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Maison Candle - Butcher Baker Candle Co - TLC Interiors Shop

Aussie Creative Triumphs over Illness to Build Beautiful Candle Brand

I’ve made a few candles in my time at home and while it may be fun and games to create a couple for yourself, turning that passion into a fully-fledged business is an epic undertaking.

It’s not for the faint hearted, that’s for sure, and it’s something that – like any small business venture – takes loads of determination and a lot of guts.

Scented Candle from Butcher Baker Candle Co on TLC Interiors Blog

Luckily the talented lady behind new Aussie candle brand Butcher Baker Candle Co holds both traits – and then some.

Steph Southby only launched her line of candles in June this year but as soon as I saw them I was utterly smitten. The label was so minimalistic yet chic and the scents (once I got some for my home) put me in a state of utter nostril nirvana.

“The brand has a generally minimalist vibe about it with a splash of quirky eclecticism,” Steph tells me. “We are all about having balance for everything in life, so the brand and scents aren’t overpowering in fragrance load or aesthetic”.

Though her husband Ben does help with the heavy lifting on delivery days – Steph does the bulk of the work herself, and appreciates that the business allows her to manage her autoimmune disease and work from home, expressing herself creatively while she’s at it.

Grenadine Candle - Butcher Baker Candle Co - TLC Interiors Shop

Steph Southby from Butcher Baker Candle Co TLC Interiors Blog“I didn’t want to keep being defined by my illnesses,” Steph tells me when I ask her why she started the brand from home, “so I’m navigating a fulfilling, creative life around that”.

When I ask Steph what one lesson she has learnt in the process of starting Butcher Baker Candle Co, she says, “Never believe somebody who tells you there’s something you can’t do if your intuition tells you otherwise”.

Steph has a divine Christmas scent that’s just landed that smells like Nanna’s pudding (let me at it), plus she has some sandstone vessels on the way too. It’s all systems go for this triumphant Aussie talent!

The Butcher Baker Candle Co range features three sizes and six scents, some of which you can see in the post, and all of which come in a gorgeously designed box.

Are you loving the look of these candles?

Explore the Butcher Baker Candle Co Range here.


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