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modern country living room with slip cover sofa and rustic timber coffee table

How to Rock the New Country Luxe Interior Design Trend

I never thought I’d see the day where I’d admit to liking a country aesthetic. But then this new country luxe interior design trend just landed, and I’m an unashamed convert. I’d even go so far as to say I more than like it. I might actually love it.

Today I want to talk you through how to pull off this trend, which is actually one of Metricon’s newest Lookbook themes. If you’ve never checked out this section of the Metricon website before, you’re absolutely missing out. It’s packed with over 20 different design styles and is a really easy way for you to identify what your interior aesthetic is at home.

The Lookbook is a great tool. Because while I’ve covered off the most popular interior design styles on the blog before, the Lookbook has each unique style executed across all the rooms of a Metricon home. So you can learn how a coastal scheme, for example, can be done in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom… you get the idea.

But for today, it’s all about country luxe interior design. It’s the best of traditional country meshed with a tonne of contemporary moments. It’s like Kylie Minogue’s Golden album, but without the line dancing video clip.

modern country living room with sage green feature wall and slip cover sofa

The Country Luxe Interior Design Colour Palette

What’s so wonderful about the country luxe interior design style is how reflective the colour palette is of nature. The major shades inside are what you’d see on a walk in the countryside. The clever cookies in the Metricon design team have created such a seamless connection between indoors and out thanks to this approach.

The base palette across the home isn’t super-neutral, which is a refreshing change when it comes to a country interior. Too often, all the walls are white in homes like this, and then the furniture on top is rustic and weathered. That’s not to say that doing it this way is bad. But when you see the colour on the walls of this Metricon home you can’t help but realise just how impactful and refreshing the green and blue tones are.

There’s also a good dose of grey at play here. You’ll notice it in the kitchen further down. There’s a deeper grey in the base of the island, and then softer grey paint adorning the walls. White is there, of course, but it’s in sheer curtains, upper kitchen cabinetry, and plantation shutters. It’s not splashed on every wall. The ceiling is white, sure, but even that’s taken next level thanks to the panelling. The devil really is in the detail.

The furniture and accessories get a little richer in terms of colour. The base pieces are neutral for the most part; warm beige hues and soothing creams dominate. But then atop that, soft furnishings are bolder in tone. The combination of burgundy and olive green in the throw cushions in the living room above are just *chefs kiss*.

modern country dining room with clay pendant light over table metricon lookbook theme modern country dining room with clay pendant and black dining chairs metricon lookbook

The Textures are Organic, But Refined

The country luxe interior design scheme is a contemporary interpretation of the classic style. So of course, there needs to be some obvious nods to traditional country. And it’s done really well here through the textures used in rooms.

The dining table is a great example of furniture that feels country in style, but moves in a more modern direction. It’s smoother to the touch and less expected. The clay pendant that sits above the dining table (so obsessed with that feature, btw), is another example of a design surprise you’d not expect in a country home. It’s often used in a coastal room, but here it just works.

That’s the major takeaway from this entire post, actually: the new way to do country design at home is to pull moments from other organic aesthetics. That way, you get all the charm of the old but the surprise and on-trend feel of the new.

The blend of hard and soft materials is also executed beautifully. I’ve hosted an event in this display home and it feels incredibly well balanced. You have hard timbers and panelled ceilings, for example, and then they’re softened by soothing sheer curtains and linen slipcover sofas. Even all of the plants and flowers (albeit fake, which I adore) bring a wonderful sense of balance against harden materials like ceramic and glass.

You’ll also notice a mixture of gloss and matte finishes, as well as smooth and rough details. I always say that the more textures there are in a room, the more inviting it feels. And the design team at Metricon have proved it here.

If you love a rustic table setting, come check out this post on styling a dining table in an organic, Australiana way.

modern country kitchen with black industrial pendant lights over kitchen island modern country living room with blue wall fireplace and slip cover sofas

It Doesn’t Shy Away from Pattern Either

I’ve styled many rooms in my time and once stood back at the end of transforming a space feeling that something wasn’t right. There was a great medley of colour and textures at play. But pattern was the missing link. There was just nothing on the bed, for example, to draw the eye or create a point of interest.

You can actually see what I mean in this bedroom that I designed for my St Kilda client. I look back on it and wish there was more pattern in the soft furnishings. If only I could get back into that bedroom and make it right!

Thankfully I learnt my lesson on the pattern front since I styled that bedroom, but if you’re still trying to figure out why some of the rooms in your home don’t feel complete, pattern could be it.

The country luxe interior design scheme in this home does pattern so well. And again, as with the colours and the textures, there’s a genius blend of the traditional with the modern. Sure, you have some florals, which you’d expect in a country home. But outside of that there’s geometrics, stripes, dots and more in the mix too.

The bedroom below is an example of two rather bold patterns that work really well together. The wallpaper print is smaller in scale, and the bed motif is larger. That’s why they work. One is also far softer than the other, so there’s a nice contrast there.

modern country bedroom with pattern fabric headboard and pattern wallpaper modern country furniture reading nook with black rattan chair and rustic mirror

It’s Luxe, but Not Blingy

Metricon’s take on the country luxe interior design scheme is definitely a high-end interpretation of the classic. Like with all of their Lookbook themes, it makes you rethink traditional styles. People always say to me how much they love Metricon’s take on Hamptons interior design, and it’s for the same reason. It gives you enough of what you love, but takes it in a sophisticated and somewhat unexpected direction.

I also love that although it’s luxe, it’s not splashed with gold. It’s not a literal attempt to pull off ‘high-end’. It is instead an understated luxury across all of the rooms in the home. As you walk from one space to the next (and as I said, I’ve been in this home, so I can attest to this), there’s a wonderful sense of cohesion. And it definitely feels aspirational.

I hope you’ve gotten some ideas from Metricon’s Country Luxe Lookbook theme. I personally love nothing more than looking at images like this and figuring out what elements make the rooms special. So fingers crossed my observations and tips will help you pull off a look like this at your place.

Drop me a comment below and let me know what you love about this modern country interior design aesthetic. I’d love to get your take on it. The video below will also show you inside if you want to watch.


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  1. Chris, I love the richness of the design with the subtleness of the organic colors. Thanks for the “Food for Thought”

  2. Never thought country would have such a seamless blend of modern and traditional and still uphold some luxe elements . Love it!!. Just need to own a ranch or something like that ;))

  3. Hi Chris,

    Would you agree that the lead photo in this post could also has a modern Hamptons vibe to it?? Would love to know your thoughts on this.
    Cheers, Mel.

  4. Hi Chris, I’m loving the little reading corner with black Malawi chair, side table & lamp. I wonder if you could tell me where I could buy the side table & lovely green lamp? Cheers, Carol

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