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house rules 2017 andrew and jono black tile bathroom with copper piping

House Rules 2017, Reveal 3: Worst Home Makeover Ever?

House Rules 2017 is not off to a great start, is it? We’re three weeks in and I reckon they’ve unveiled the worst makeover on the show’s history.

I love a reno show. I love a makeover show. And I had such high hopes for this season. But the casting is off. You need to at least cast contestants who have a passion for decorating and design. You can’t just throw in couples who bicker and fight and expect they’re somehow going to produce a room that works.

This week the twins requested a home makeover with a retro vibe. Sadly, they didn’t get it. Well, not in any tasteful way, anyhow. None of the rooms worked together, and the whole home was an absolute dog’s breakfast.

Let’s examine some of the worst crimes below.

House Rules 2017, Reveal 3: Worst Home Makeover Ever?

house rules 2017 andrew and jono hallway

Shocking Hallway and Laundry

The hallway and laundry (above and below) are neck and neck for the worst spaces this week. And let’s be honest; they had some stiff competition for most dire room.

Between the varying paint colours and the Star Wars art, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was a kids zone. LLB said, “The best way to view this space, is with your back to it and walking away from it”. And he’s right.

The laundry was equally over-the-top and completely tasteless. The floor tiles in the laundry are my biggest issue. If they removed those they might be half-way there in creating a colourful zone. That’s if the twins actually wanted colour.

Retro and Geek Chic doesn’t instantly mean it has to be bright. I’m truly baffled by how the contestants can stand behind these rooms. They’re horrible.

house rules 2017 andrew and jono laundry with colourful floor tiles

The Living Areas were just as Bad

Every room in this home, as you can see in the slideshow below, was themed within an inch of its life. The contestants have no idea how to comprehend a style and make it contemporary.

The kitchen cabinetry colour was vile. The splashback tiles were vile. The styling in the living room was non existent. Throwing a few random items on a coffee table is not styling. And that stripe on the wall. I can’t even.

The dining room was so inappropriate for grown men. The wallpaper was incredibly feminine and not at all retro. I have no idea what Sean and Ella were thinking here. Like LLB said (who I seem to continually agree with), it looked like granny knickers.

house rules 2017 andrew and jono retro living room

house rules 2017 andrew and jono green kitchen

house rules 2017 andrew and jono dining room with floral wallpaper

house rules 2017 andrew and jono master bedroom

house rules 2017 andrew and jono master bathroom

house rules 2017 master bathroom andrew and jono

The One Decent Room

The one decent space in this entire home was the bathroom. Dark and moody, chic and sophisticated. I loved the copper drain-work exposed, and I loved the lighting. It’s the only space in the whole house I can stomach. But sadly it’s still the show’s worst ever reveal.

What did you think of last nights House Rules 2017 reveal? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

Comments (28)

  • May

    I am a steampunk fan and lurved the dark bathroom. hated the rest. Garish and vomitous.

  • Oh my god!!! I would cry. Did they cry? This is horrendous :-/

  • Beverley Robinson

    The only place to relax in that house makeover was the bathroom; the remainder of the house was vile.

  • Jill Cordery

    The two girls have no idea how to design a room and they don’t really care about what the home owners would like. I wouldn’t like them coming to my house to design a room and they don’t seem to get on with any of the other contestants.

    • Gavin Magher

      thats true i wouldn’t let these two dumb girls in my home lol

  • Maia

    It’s so sad that none of the contestants seem to have any sense of design or bother to even do any research. How hard is it to do a google search, pick up a magazine or read your blog?! I’d honestly be horrified if I came home to any of these houses…

  • This post really disturbed me, I hope the owners are alright, this looks too chaotic I can’t even look at any of these pictures for long

      • Gavin Magher

        surely not there’re bogans

  • Gavin Magher

    the renovations was bloody horrible and shoddy what these two girls were thinking the bar and that study and hallway looked like out of a housing commission area bogan style also that green kitchen would definilty rip it out start again only liked the appliances full stop

  • Gavin Magher

    this is the worst lot of house rules contestants they’re bogans

  • Carolin

    Don’t forget the bar – hideous, the study- unuseable, the second bedroom- good luck getting a shag in there

  • Keriana Parker

    I was absolutely disgusted with the house and had it been mine I would have let them have it. I watch to see the beautiful transformations, alas that did not happen. There is no cohesion or taste, and everyone seems to think that its alright to bugger up someone else’s home, Lordy lordy, please don’t come to my home to renovate, its just really put me off watching the show which I loved in previous years but channel seven you have lost a viewer. Done…

  • John H

    These 2 women have no idea, about design, about manners, about respect.
    They don’t listen to anyone, they just want their own way, and bugger what the owners want.
    Very pig headed,
    Wasting money, the producers should step in and stop their stupid antics and attitide, this show is ridiculous.

  • Maryann Bonett

    I thought Andrew’s bedroom was very nice. The bathroom was great, but too dark for me, but it is very appealing.

  • Mary

    Those two women are so thoughtless and arrogant!

  • ANNA

    I think I was having a seizure after all that clash – It reminds you of a 70’s reno with every room a different colour —– I think Im freaking out LOL – the bathroom was the only saving room

  • Robin

    if i wanted to see good home diy and tasteful interior design, i’d watch the block. this show has never been great, and the contestants are clearly clueless. even the judges i think are a little blind.

  • Lyn

    Overall, not all of it was that bad, don’t expect all of them to produce perfect rooms, they are amateurs on a reality show after all. Some of the zones were definately gob smacking jaw droppers, especially the two women, no thought at all for the home owner, no respect or concideration for anyone else period.
    They have dreadful attitudes & the work they turned out was garish.. give off negativity thats what you get in return.

  • Chris Burgoyne

    The first Reno’s I thought that there were only junk shops to choose from , every contestant ended up in one. I have also been disappointed with this season. They have changed the show and the way contestants are chosen.Two need a psych. test and bogans should not be allowed.
    Are the producers surprised at the walkout.

  • fiona

    I missed this episode. How did they get the bath to look copper on the outside? What process did they use?


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