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ellie cashman dark floral wallpaper design

The New Feminine: Girly Interiors go Dark & Moody

There’s been a distinct shift in girly interiors the last year or so. The feminine aesthetic is going far darker and a lot moodier. Personally, I couldn’t be happier!

Now, I know that soft pinks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. I still fully appreciate the pink-grey-white colour story that’s dominating so many of our Instagram feeds (see more of that in this post here).

But the shift toward feminine interiors with darkness and mystery is wonderfully refreshing. If you’re finding this trend just as appealing, scroll down to see a tonne of visually inspo to help you rock this look.

white vase of flowers with pink and red flowers against smokey charcoal feature wall

Girly Interiors go Dark & Moody

The image above of those glorious flowers is the perfect inspo image to pull the colour palette from for this trend.

The boldness of black plays alongside deep purple and plum tones. You’ll also notice dark, smokey blues working their way into the mix, with the occasional pop of rich pink.

If you look closely you’ll also see a whisper of charcoal and brown. And of course, a murky white features heavily in the vase above too. Most homes tend to have a good dose of white in them, so this will help keep the look light and contemporary.

It’s all up to you when it comes to the exact makeup of colours you choose to work with. But do keep it similar to the above in order to channel the real richness and mood of this look.

If you’re brave enough to try a black feature wall, this helpful paint post is your go-to!

dulux black painted bedroom with floral wall mural

Florals are Essential, Of Course!

The dark and moody colour palette in this girly interiors trend is married with whimsical floral patterns. It creates a stunning balance between light and dark, masculine and feminine, smart and casual – and it works wonderfully!

You’ll notice, whether it’s on bedding, wallpaper or in art, that the florals are either set against a dark backdrop or feature a lot of shadowing. It’s quite mysterious and even a little eery at times. If there’s one thing you can say about this look, it’s that there’s a tonne of depth at play.

And needless to say, actual flowers should be included in this look; on bedsides, tables, benches and more. If you’re not great with flowers and want tips on how to keep them alive for longer, this post has you covered.

ellie cashman dark flower wallpaper in bedroom with brass four poster bed

A Sophisticated Twist

The other thing this look features is the presence of brass. It’s a necessary material in keeping the look high-end and sophisticated.

If brass isn’t your thing, you can make the vibe more casual by pairing the colours and patterns with relaxed leathers, mid-tone woods, and soft linens.

Faux fur is another glorious element you can bring into the mix to further enhance that hard-versus-soft feel.

dark floral bedding carissa bedding from lorraine lea

Shopping the new Girly Interiors Trend

The first place you simply need to explore is the amazing Ellie Cashman Design. She is the mastermind behind a few of the floral wallpaper and cushion designs in this post and her collection is nothing short of extraordinary.

If you’re on the hunt for floral art with mood and depth, this post will show you the best places to get it. There are a number of Aussie brands riding the moody floral trend at the moment and they’re all doing amazing things with it.

Lastly, if you’re after some bedding that taps into this trend, Lorraine Lea has an awesome quilt cover set called Carissa (shown above) that you’re sure love.

dark floral bedding set in bedroom with black walls

What do you Think?

Are you loving that girly interiors have gone dark and mysterious like this? Or are you a diehard dusty pink and white fan?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Image credits: 1 via Ellie Cashman, 2 via Our Food Stories, 3 via Dulux, 4 via House of Brinson, 5 via Lorraine Lea, 6 via Pinterest.


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