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hamptons style open plan living and dining room with black round coffee table and striped armchair

How to Pull Off Modern Colonial Interior Design

A few weeks back I got to enjoy some of the dreamiest modern colonial interior design I’d ever experienced. So I thought it best I share it with you today so you can soak it up as well.

My friends Cheyne and Emma got married about a month ago. The whole thing was amazing. I flew up to Sydney with my partner Gavin (who was in the bridal party) to take part in all the fun.

I knew I was in for a good time, but I had no idea that the venue we’d be staying at was so freakin phenomenal. Or that it was going to ignite my love for colonial design in ways I never knew possible.

This was honestly a game-changer for me, so get ready to swoon over the dreamy photos.

bendooley estate accomdation in nsw wine region exterior of wood cabin

The Best Accommodation in the Southern Highlands

We drove about an hour-and-a-half south of Sydney airport and arrived at Bendooley Estate in Berrima. That’s where both the wedding and reception were taking place, and we were set to stay on-site in one of the cabins.

I gotta salute Cheyne and Emma for deciding to do everything at the one destination, by the way. It made it so much easier for guests and seemed far less stressful for the bridal party as well.

Arriving to the cabin we’d be staying in, my expectations were low. I’d done no research beforehand and the word ‘cabin’, at least in my mind, conjured up imagery of roughing it a little. You know: Cabin in the woods. Spiders. Wolves howling. Being so remote that nobody can hear you scream etc.

Well, good Lord above, was I wrong. So, so wrong. In fact, I’ll go on record as saying that Bendooley Estate is possible the nicest accommodation I’ve ever stayed in. There, I said it.

Take a look yourself at this modern colonial interior design dream. It’s the kinda place you walk around and feel like a better version of yourself in. So aspirational, so dreamy. The whole thing was just insane in the best way possible.

hamptons style open plan living and dining room with white panel ceiling and light brown timber floorboards country style living and dining room with panelled ceiling and light timber floorboards

Modern Colonial, meets Hamptons, meets Provincial

The person or people behind the design of these cabins, I salute you! And rest assured, I am indeed stealing loads of ideas here for my own design clients. That Hamptons-Provincial blend is something I get asked to do a lot in homes, but I love the Colonial influence in these spaces so much. It brings a rusticity and connection to nature that I’m totally obsessed with.

The living and dining room above was where the bridal party got ready. It’s a massive space flooded with light. You’ll notice just to the right of the table is the kitchen. Love the shaker cabinetry, and love the leather handles taking this classic look in a contemporary direction. Blog post on kitchen cabinet handles is coming your way soon too, btw.

The colour palette is worth taking note of as well. It’s somewhat similar to what you’d expect in a Hamptons home, but more masculine. Black and grey feature here a fair bit, and I love how they make the cabin feel richer and moodier.

The textures were everything too. From the rug to the sofas, cushions to dining chairs; every piece was so tactile and spoke so well to what was happening in the rolling fields outside. And so well-layered too. Everything felt as though it has been there forever, every piece had a story to tell, and all the elements played together so perfectly.

Shoutout to that aged mirror above, by the way. I so badly wanted to take it home with me.

bendooley estate studio bedroom with wallpaper and upholstered headboard and timber flooring

Bold Colours and Patterns in Bedrooms and Bathrooms

I love that in the bedrooms and bathrooms, bold colours and patterns were showcased with such aplomb. The space above, for example, pairs an eye-catching headboard with an equally invigorating wallpaper – and it works! It was so refreshing to see this considering us Aussies are so afraid to play with pattern in our homes. It’s a bold statement, for sure, but don’t you think it feels so elegant and refined?

Throughout the cabin you’ll see the timber flooring has been kept consistent. I’m obsessed with the colour of the oak. I’d get it installed at my place in a heartbeat if I had the cash to splash.

In the bathroom below, the floor tiles were something to marvel at. I love that all the other design elements were kept neutral here to really allow the flooring to be the star of the show.

That tub was also beyond words. And you bet your bottom dollar I experienced it. There’s nothing quite like waking up a bit worse for wear the morning after a wedding reception and getting into a giant bath. There may have been Gatorade involved too. I’m no rookie when it comes to preparing for a champagne hangover, let me tell you 😉

hamptons style bathroom with white timber vanity and blue and white floor tiles bendooley estate

Experiences Beyond the Phenomenal Design

Of course I was most blown away by all the modern colonial interior design inside the cabin. But walk outside and there’s a tonne of other things you can do.

You’re a short walk from the cellar door, where you could easily spend an entire afternoon trying wines and throwing back a few charcuterie boards. There’s also a restaurant, a stunning bookstore, a cafe where you can grab coffee and cake, and of course – the world’s most amazing wedding reception space. Not that the space is just for weddings. It would work wonderfully for a variety of functions. Now I just need to find a reason to book out the space!

If you want to find out more about Bendooley estate, click here to check out their website. Honestly, I can’t praise it enough. It was a solid 10/10 and I really want to go back there soon for a pamper weekend.

bendooley estate review exterior log cabin industrial style outdoor table on back patio


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