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Dog on Floral Sofa

11 Dogs that are Pissed off with your Decor Choices

Dogs are hilarious creatures – and often some of the naughtiest. I happen to think that when it comes to the home, they’re sometimes the Yoda of decor you never knew you had.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at 11 dogs who clearly know their stuff when it comes to decorating and furniture. So strap yourself in and prepare to correct your furniture faux pas – before your pooch does it for you!

No Dogs on Sofa Cushion

1. This dog doesn’t care for your quote cushions.

Trends come and go. What this dog knows that its owner doesn’t is that quote cushions are becoming phased out. Quote art is still hot to trot right now though, so if you have some slogans or inspirational text you want to rock, pop it on your wall instead.

Dog Trying to fit on Couch

2. Your choosing form over function is grinding this dog’s gears.

It’s a common living room mistake – and we’ve all been there. We buy a piece of furniture because we love the look of it, but when we get it home we realise that it actually doesn’t work in the space. Always ask yourself if something you like the look of is going to address your needs, too. This dog is a perfect illustration of what life’s like when you get it wrong.

Dog on Floral Sofa

3. This dog can’t even deal with your floral sofa

Florals are hard to pull off, but when the motif is spread across an entire sofa, you’re asking for trouble. It’s far smarter to choose your larger, base pieces of furniture in block colours. That’s not to say you can’t choose bright fabrics, but opt for a solid colour and use cushions and throws to introduce pattern. Avoiding this could mean your sofa dates too quickly.

Dog with Chevron Blanket

4. This dog is disappointed by your commitment to Chevron

He’s not angry, he’s just disappointed. There comes a time when all decor trends reach their use by date and for poor Chevron, that time was mid 2014, to be fair. The latest on-trend patterns (if you’re looking to update) are strong geometrics and polka dots applied randomly. This dog’s legs are working the polka dot trend already.

Dog on Couch with Taxidermy Head

5. This dog fears she’s next

Taxidermy has always been such a controversial decor issue, but with so many amazing feature wall ideas around these days, there’s really no excuse to hang dead animal heads in your home. There are some amazing cardboard versions you can buy locally which are just as good.

Dog Destruction in Dining Room

6. This dog wants you to embrace texture

A space like this – especially with floor boards – is dying for a textural rug to bring a sense of balance. A rug is an ideal way to create warmth and make a space feel more inviting. To avoid laying down a rug can make a space feel cold and sterile. Need some guidance on figuring out the right rug for your space? Click here for some help.

Dog Cover for Sofa

7. Shadow hates her sofa cover but is too gutless to tell you

The biggest compromise you have to make when you get a pet is coming to terms with the hair they shed and how it’ll effect your furniture. Time to invest in a pilling brush – or just vacuum your sofa as often as you can. Why not buy a mini vac and have it stored somewhere in the living room? These covers are not nice and the embroidery is only making matters worse.

Puppies on Sofa

8. These cute puppies wanna know where the cushions are

No matter how amazing your sofa looks, it needs cushions. I live by the mantra that you can never have too many, and failing to adorn your sofa with them is going to make your space feel painfully unfinished. If you wanna discover some up-and-coming cushion brands, click here to get all over my recent post on this topic.

Dog on Sofa with Crochet Blanket

9. This dog is flatlining over your crochet throw

Crochet throws can be amazing, but you have to apply some basic colour science to ensure they go with your furniture. There’s been a resurgence in these sorts of blankets and throws of late, and some of them (usually in flat colours) can look rather lovely. Click here to see some on-trend knitting and crochet inspiration that’ll blow your mind.

Dog in DIY TV set

10. This puppy never wants you to DIY again

Not all DIY projects go according to plan. I’ve undertaken my own in the past that have gone awry. This is a perfect example of taking an object and transforming it into something not at all charming. The general idea with DIY is to take something old and breathe new life into it. This doesn’t really achieve that.

Dog Remote Control Organiser

11. This dog is dying over what you’ve done here

There are no words.

>>> Has your dog destroyed your decor before? Have you gone to great expense to get your dog something and had them either ruin it or not care to use it at all? Drop me a comment below and share your dog and decor dilemmas! 🙂

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Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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