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grey and white hamptons home facade and indoor swimming pool metricon

15 Modern Home Facade Ideas, plus How to Choose The Best Style, Colours & Materials

While I usually bang on about interior design on this blog, I thought it high time I showcase some modern home facade ideas. After all, the exterior of your home is a make or break moment when it comes to first impressions, so you want to get it right.

But how do you go about choosing the best facade design, and get the colours and materials right? It’s a process you don’t want to rush through, and there really is a lot to consider.

In this post, I’m going to talk you through three of the most-common facade styles, and give you key design advice so you don’t make any mistakes. These tips come from the recent Metricon facades masterclass I hosted, with design experts Adrian Popple, Lisa Goodsall and Andrea Barnett. 

Read on as we give you some stunning home facade ideas, with key considerations you should make before you start building. 

metricon bayville home facade design modern hamptons facade exterior

modern home facade design country home exterior corrugated roof hamptons style

Modern Home Facade Idea 1: Hamptons

One of the most popular of the lot has to be a Hamptons home facade design, so let’s start here. This facade not only works in inner-city and beach suburbs, but regional locations too; it’s a great all-rounder in that respect.

The Hamptons facade is a relaxed look that still gives you visual impact. It’s features a soothing colour palette and a medley of materials, which is the key to getting this facade right. Because the palette is so subdued, it really allows the shapes to shine.

Here’s what you want to include a modern Hamptons facade design:

  • A cool refreshing colour scheme; think greys, pale taupe and stark white highlights
  • Weatherboard cladding is a must; above it’s executed in a soft taupe
  • In double-storey homes, the inclusion of render on the lower levels is encouraged
  • Natural stone in smaller doses will bring drama to columns and draw you inside
  • Both tiled roofs and Colorbond styles are successful for a Hamptons facade
  • An unusual window shape (like a circle on the upper storey) works well too
  • Traditional gables give a nod to the classic and bring a decorative edge

It’s important to ensure the look inside is in-keeping with the facade design outside. You want to ensure cohesion here. If you’re not going to roll out a Hamptons, modern country or Provincial style inside, this facade might not be right for you.

metricon somerset modern home facade design beige and brown brick home exterior colours

metricon french provincial home facade design with juliet balcony

Modern Home Facade Idea 2: French Provincial

While the Hamptons design is celebrated for its easy breezy nature, the French Provincial style is completely different. This home facade design is all about formality and sophistication, giving a generous nod to classic and traditional French style.

“In Australia, French provincial facades are always nearly created with hardwearing, climate-friendly Hebel on the outside, with neutral yet refined colours inspired by the sunny French countryside,” says Lisa, Metricon’s National Display Home & Studio M Retail Manager. 

Here’s some must-have inclusions if you want to execute a successful French Provincial Facade:

  • A subdued colour palette of taupe, brown, soft grey and some charcoal
  • Smooth surfaces like render are preferred over brick, but you can mix and match both
  • Materials like wrought iron are a must to channel the Provincial style
  • Period features like Juliet balconies on upper levels are encouraged
  • Large grand windows that let the light flood inside are great
  • A portico entrance will really make a statement as you approach the home
  • And don’t forget French double doors to channel the necessary grandeur

“French Provincial homes always look very impressive. That’s really the point of this style,” Lisa explains. “They’re always double storey and they always look very grand. This façade says ‘hey, we’ve arrived, we made it!’, like an announcement to passers-by”.

alto modern home facade design metricon homes exterior landscaping

metricon savannah modern home facade design brown and grey exterior colours

Modern Home Facade Idea 3: Contemporary

If you enjoy the outside of your home tapping into current trends and feeling very ‘now’, then the contemporary home facade design is for you. This look suits a single or double-storey home, and works well in any and every neighbourhood.

This style of facade is a very clean look. While it doesn’t have a lot of embellishments, that’s not to say you can’t create drama or a sense of interest. In fact, thanks to the often-moodier colour palette, this look is all about drama!

Here’s some things to include in your contemporary home facade design:

  • A neutral colour palette; a medley of greys punctuated with black or brown accents
  • Play with shapes and form; sharp angles can create interesting shadows throughout the day
  • A minimalistic approach is encouraged; clean trims, for example, over traditional ones
  • Large windows with dark frames that invite the eye into the property
  •  Sharp angled roofs will create drama and presence as you approach the home
  • Lighting can be used to accent some of the angles and shapes in a facade like this too

“A lot of contemporary homes have an emphasis on sustainable and natural materials,” Lisa tells me. “And they borrows from other styles, using what works best, so they have street impact but are also highly functional”.

grey home facade modern design cladding and render metricon metricon botanica modern home facade design brown grey and white home exterior colours

Top 5 Tips for a Winning Home Facade Design

Metricon’s Retail Product Manager, Andrea Barnett, shares some top tips below around how to put together a successful home facade design. 

Check Developer Guidelines in Advance

Andrea points out a crucial element to consider first, and that’s developer guidelines if you’re building in a new estate.

“Developers like to have some control over the way the homes built in their estates look, so that they can create harmonious and attractive communities,” she explains. “These guidelines may govern what colours and/or materials you can or cannot use on the exterior of your home”.

modern home facade design hamptons exterior design landscaping metricon

Think About Your Location

Certain home facade designs make more sense in particular suburbs, so it’s wise to consider if where you live bodes well for a Hamptons, Provincial, or Contemporary facade. Some are more versatile, while some are more fitting to coastal or rural areas.

Also look at the houses on your street. You want to be in-keeping with the streetscape while putting a little of your own flavour into the facade. 

“What I’d really recommend is jumping in the car and going for a drive around your area to see what brick colours and patterns others have chosen,” Andrea advises. “This all allows you to see it on a larger scale and decide if it truly is right for you.

This is also a good opportunity to see what colours have been used for window frames and roof tiles that match your favourite colour of brick”.

metricon vantage modern home facade design grey and white hamptons home exterior render and roof tiles

metricon soverign modern home facade design grey home exterior render and cladding

What Design Are You Doing Inside?

As I said earlier, it’s important that the facade of your home matches what’s going on inside the property. You don’t want to walk into a home with an ultra-modern facade and see a traditional style carried out inside.

Considering you’re building from scratch, it’s wise to take a step back and think long and hard about the overall style for inside and out, and make sure there’s a seamless consistency as you come into the home from outside.

If you’re stuck on ideas, visiting Metricon display homes is always a great way to get inspiration for both inside and out. I do it all the time and it’s a fruitful experience.

“The biggest benefit of checking out display homes is that your Interior Design Consultant has a record of the colours and materials used at that location – that makes it incredibly easy to replicate your favourite look.” Andrea says.

metricon riviera show home dark neutral interior design grey modern home facade

Ensure a Mix of Materials

A home facade using just one material will feel cold and monotonous. You want a medley of materials (as well as colours) to give the home interest, depth and dimension. That’s why it’s good to explore a combination of bricks, render, and/or cladding.

“Often, a contrast between brick and render looks better than all one or the other. To choose a render colour, test how it looks against your brick. If you have a darker brick, perhaps opt for a lighter render to contrast,” Andrea explains.

“If you have a larger home, you could even select two render colours that complement each other and use them on different areas of your facade”.

modern provincial house facade alfresco area with black outdoor setting

metricon hampshire display home with empire facade

Think About Liveability and Maintenance

You want to ensure that the facade of the home aligns with how you live. The roof you choose is a perfect example of this.

Bear in mind some roofing provides better protection against heat and cold. So think about the weather where your home will be. And also think about easy cleaning, easy maintenance, and longevity. Where your home is situated can really affect which roof is easier to look after.

You may love the sound of rain on a Colorbond roof, or you may hate it, and prefer tiles. How your home feels when you’re in it is important. Don’t forget to think ahead and make selections for your home facade with things like this in mind.

Did these modern home facade ideas help you in the decision making process for your build? Drop me a comment below if you have another other questions and I can help you out!

This post includes images and/or videos of Metricon display homes and events, reproduced with permission. © Metricon Homes Pty Ltd 2021.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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