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boho luxe interior design in deb and andy's guest bedroom the block 2019

Boho Luxe Interior Design is Here: How to Rock it at Yours

If you were glued to The Block this year, you’d have discovered the joy that is the Boho Luxe interior design vibe. Deb and Andy rocked it in their property, and I reckon it’s time to rock it in yours!

It was actually really refreshing to see a different style this season on The Block, don’t you think? Not all teams were daring, of course. And some were daring and it just didn’t work. But then my fave couple, Dandy, just freakin’ rocked it. They took a laidback, coastal-boho style and elevated it. It went from shack to sophisticated, and I felt very drawn to that aesthetic.

I want to explore the boho luxe interior design scheme a little more in today’s post. And the good news is this: there are two different ways you can rock the look. Who doesn’t love a trend with versatility? So allow me to get some inspiration going for you. And the snaps you see here will show you the two ways you can make this vibe work at your place.

I think what makes these images so successful is that they definitely evoke sophistication and interest, but they are really quite neutral. It’s that boho look we all know and love, but pushed that little bit further. It feels richer. Gimme gimme gimme!

boho luxe interior design living room with cane chair and cane coffee table from globewest

The Boho Luxe Foundation: Calm & Soothing

The thing most people love about that classic beachy-boho design style is the soothing colour palette. All of those whites, and creams, and beiges; they play so nicely together. It’s a really calming medley of neutrals. And because the tones are so muted and restrained, there’s a wonderful exploration of texture. The style feels very organic, very tactile, quite earthy.

The good thing about the boho luxe scheme is that is still encapsulates all of those much-desired qualities, but it elevates it. And it does so in two ways: materials and colour.

Now, the base materials you use in both luxe looks are similar. They’re the staples of any successful boho scheme. Think soft linens, wicker, rattan, cane, clay, wool and so on. It’s these materials that make a space feel calm and soothing the the eye, but also to the touch.

So that’s your base materials sorted. Onto the base colours.

The base colours of the boho luxe look are the same ones you’d use in the traditional boho scheme: white, cream, beige. We all know and love that look, and we all understand what the colour palette here is. So I won’t harp on about that too much.

Let’s get onto showing you the two ways you can dress the base boho palette to take it in a more luxurious direction.

boho luxe interior design living room white sofa with white terrazzo coffee table from globewest

The Globewest Approach: Cool and Moody

So you have your base colours and materials down pat. Now you need to decide if the cool and moody approach to boho luxe is for you. Personally, this is my fave of the two as I always tend to gravitate toward a cooler, moodier vibe for my home. 

What gives this look its cool edge is the use of metal and stone. The image above really does all the work for me, so definitely take a look at it. You’ll notice the base of this look is that chilled boho vibe, but the room is taken next-level thanks to the terrazzo coffee and side tables, and the marble in the kitchen. It’s so icy in appearance and yet all those soft textures still give it a cosy appeal.

Notice in this look, silver chrome tapware is used. That takes the cool feels even further. The grey vein in the stone and the charcoal mug really rounds off this look.

So that’s the cool boho luxe design covered – and it’s exciting me to no end!

Shop the Look Above: Both images above are via Globewest and showcase pieces from their new Bondi range. Click here to explore the collection. It’s an absolute stunner.

boho luxe living room with white sofa and aboriginal art deb and andy the block 2019

The Dandy Approach: Rich and Warm

If you cast your mind back to Deb and Andy’s property on The Block, there were a lot of warmer shades used in the home. That’s the second way to rock boho luxe design and it’s equally luscious and lovely.

Here, shades of caramel, terracotta and rust are used throughout. They shine against the white backdrop quite beautifully. The images above and below from Dandy’s pad really shows you that a little warmth goes a long way. If you’re not feeling as daring as they were, you could just pop a few terracotta cushions into your living room or bedroom. But I think it’s nice to fully commit to a look.

The materials here are warmer too. Where the cool look celebrates stone like marble and terrazzo, the warm look rocks timber and leather. Of course, glimmering gold is also used a fair bit in cabinetry handles, and as a result it does evoke luxury, albeit in a more obvious/literal way.

Can I also just say how much I adore the aboriginal artwork in this living room? Talk about making boho uniquely Australian. I need this in my home immediately if not sooner.

Shop Deb & Andy’s Boho Look: The Block Shop has you covered if you want to replicate Deb & Andy’s style. Click here to explore.

boho luxe bedroom with pink panel wall and leather bench seat the block 2019 deb and andy

Which is Your Fave way to do Boho: Cool or Warm?

What do you think of the boho luxe interior design trend? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. I like that you can take this look in a cooler, crisper direction with the greys and stone. Or you can opt to go warm and rock blonde timbers alongside brass. Either way, it’s a pretty lush look and I have a sneaking suspicion it’s going to infiltrate homes in the years ahead.

Happy decorating at your place!

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He's also spent time on TV, on Channel 10's Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7's Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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