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9 Home Office Nooks that’ll Motivate you to Re-Do your Space

If it’s one room I obsess over getting right the most, it’s the home office.

It must be the OCD organiser in me. Bedrooms are lovely and living rooms are just as sweet, but seeing a really well put together home office nook makes me swoon like no other space can – especially when stationery is involved. My own office is nowhere near as good as the ones in this post. In fact, it’s kinda downright daggy now that I’ve cast eyeballs on these inspirational zones.

I hope these home office nooks do motivate you to think about re-doing your own space if it’s something you’ve been pondering. Or, perhaps you’ll come to realise that you don’t need a heap of room to create a little area to call your own.

Let the dreaminess begin!

9 Home Office Nooks that Rock

Home Office Nook with Marble Desk and Wood Panelling

1. The Textural Paradise

I can barely cope with how beautiful the wood panelling on that wall is. Paired with the marble desktop, it’s a stunning example of combining textures to make a space feel more interesting. The wall-mounted lights are also a genius idea. And would you get a load of the chair; those tapered legs are a revelation. (Image Credit).

Home Office Nook - Pink and Girly Office Space

2. The Girly Hub

Hot pink has never been on my list of lust-haves, but this is a good example of how you can use just one hot pink moment as your statement piece and ground the rest of the space with white tones. The gold adds a sense of luxe while the combination of patterns keeps the zone playful. Whoever decorated this also gets bonus points for the fur throw. It warms up the chair. (Image Credit).

Home Office Nook - Craft Cupboard and Table

3. The Craft Corner

The things I could do in this zone. Mainly drool, have a series of heart palpitations and possibly die. But that aside, there are so many smart ideas here. The soft grey colour story keeps the entire nook quite calm and serene, while my fave moment has gotta be the notice boards on the back of the doors. IKEA sells these and they rock. (Image Credit).

Scandi Inspired Home Office Nook

4. The Wallpapered Wonderland

Good Lord, take in that stunning wallpaper, would you? How amazing. This is a really affordable and easy way to give a space wow-factor without draining your bank account – and there are loads of places locally who sell wallpaper you can put on and remove with ease. Pickawall is one of them and a personal fave of mine. PS: That ye olde phone is a Carrie Bradshaw moment and I must have it ASAP. (Image Credit).

Home Office Nook of Dani Wales from The Home Journal

5. The IKEA Solution

I love seeing photos like this and recognising the products. This is the home office of Dani Wales – former Block contestant – and I see that she’s used many items from IKEA, like the desk, cork board and magazine holders. This is such a simple and cost-effective way to get your home office started and I’m pretty obsessed with those shelves, too. (Image Credit).

Home Office Nook with Reading Corne and Gallery Wall

6. The Two-in-One

This is all custom-made, so I completely appreciate the fact that you can’t instantly get it going in your own space. But it is a good example of making the most of a small area. Sometimes desks are far too large and can be downsized to accommodate a chair or other seating option. It’s a nice way to get away from the computer and read a book or have a cuppa, don’t you think? (Image Credit).

Home Office Nook with Giant Whiteboard

7. The Oversized Whiteboard

If you’re stuck with how to art up your home office, just use a magnetic whiteboard or cork board. If you get one large enough – as seen above – you can use it to pin or stick up photos, write quotes, jot down things you need to remember and more. I also love the way this small space champions the use of colour. So many people think a small space has to equal white and boring. Not true! (Image Credit)

Home Office Nook with Metallic Pendant Light

8. Floating Furniture

Notice what a difference it can make to a small nook if you raise the furniture off the floor? Both the floating desk and shelf make the lines really clean in this space and create the illusion of more room. The pendant light breaks up all the hard, clean lines and the chair beneath it further breaks up any potential visual monotony. I adore this room and want that chair in my life. (Image Credit).

Home Office Nook - Minimalistic Industrial

9. The Mirror and the Light

We all know it, right? That a small space can be made to feel bigger by using two major things: mirrors and lights. Here, the clever cookie has placed a mirror directly behind the computer and added a floor lamp for when darkness sets in. I personally wouldn’t stop looking at my pores all day if I were sitting at that desk, but it is still a genius idea. (Image Credit).

Have you gotten any cool ideas from this post?

I’d love for you to use the share buttons below if you wanna show this to a friend – and please do drop me a comment below and let me know which home office nook is your fave 🙂


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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