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House Rules 2017 andrew and jono charity reveal kitchen

House Rules 2017: Inside the Semi-Final Charity Reveals

House Rules 2017 is almost done and dusted, but not before its annual charity home room reveals.

Three teams battled it out in last night’s episode to see who went on to compete in the grand final.

Sadly, twins Andrew and Jono were booted out during elimination, leaving Aaron & Daniella and Kate & Harry to vie for the prize.

But did the twins deserve to go? Let’s take a look at the rooms below and drop some truth bombs!

house rules 2017 aaron and daniella charity home bathroom

Aaron and Daniella’s Spaces

Aaron and Daniella transformed one of the units under Wendy’s house rules.

The art deco living room wall was a nice idea but it was shoddily executed. The tiles were also a complete mis-match in colour to the wall, but not different enough to save the overall design. The kitchen tiles were quite lovely though, so I wish that they had of been made the feature of the space. Paired with the gold door handles, this area was a real winner. But the feature wall detracted from it.

The communal area also had some issues. The flower wallpaper is a trend I actually wrote about last week on the blog. So that I am all for. But they needed to let that be the statement and have the other elements feel more masculine, to balance the space. It was all a bit too feminine for my likings.

The bathroom was half-successful. Again, some shoddy finishes, and I think the deep teal colour was a step too far.  The floor tiles were a stunner though.

House Rules 2017 kate and harry charity bedroom with peacock taxidermy

Kate and Harry’s Spaces

Kate and Harry transformed a unit under LLB’s house rules.

Sorry about it (not really) but I thought the living room, which LLB was mighty impressed with, fell flat and seemed quite old-fashioned. There was no new-meets-old sensibility about it at all, no reinvention of a classic scheme. The coffee table was also way too small and would not be used.

The bedroom, with that gigantic taxidermy peacock on it, was absolutely diabolical. I felt like the producers wanted a big, dramatic, colourful wow moment for this last reveal. Sure, they got it, but day-to-day I don’t believe for a second that the people who use that room will want it left in there. It’s overbearing and tacky.

The bathroom was quite nice and I did enjoy the use of the vintage vanity. I thought that gave the room a nice sense of history. And unlike in the living room, it felt old-meets-new. They put a contemporary spin on it and is worked well.

LLB commented that Kate and Harry were amateurs doing what professionals wouldn’t dare to do. As a professional, I agree. I wouldn’t dare do some of the things they did because they don’t work lol. There, I said it.

House Rules 2017 andrew and jono dining room

Andrew and Jono’s Spaces

Andrew and Jono transformed one of the units under Drew’s house rules.

The judges were underwhelmed with a lot of the spaces, but I thought they had liveability written all over them. Are they going to win any design awards? No. But they do feel the most approachable. Nobody is going to walk into the rooms and think “I HAVE to replace that”.

They delivered rooms that would function well and had longevity. I’m bummed they were eliminated.

LLB called the bathroom “blah blah land”, while comments were made that it felt show-homey. I’ll take those two vibes any day over a bathroom with large teal accents that you’ll want to cover up in six months time.

I don’t even have a problem with the tile choice in the group kitchen, did you?

house rules 2017 aaron and daniella living room wall

The art deco living room wall was nowhere near as bad as the dead peacock in the bedroom!

House Rules 2017 aaron and daniella charity kitchen

House Rules 2017 aaron and daniella communal area

House Rules 2017 aaron and daniella communal desk area

House Rules 2017 kate and harry charity living room

House Rules 2017 kate and harry charity communal area

House Rules 2017 kate and harry apricot armchairs in communal area

House Rules 2017 kate and harry charity bathroom

House Rules 2017 andrew and jono white kitchen

House Rules 2017 andrew and jono charity bedroom

House Rules 2017 andrew and jono kitchen in charity reveal

House Rules 2017 andrew and jono bathroom

Tell me in the comments below: Who would you have sent home?


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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One Response

  1. I was sad to see the boys go home. Like you mention – their spaces were livable, there is a reason show homes decorate the way they do – the aim is to create an environment that people can see themselves living in….duh! How unfair it was that they were penalised for this as well as for not pushing their space in the common area. The instructions were to work together – something that Danielle and Aaron blocked. The floral wall was too large; a small area with colours splashed around the room(s) would have been relaxing.
    Kate and Harry’s art deco was so pish posh. Seriously, a dead stuffed peacock? Dust and mites!
    Curious – does anyone go in and tidy up the messy paint edges? Some pretty tacky workmanship in both art deco and neo classic rooms!
    Because of their bad attitude towards Andrew and Jono, I would have liked to see Danielle and Aaron go home. They put the prize money ahead of the rules to work as a team which meant those who use that room will be disadvantaged for the life of that area – too stingy to give a metre for people in need – wasn’t fooled by those tears – if they really cared the end result would have been the priority.
    Yeah, get it is a competition – but teamwork was one of the rules.
    PS. D & A = learn how to work with colours; K & H = learn how to work together; A & J = sorry to see you go – was hoping you guys would win.

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