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hamptons at home store in dural new south wales

Inside the only Hamptons Store you’ll Need for your Home

Creating a Hamptons store that doesn’t feel cliched is no walk in the park, but it’s been done at the awe-inspiring Hamptons at Home in Dural, Sydney.

You lot have been going bananas over the Hamptons content I’ve been sharing on the blog of late. So I thought you might like a little tour of this bricks and mortar store. And don’t worry if you’re not in Sydney; the guys have a glorious online emporium, so you can soak up the Hamptons goodness there too.

The ‘they’ I’m talking about are Ange and Rory, who run the store and its attached interior design business. Ange is the founder and creative director who has been with the brand since its inception. Rory is the head of styling and design and joined Ange in the business a little while ago.

hamptons store in sydney hamptons at home

The Hamptons Store of your Dreams

Hamptons at Home actually moved into a stunning new premises recently, but some major renos needed to be completed before they could call the store their own.

Over an eight-week period, the store was re-floored, re-tiled, re-painted and a whole lot more. The result: A stellar showroom that allows clients to visualise what their own home might look like should they deck it out in a Hamptons theme. It’s the different rooms and pockets of the store that give it this unique, homely edge.

“The building itself looks like a cottage, with five separate rooms, which helps me to style our products together as they would appear in someone’s home as opposed to sitting on a shelf separately,” Rory tells me. “This means that I can display a bedroom, dining room and living room all in different zones”.

hamptons store hamptons at home black and white tile fireplace

An Online Emporium for Out-of-Towners

The store is located smack-bang in Hamptons clientele territory, and Rory tells me that many of the interior design and property styling clients they work with are locals. Having an office built into the new premises also allows the team to sit down with their design clients in-store.

Of course, the local following is a dedicated one, but the online store also reflects the teams intention; creating a Hamptons retail destination that doesn’t feel too rigid stylistically.

“We don’t want to do what everyone’s doing, and don’t want the same product ranges either. I think stepping into a store and seeing things that are unique and special is what shopping is all about,” Rory explains. “Ange has done a fantastic job at building a brand that has a real and genuine following and that people connect with”. 

hamptons master bedroom in hamptons store hamptons at home

“It just didn’t make sense to go down a super traditional route with the product selections because we are in a completely different landscape here than New York”.

hamptons store blue and white geometric tile wall with hanging indoor plant

A Relaxed take on the Classic Style

The renovation and subsequent move into the new Hamptons store has given customers so many amazing design moments to appreciate. And Ange and Rory have a few spots of their own that they too continue to admire now that the reno is done and dusted.

“I love what we call ‘The plant room’ where we tiled the entire room in three pastel coloured hexagonal tiles (By Jason Grant for Di Lorenzo). It was such a bold decision but we wanted to showcase beautiful materiality with our selections instead of blank walls. If we were going to renovate, we had to make it fun!”.

What makes this Hamptons store so awesome is that it’s breaking the rules a little when it comes to the traditional aesthetic. The colours aren’t all white and blue. The concept is looser and the tones throughout the store and website reflect the new brand identity; an Australian take on Hamptons style. Think eucalyptus mixed with coral and linen.

hamptons bathroom with blue glazed tiles hamptons at home

Breaking all the Rules

“We definitely have our Hamptons products covered with wickers, linens, rustic tables. But you’ll notice that we offer what the essence of the style is really about; comfortable, natural colours and materials with lots of textures thrown in,” Rory says.

“Hamptons style is not a rule book, where you must use blue and white stripe everything. For us, it’s a way of living, to be comfortable yet elegant”.

Click here to explore more from Hamptons at Home. It truly is a Hamptons store like no other and I’m absolutely smitten. I’d love to know what you think of it in the comments below.

kangaroo artwork and floral artwork from hamptons at home store

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