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flannelette sheet set in pale blue and white from lorraine lea

Best Types of Sheets for your Bed + Where to Get Them

Remember that movie If These Walls Could Talk? It was a mid-nineties release starring Demi Moore, Sissy Spacek and God’s gift to music… Cher. Well, I reckon we need a modern day spinoff called If These Sheets Could Talk. Because someone needs to shine a light on the amazing things sheets actually do for you under the covers.

I swear, sheets are the unsung heroes of the bedroom. We give quilt covers a lot of love. We think long and hard about the mattress type we buy. But what about considering which types of sheets are right for you? We don’t ponder this enough, nor do we give props to the amazing functionality they bring to your bedscape.

Also don’t forget that sheets can look amazing as well as function superbly. And you can show them off a bit when styling your bed too (as seen here). So no more tucking them away or letting them suffer from middle child syndrome. We’re putting sheets on the map again!

Today I’m going to go through which types of sheets are right for you and show you some of the ones I styled in partnership with my mates at Lorraine Lea. There’s also a video above where you can see all the tips unfold if you’re keen to watch.

premium percale sheet set from lorraine lea in purple

Luxury Cotton Sheets

Can we talk about how colourful the sheets above are? It’s so nice to see a bedroom with a little hue going on, don’t you think? I have nothing against an all-white, soothing kinda bedroom scene, but it’s so refreshing to see a bit of colour at play.

The great thing about the Luxury Cotton Sheets above is that they bring a bit of subtle sophistication to your bedroom. If you’re wanting to pull off a more formal scene, these are your go-to sheets. They offer a 500 thread count, which is pretty lush, but they also have superior breathability.

These Luxury Cotton sheets are a good year-round option and are soft and silky to the touch. The other thing I love about them is the range of colours on offer. You can grab subtle shades like white, silver or duck egg. Or give something more dazzling a go like I did above with the Prune colour story.

The Luxury Cotton sheet sets from Lorraine Lea are sold separately so you can mix and match to create your own colour story. Nothing better than a bit of personalisation in the bedroom!

If you’re keen to scope them out a bit more, click here. Prices start from $89 for a queen fitted or flat sheet.

luxury cotton black and grey sheet set from lorraine lea

Premium Percale Sheets

OK, so don’t be fooled by the black and white scene I created above with these Premium Percale sheets. Truth is, these sheets come in over 15 different colours. So you can make your bed styling a ‘choose your own adventure’ scenario.

There’s bright colours on offer like coral, purple, orange, deep blue and fuchsia. But there’s also all of the calm neutral tones like white, ecru, pewter, charcoal and stone available as well. The colour combinations are practically endless, but there’s more than just hue making these beauties amazing.

The 250 thread count makes these types of sheets a durable option for your bed, and they’re also great for use every day of the year. No need to swap these around as the seasons change. These durable sheets will last you ages and they come in so many sizes too.

If you’re keen to explore these sheets more, click here. Prices start at $36 for a single sheet.

flannelette sheet set in pale blue and white from lorraine lea

Flannelette Sheets

The day I discovered Flannelette sheets, I feel the decor gods were looking down on me. I’d done something right. Because as I say in the video above, they’re hands down my fave types of sheets for a bed. Since embracing them in my own bedroom, I’ve never looked back.

These types of sheets really shine in the cooler months. Trust me, there is nothing like sliding into bed with a flannelette fitted sheet underneath you and a flannelette flat sheet on top. It creates an instant feeling of supreme snuggly-ness, and I honestly don’t think you can beat it.

Sure, in summer, you’ll probably want to change it up because you might find the flannelette a little warm. But until then, grab yourself a set and enjoy the cosiness. The added bonus is the soothing shades these sheets come in. Think soft tones like silver, blue and taupe. Absolutely dreamy.

If you want to check out Flannelette a bit more, click here. Prices start at $99 for a single set.

jersey sheet set from lorraine lea in grey and beige bedroom

Jersey Sheets

So the last cab off the rank is most certainly not the least. Definitely one of my other fave types of sheets in the range because they’re just so relaxed. These sheets evoke a super casual vibe, so it’s a really nice option if your bedroom has an easy-breezy feel to it. Think a coastal or bohemian look like the one I created above. Oh, and if you love that all-white boho kinda look at home, this style post has your name all over it.

These aren’t crisp sheets by any means. It almost feels like wearing your fave t-shirt when you jump into bed. Which, personally, sounds like bliss! Made from polyester and cotton, they come in a range of sizes from single right up to king. The whole family can have t-shirt vibes in their bedroom, which is a nice way to keep continuity through your home. I love an interior that feels cohesive!

Similar to the flannelette option, these Jersey sheets come in subtle shades to evoke a sense of warmth and cosiness. Available in colours cappuccino, grey and chambray, they’re a great option for the cooler months and spring too.

Click here to explore these types of sheets further. Prices from $109 for a single sheet set.

quilted mattress topper from lorraine lea

What’s Happening Under your Fitted Sheet?

Decking your bed out in a glorious sheet set is nothing short of bliss. But don’t forget to consider what’s happening beneath the sheets. Your mattress is one consideration, but so is what you put on top of it.

If you ask me, your mattress needs three layers on it before you even put your fitted sheet on.

Click here to find out more about the layers you should have on top of your mattress.

grey and black bedding set from lorraine lea

When Choosing Sheets, go with your Gut!

I’ve done my best to cover off the benefits of different types of sheets here. But ultimately, you gotta take a leap of faith and lock in a material that speaks to you.

Consider if you need something to warm up your bed a little more. Think about whether you want a crisper more formal option, or something that feels casual and relaxed. Colour is also important, so go toward something that’ll work with the other tones you have in your space.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below, otherwise happy sheet hunting!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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