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Interior design trends 2016 minimal Japanese dining room

Interior Design Trends 2016: Keep Calm with Minimal Zen

Interior Design Trends 2016; they’re landing now and they’ll be rolling out in the coming months. Will we love them, loathe them, or feel completely indifferent? Only time will tell.

The third of TLC’s interior design trend predictions for 2016 is called Minimal Zen and it’s all about keeping calm. Let’s take a closer look at why it’s so amazing.

(Have you seen the first two trends: The New Eclectic and Everyday Opulence ?)

Interior Design Trends 2016 minimal low japanese wooden bed with linen

Keep Calm with the Minimal Zen Trend

Life is hectic out there. The rat race is tough. We’re being flooded with more and more information these days thanks to technology and the social media we immerse ourselves in through it.

With all this modern day stress about, coming home needs to be a relaxing experience. We yearn to enter an oasis where we can escape all of the information and chaos. That is what the Minimal Zen trend is all about.

Taking cues from ancient Japanese cultures, this trend focuses on creating a home that is clutter-free, somewhat colour-free and definitely visually serene.

“This trend focuses on creating a home that is clutter-free, somewhat colour-free and definitely visually serene… a cocoon to recharge and rest in.”

interior design trends 2016 minimal beige living room with fireplace

Japanese Meets Nordic

Apart from adopting design practices from Japan, there is also a little Nordic influence in this look. The two blend seamlessly to create rooms you can escape to.

If you adore colour and high-energy spaces, this look isn’t for you. In many respects, the Minimal Zen trend an introverts dream space; a cocoon to recharge and rest in.

The other key component of this trend is the blurring of indoors and out; bringing outdoor elements inside to feel at one with the earth. Because of the strong Zen influences in this trend – which are all about banishing materialism – the pieces are quality, not quantity – and built to last.

interior design trends 2016 japanese meditation room

How to Rock the Minimal Zen Trend

As you can see by the imagery in this post, the colour is really turned down in the Minimal Zen trend. Because you’re looking to create a space that’s airy, earthy and free of distraction, the palette is heavily beige, white and brown. Grey and Black also feature if you want to make it moodier, but not in an overbearing way.

Texturally, there is room to play, but it’s important you don’t try to texturise this look the way you would a Scandinavian scheme. This look isn’t about warmth and cosiness through cable knit throws and chunky rugs.

There is simplicity here in the materials used. For the most part, it’s all quality wood, with exposed gran in mid-tones. Window treatments are your place to play, as are floor cushions and rugs. Linen is your friend.

interior design trends 2016 minimal zen japanese bathroom inspiration

Keep it Clean and Clutter-Free

The furniture features clean lines and no embellishments. That’s not to say it’s not comfortable, but there’s no frills, fluff or tufting in sofas and armchairs. The furniture is also quite low to the ground for the most part, with thin legs that promote air flow underneath. Sitting on the floor is encouraged in this trend. Connecting yourself to the earth is what it’s all about.

In terms of decor and accessories, it’s again quite minimal. Plants, a few books and clear glassware is all you need. Feel free to bring in nature in a large scale, like a delicate plant in a large pot (as seen below).

In terms of art, you’ll only need a few pieces. There’s no room for a gallery wall in this look because it’s too visually chaotic. Keep it large and tranquil in mood. Imagery of the ocean, grass, mountains, fire and other natural elements is a good option. Black and white framed art will feel right at home.

What do you make of the third Interior Design Trends 2016? Are you loving Minimal Zen? Drop a comment below and share your thoughts on this look.

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