old Torana is fresh outta gas.

May I ask why none of these rooms have rugs? A few of them are large enough to take one. And it would have broken up all that dark grey carpet.

the block 2018 guest bedrooms jess and norm bedroom

Jess and Norm: White Walls, Grey Carpet, Upholstered Headboard

I don’t know if I can go on. At this point I think I need to go have a Bex and a good lie down and let you write the rest of this recap yourself.

The fourth bedroom given the white wall, grey carpet and upholstered headboard treatment was Jess and Norm’s. They are probably the second-best team this week though. If we’re comparing who can elevate the look of a white room with mere styling alone.

We have a nice armchair. I do adore it. Though it feels quite stuffed into that corner. So it’s not right for the room. The bedside tables I also love. Very chic, very Scandi, I’m all for it. Though placing them in front of exposed power points doesn’t say ‘luxury apartment’ to me.

The scale of the room is quite off here. I know it’s a small room with tall ceilings. But they put way too many pieces on the one wall and it’s only made the room look smaller. Jess and Norm should have ditched the mirror and the wacky plant stand (along with the armchair) and popped in two larger, more formal-looking bedside tables.

Also, where are the pendants in these bedrooms? I know they’re guest rooms, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have an awesome moment of lighting. Even in the centre of the room if not above the bedsides.

The artwork above the bed is absolutely magnificent though. I have to call that out. I feel like the artwork is doing a lot of the work to make this room appear more stunning than it is.

the block 2018 guest bedrooms bianca and carla bedroom with tan leather headboard

Bianca and Carla: White Walls, Grey Carpet, Upholstered Headboard

I gotta give my girls one thing: at least they have a headboard that’s upholstered in leather. We have a different material outside of velvet here. Praise be to the gods of decorating!

Of all the rooms in The Block 2018 guest bedroom reveal, this one is hands-down my favourite. Once again I knew it belonged to Bianca and Carla. It speaks stylistically to the other rooms in this apartment, and at least we have some interesting texture and pattern going on in the space.

The dark sheers were a bold move in the other pockets of this apartment, and they’ve continued them here. I’m not sure I love them, but at least they’re not white. That’s where I’m at this year in terms of praise: you get it if you avoid white!

The bedding, for starters, isn’t plain white, so we’re onto a winner there. There’s no velvet in the room either. If I see velvet cushions one more time in these apartments I think I may end it all. And lastly, the art in this room is the most interesting of all five spaces. I really like it. Ditto twofold the bedside tables.

One thing that made be super disappointed was that Bianca and Carla ditched the dark feature wall in their master bedroom during re-do week. And here, they’ve clearly gone in the blander direction the judges have pushed them toward. What a shame they didn’t throw caution to the wind and experiment more.

Remember when The Block had big feature wall moments? It is so sad to see those days done and dusted. I’m going to pop a photo below of Will and Karlie’s space back in 2016 just so you can cast your mind back to the calibre of spaces we’ve been delivered before. We need this brought back next year.

That said, Bianca and Carla deserved the win this week. If only they were permitted to push things further.



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Last week’s winner: Andrew Golden


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  • Georgina


    I think the contestants are confused with selling a home where the agents are telling you to remove personal objects photos etc, let the new buyer have a fresh palate to make it their own, to The Block where they are told to imagine a buyer and sell to them, theres no kids spaces or anything fun and with everyone so time poor, their home is an oasis, we need more vibrant things, some escapism, anything but grey

    2 October, 2018
  • Gemma


    Surely they must have been given strict guidelines as to what the rooms should look like, either that or they have all picked up the same boring magazine and copied the theme.
    I feel as though there’s not really any deviation in colour pallete either. So bland, So boring, So anticlimactic!
    That’s one evening I will never get back. Thanks Block 2018!

    2 October, 2018
  • Louise Larssen


    Chris you must have read my mind! I adore Jess & Norms artwork but the rest is all a little too bland and boring, bring on terrace week! 🙂

    2 October, 2018
  • Angelica Catemaxca


    Boring boring boring, I agree with you that the only room really memorable from this season was the girls room and the girls bathroom. I think this year everyone has played safe no one really took risk amd try to be different. What happened to the Ronnie and Georgia or Kingi and Caro? people can still remember that grafiti bath. But by having the same judges over and over again there is no room for adventure people know what the judges like and that’s why all rooms look like copy paste. They even take inspiration from the judges Instagram pages. Unless they change judges we will keep watching same things over and over and over again

    2 October, 2018
  • Selena


    I have only one thing to say…WALLPAPER!!!!!!!
    Ok, maybe more than one thing. Just imagine how much these rooms would pop if there were some wallpaper on the walls? Beautiful patterns or colours or a bold floral or a subtle watercolour wash…I find all of the Block rooms to be so totally devoid of any kind of personality, or fun. What is design/decorating if you cant have fun with colour and pattern and texture? And rugs! My giddy aunt, but there’s some stunning rugs out there. Why are they not using them? Is it the lack of vision, or are the couples so scared of the judges that they’ve fallen into a bland heap? Got any more Bex, Chris?!

    2 October, 2018
    • Fiona


      Agree, agree, agree!!!! Maybe they polarise the market!

      2 October, 2018
  • Kerry


    Fifty shades of white has been the theme this block and not in a good way. It’s reminding me of the original ‘House Doctor’ show from the late 90s/2000s where the interiors expert would essentially paint the whole house white so to appeal to a mass market when the owners put it up for sale. Fine…but hardly inspirational for a reno show. So disappointing

    2 October, 2018
  • Jenn Needham


    We’ve come from House Rules that had zero taste and no continuity to The Block that is so utterly subdued this year it has the style of an Arcare rest home. Where are the grounding pieces in each room and those wow interiors with the use of different textures? Don’t get me started on the size of the bedrooms in the penthouses.

    2 October, 2018
  • Jenn


    We’ve come from House Rules that had zero taste and no continuity to The Block that is so utterly subdued this year it has the style of an Arcare rest home. Where are the grounding pieces in each room and those wow interiors with the use of different textures? Don’t get me started on the size of the bedrooms in the penthouses.

    2 October, 2018
  • Rachel


    Help! I’ve just realised my own white walls, grey carpet, looks-like-we-just-moved-in bedroom is in need of some personality.

    2 October, 2018
  • Raylee


    They kind of look like a builders display home. Beautiful, but nothing different enough to be memorable.
    And the way the judges were going on and on about Sara and Hayden’s throws and the textures of the throws and how the black throw was GOT, ‍♀️ made me wonder if I was watching a Pillow Talk infomercial.

    2 October, 2018
  • Mel Champion


    Boring boring boring….I know they are guest bedrooms but for the love of all things great – give them some sparkle and glitter. Not literally of course, some personality!!! Have they got sponsors from a paint place this season….so wallpaper to a big no no no. I don’t even care who wins this season!!! Sorry that’s all I got….major disappointment here!!!

    2 October, 2018
  • Sara


    My notebook remains empty for yet another week. Usually I am keen to grab ideas but The Block 2018 has been so disappointing and blah! Where is the pizazz and the va va boom. The guest bedrooms the same old grey and boring. Where is gorgeous wallpaper, walls other than white, you dont have to go mad. I get the blank canvas but these rooms are beyond blank

    2 October, 2018
  • Tracy Hartwell


    I adored apartment 5s second guest bedroom. Easily my favourite space this year. Just to swim against the tide I did not like their first bathroom at all. To me it looked like trend soup (and by their own admission – they can’t cook). The strangest issue for me regarding the excessive use of white paint is that because they have such large spaces and a limited budget then paint is an affordable way to inject a bit of something into the space. They have to paint anyway and I don’t think coloured paint is much more expensive than white.

    2 October, 2018
  • Fiona


    Completely agree. I am finding it all so boring and dull – a generic look that lacks personality… Ironic that the you foodz adverts are putting down generic foods when this is all we are getting in the apartments. And as the above comments have said – where are the wallpapers??? I can only guess that the rules have forbidden it because, according to agents and judges, we should stick to white paint that won’t polarise the market!!! Who is this mysterious market??!! Are these multi millionaires really wanting white walls and homewares from Freedom?! Where is Cole and Sons, Designers Guild, Amara homewares!

    I guess it all comes down to the problem of generic appeal (that appeals to no-one really) and that the program is less of a decorating program and more about selling apartments (with a dash of drama for “entertainment”). I noticed this last year as well – looking through the real estate images, I could barely tell one apartment from the other. This year will be much the same. (And has anyone noticed the pattern of the judges’ comments and how towards the end of the season they are scoring highly and building the apartments up… when in fact the rooms at the beginning may have been better…?)

    As for what this does to the interior design and decorating profession… does it mean everyone will be doing white and grey??? Are we all being duped to think that multi millionaires want bland, and that by extension, we should too???

    2 October, 2018
  • Fiona


    Totally agree… but I think the confusion is caused by the dictates of the program. (which wants these apartments sold). No wonder contestants get confused – creative or agent directed bland.

    2 October, 2018
  • Suzy


    What is with that shiny carpet that leaves your footprints all over it ? It’s hideous , I would be ripping that up straight away ..
    This season is so disappointing, I was expecting next level after watching House Rules but nope …just grey and white …

    2 October, 2018
  • Well called Chris !
    In my view, from a design standpoint the dullest block ever. So over the white walls, grey carpet, and those velvet bedheads… how hard is it to pick a non white paint even if they’re not brave enough for wall paper.? I know they get a lot of vouchers but the furniture is also very same same. Not a lot of innovation to be seen. The girls were the definite winners in a very ordinary field.

    2 October, 2018
  • Megan


    Velvet headboards are done and done and done on every block series.. I loveeee Rattan! Give me a Rattan headboard any day. Agree with you – bring back the seagrass wall paper, the wall panelling, the wall sconces or pendant lights. Love the linen sheers though.. I think the contestants have been too swayed by the judging and now don’t want to be the brunt of harsh and poor judging. #justsaying :p

    2 October, 2018
  • Kellie


    I think they are all quite nice bedrooms, but they are boring. They are very rinse and repeat and nothing outstanding in any of them. I do like some of the wardrobes they built in, which I thought were great storage in small rooms.

    3 October, 2018
  • Melissa Jelinic


    They’re all just so soulless! I’ve been in hotel rooms that have felt more homely!
    These rooms are making me sad about the grey carpet in my own home! And the white sheers but I do have it balanced with dark grey curtains and no white walls in this home, so suddenly I’m feeling superior in my design choices. It’s like they wanted the viewers to feel better about their own homes! Haha!
    Though I do like Jess and Norm’s art work a lot, and though I’m not sure I’d want Bianca and Carla’s artwork in my home, I like that it’s interesting and feels different from what we’ve been seeing.

    5 October, 2018
  • Carlie Slattery


    I’m just waiting for the judges to stop wetting their pants over Alexa

    6 October, 2018
  • I did really like the ceiling in Hayden and Sara’s. However overall, like so many I’m longing for some colour and texture on the walls. I was also so disappointed to see Carla and Bianca remove their feature wall on the re-do week. I was hoping they did that mainly because of the aircon grill issue and that we would therefore see a feature wall from them instead this week. No such luck.

    6 October, 2018

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