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Interior Design Trends 2016 The New Eclectic Interior

Interior Design Trends 2016: Say Hello to The New Eclectic

2016 is already upon us, and with a brand new year comes the exciting opportunity to revamp your home. If you’re after some inspiration re interior design trends 2016, this is the first of four that TLC predicts will be big this year.

Let’s find out what makes The New Eclectic so special.

(Have you read part 2: the Everyday Opulence trend?)

Interior Design Trends 2016 Mid Century Interior Design Ideas Vintage Drinks Tray

Interior Design Trends 2016 The New Eclectic Interior

Say Hello to The New Eclectic

For years, we’ve been looking externally for ideas and inspiration when it comes to interior design trends. We look to magazines, we look to fashion and we look to homewares stores – all of which we rely on to tell us what our decorating choices should be.

That, dear Creatives, is thrown out the window with The New Eclectic interiors trend. The best thing about this trend is the fact that, well, it doesn’t really follow trends at all (twist!).

The influences for The New Eclectic are modern mid-Century meets global traveller. That’s if you were really cornered to sum up the base of this trend in one sentence. What sets this look apart from the traditional mid-century interior is that it features way more personalisation and quirk from other eras and styles.

We’re travelling more, we’re collecting things, and we love a family heirloom. Are we partial to a vintage furniture refurb? Sure! We’re certainly – as consumers – becoming more eco-conscious when it comes to decor, and we don’t mind repurposing. It’s all of these elements that draw us toward The New Eclectic.

The biggest message here: It’s time to show off the things we love, not what we’re being told to purchase.

What makes this look so special is that you almost ignore all external influences. You mood board what it is you adore, what speaks to you, and you get out all of the things that have been passed down to you and display them in really neat, contemporary ways.

“It’s not about wowing others. It really is about creating the ultimate cocoon for living your best life.”

Mid Century Interior Design Ideas Eclectic Interior Design Eclectic Interior Design Ideas Industrial Dining room table

How to Rock The New Eclectic Trend

The colour palette is anything goes. But to ensure it’s visually palatable, it’s best to use a neutral base when it comes to walls, ceilings and floors.

Furniture is an interesting mix. It is definitely new meets old, and different design styles are interwoven (industrial meets Scandi meets Bohemian, for example).

Art is a big factor here. It’s all about showcasing interesting pieces that mean something to you. A gallery wall in wooden frames is a killer idea. Also, large-scale pieces that you won’t find everywhere are king.

Because each item on display should have meaning, you’ll shop less mass-production and more local artisan. Handmade is a jackpot element here.

Vignettes are real conversation points in this look, almost like an art installation at a gallery. By all means rock a $10 KMart buy, but team it with a splurge piece from an antique store.

Be wary not to veer in too big a nanna-chic direction. You definitely want older pieces, but they make up about 30% of the overall aesthetic. Pre-loved, but not en masse.

Create zones and nooks to suit your lifestyle. This is all about you, and function is key. It’s not about wowing others. It really is about creating the ultimate cocoon for living your best life.

You’ll notice the colour palette isn’t too zesty or vibrant. Those bright, wow moments happen through one or two art pieces. Each room is quite easy on the eye, with one pop on the wall or floor.

Interior Design Trends 2016 Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Stores that’ll Help you Create this Look

West Elm is great for base pieces, because a lot of their stuff is heavily influenced by mid-Century design.

RJ Living is also a great place to source some modern pieces that still give a non to a retro aesthetic.

Google vintage or antique stores in your area. They’ll be great to source old art, frames, brass pieces and vases from.

For an eclectic gallery wall, try Society 6. They have very unique prints you can cluster together with some of your own pre-loved artworks.

For unique finishing touches, try ceramics by Hayden Youlley or Twenty21.

What do you make of The New Eclectic as one of the interior design trends 2016? It’s possibly my favourite of the four I’m unveiling on the blog this week. Drop a comment below and share your thoughts – I’d love to get your take.

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Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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5 Responses

  1. I’ve always wondered what exactly my style was!! I think you’ve just explained it to me and given me some clarity! How awesome, I believe an interior should be a reflection of its occupants, it needs to tell a story of the people who live there and this style is perfect for doing that!

  2. Finally a time when a home can represent a personality not a magazine picture. I’m beyond excited for the new eclectic trend. Statement furniture pieces are my passion. This is the trend I have waited for. Let’s have some fun with our beautiful spaces!!

    1. Woohoo, Danielle. I am so glad you’re a fan of this trend. I am also all for personalisation and rocking what you love, so I hope everyone laps up this look with gusto! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, too – it’s great to hear from you!

  3. Yes!!!
    ‘It’s time to show off the things we love, not what we’re being told to purchase.”

    Think I’m already rockin this style – years of wise purchases and collecting what appeals to me may have paid off!
    Thanks Chris!

    1. You are well and truly ahead of the game then Janelle! 🙂 Loving this trend and I hope everyone gets on board with it. There’s nothing like rocking a decor piece you love (even if everyone else thinks it’s ugly)! Looking forward to hearing what you think of the other three that’ll be up on the blog over the next week.

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